Sens and Stars strive for Shakeup

Without a doubt the two teams that are underachieving the worst thus far are perenial powers Dallas Stars and Ottawa Senators, who currently sit 25th and 26th in league standings respectively.

The Stars came into the season as a Cup contender building on a superb playoff drive that saw them defeat the powerful Ducks and Sharks only to fall to the Red Wings.

The Senators are 16 months removed from a Stanley Cup final appearance and despite their late season struggles last year, were still billed as a playoff team.

Both of these teams return virtually the same rosters they had from their respective highpoints so might still feel they have a shot at the playoffs and are looking to shake things up rather then liquidate assets and rebuild. This is where they could help each other. So both these teams need to shake things up, but with both teams right up against the cap (Dallas 55 million, Ottawa 54 million) this easier said then done. Both teams have made slight changes to their roster since the end of last season, but it has not help. The only solution seems to be moving big pieces.

To Dallas Stars:
Jason Spezza, 7 million dollar cap hit, signed through 2014/15

To Ottawa Senators:
Brad Richards, 7.8 million dollar cap hit, signed through 2010/11

Now before you totally shred this trade to bits, let’s look at this a bit.

Jason Spezza is clearly a better scorer then Richards. Since the lockout, Spezza has averaged 29 goals and 89 points in 70 games, good for a 1.27ppg average. Richars has averaged 23 goals and 74 points in 82 games for a ppg of 0.91.

Richards’ value has droped significantly, as all it took the Stars to get him out of Tampa Bay was Jeff Halpern, a good third line forward, Jussi Jokinen, a shootout expert that has now cleared waivers, and Mike Smith, a great backup, good-to-decent starter. Jason Spezza would fetch a better return then this.

While Spezza has earned a reputation for trying to do too much and not knowing where the defensive zone is, he has significantly cut down on his boneheaded drop pass giveaways and has even seen some time on the PK. Regardless, the Stars have shown a willingness to acquire this type of player (see Ribeiro, Mike circa 2003) and have been able to integrate them and make them better players.

What the Sens lose in talent, they make for in all around play as it can’t be argued that Spezza is a better all around player then Richards.

The salaries are essentialy a wash, the Senators end up taking a bit more salary in, but they have the room for it. The lenght of Spezza’s contract might be an issue due to the current state of the economy, but I don’t think it would kill the deal.

Bottom line is Dallas gets an upgrade in skill, Ottawa gets better all around player, the salaries are comparable enough to call it even and both teams get a spark that hopefully drives them to the playoffs.

I have no source for this, just my imagination, so please dont comment on that. Otherwise, thoughts?

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  1. Bure96 says:

    Spezza is better then Richards. Richards makes more, is older, has less upside, and hasn't even produced nearly as well as Spezza.

    The Sens have enough two way talent anyways. With guys like Mike Fischer, Chris Kelly, etc. already their they need to get some more GOALS.

  2. TradeMaster66 says:

    Decent idea, but id throw maybe a dallas 2nd rounder in return to ottawa 2.

  3. Kramer says:

    Any fool can see there's a conspiracy going on behind the scenes in Ottawa. The Sens were a powerful team last year until December. Then suddenly they started playing like a collegiate amateur team on drugs.  Don't you see what's going on here?  There are sinister forces at play.  I haven't quite identified the culprit but I'm working on it.

  4. dannyd98 says:

    that would be a horrible trade!!!!

    sens would be losing out on the best/younger player that they have!

    the sens need 2 things… a solid d-man and GOALIE!!!!! once they get those 2 things they would be a lot better team, ur not gonna win games when u score 3 goals but ur goalie lets in 4 or 5. lets be honest, auld is a mediocre back-up and gerber is just horrible, gerber will never be more than a back-up in the nhl. so i they can get (which is impossible) and consistant and reliable starting goalie via trade then thats a bonus. if not they gotta wait till and good goalie hits the market….

  5. sensnation says:

    I am not disputing this, but the fact remains that the Sens are 29th in scoring in the NHL and are 8th in goals against.  The Sens will eventually need a goalie, but it would be unrealistic for the Sens to hope they can get one mid-season at a decent cost.  Best to wait 'til the offseason, when Gerber's contract is up and then sign a goalie or trade in the off-season.  Same issue with the solid d-man.  No solid d-men signed beyond this season are available and they would come at a huge cost.  With our offence so low, we can't afford to trade away a huge offensive asset for defensive or oaltending help.

  6. muckies says:

    Sens Core / Untradeable Assets:

    E. Karlssom
    Zach Smith
    Deadline Movers:
    Kuba – late 1st
    Vermette – 2nd & 3rd
    Schubert – 4-5 rounder
    Kelly – 3rd
    Neil – 2nd
    Phillips – 1st & 2nd rounder
    Only Deal Spezza if you can get a ton for him, and only if you get a franchise type of forward or D-man, like Filatov, Pierterangelo or Vorachek.
  7. Bure96 says:

    Fischer is on the block. They would love to free up that 4 million for someone who can score.

  8. TheStryker says:

    Here's a few good one's

    To Oilers for

    To Blackhawks for

    To Flames for

  9. Bure96 says:


    Senators fleece every team.

  10. sensnation says:

    Trade one:

    Gilbert and Penner are both severly overpriced with cap hits of 4 and 4.25 million each, and Cogliano will be a RFA at the end of next season.  We wouldn't pay Meszaros 4 million so we wont pay Gilbert that much either.  Apart from salaries, it seems pretty fair.

    Trade two:

    Fisher's cap hitis 4.2 million, which would put the Blackhawks over the limit.

    Trade three:

    Makes no sense for the sens whatsoever.  We need a puck moving defensman, Robyn Regher is a stay at home defenseman.

  11. Radio says:


    2nd Round 2010

    TO L.A


  12. muckies says:

    If the Sens could get this deal that would be an absolute steal for them. Kopitar with Heatley or  Alfie on the wing would be huge. The exact rejuvantion the Sens need right now. 

  13. leafsfan86 says:


  14. mojo19 says:

    Well according to the Sun Media poll in which 300+ NHL Gm’s, players, and media members are polled, Spezza was voted the #1 most overrated centre, and the #3 most overrated player overall.

    After I said this over a week ago a few people said I was wrong. But then the media poll came out so it looks like a lot of people agree with me. And so do you leafsfan86. Thank you.

  15. Believe_in_the_SENS says:

    I like your spezz for Richard trade.

    to tampa     Spezza and 3rd rounder
    to Ottawa     ST. Louis and Ranger
    (both teams need big trade to boost team)


    to Chicago    Spezza
    to Ottawa    Khabibulin and Seabrook
    (Ott gets good goalie and Defence, Chi gets cap room)

  16. Believe_in_the_SENS says:

    TO Atlanta


    To Ottawa

    Little, Esposito, Hainsey

  17. muckies says:

    I think when a team is in a position where they suck because players aren't showing up, the only two forwards the Sens can relly on night in and night out are Fisher and Alfie, so definetly don't trade either of those two. Fisher is Captain material, the Sens will never trade him unless it is for the absolute perfect deal. 

    Phiilips is fat, i saw him in Ottawa shopping last week and he is about 20 pounds overweight, they gotta trade this guy, he is taking his NHl time for granted and has become 1 dimentional

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