Send Down Bozak

Steve Simmons wrote in the Sun Today that the Leafs should seriously consider sending Tyler Bozak to the AHL Marlies.Simmons is probably right. Last night the Leafs were shut out for the 5th time this season. Bozak is seriously struggling with just 6 points in 22 games. He’s playing well enough, but not finishing and this is a team that seriously lacks finish.

Some options to call up include:

Player, AHL stats this year
Christian Hanson, 9 points in 16 games
Justin Hodgman, 14 points in 19 games
Mike Zigomanis, 12 points in 15 games
Brayden Irwin, 8 points in 22 games
Marcel Mueller, 5 points in 21 games

Obviously Mueller (6’3″ 220) and Irwin (6’5″ 210) aren’t scoring at the same rate in the AHL as the first three guys listed, but they could be an infusion of size into the line up, which could generate more traffic in front and result in more goals from players like Kulemin, Grabovski, Kessel, MacArthur, Versteeg, and Kadri.

Another interesting option might be Leafs top prospect, 19 year old Jerry D’Amigo, who has 3 goals and 5 assists through 22 games with the Marlies.

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  1. mojo19 says:

    Well fine leafy, this isn't as bad as 1982. Ya!!! Success!

    haha just kidding, but you gotta be as pissed off as me. This team is just not as good as we hoped.

  2. dumbassdoorman says:

    Not saying you shouldn't be pissed. I mean I was and am at that outcome same as after Buff. but it will get better it has too!!! A trade will hapen, but won't be what we all hope and Wilson is there the rewst of the year, I think

  3. MystifoLeafs says:

    As I am sure most of you have seen or read that Rogers has made a offer to buy MLSE shares and become the majority stock holder. One thing I wonder is will this be a good or bad thing for the Toronto Maple Leafs if they had new ownership? Now no one knows if Rogers will try and be the Steinbrenner of hockey hiring whoever it takes to get them winning and saying no to the idea of a cap and just paying any fines they receive to win at all cost but with the way this team is right now I can not see it getting any worse.

  4. dumbassdoorman says:

    That is all fine and dandy with the cap theory, except I believe when you go over the cap they take it off your next seasons space, do they not? I am not sure how I feel about this. The only thing I like about it is my EX is a teacher and I hate that they own part of my TRUE LOVE!!!!!!! lol

  5. NonLeafFansAreGay says:

    how does the cap actually work? what happens if you are over the cap? do you automatically forfeit the game? is there a fee? etc.

    what happens?

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