A video that all hockey fans should see, no matter what team you take for it warms your heart and make you want to cry. Take time to watch this video about a yound boy who was a true hockey fan, this kid loved his SENS and forever will be remembered as ELGIN FRASER.

ELGIN died of neuroblastoma a rare form of cancer at a very young age, far too young. All hockey fans could only dream to be a fan like ELGIN.
SENS would do there best for this kid and they have my support and hope to have yours too.


  1. Glucker says:

    great story, fish is awesome…

  2. Radio says:

    Aww. Someone deleted Leafy making an ass of himself.

    Oh well.

  3. Glucker says:

    hopefully they FINALLY blocked him

  4. Oil-Life says:

    great story…all the best to the family!

  5. HabsRUs says:

    whatt did he say?

  6. wingerxxx says:

    Thank goodness.  He does that just a tad too much.

  7. gg_idiot says:

    Hey, its sad this kid died and all, don't get me wrong. But honestly, how could a 3 year old be a true hockey fan and 'love' the Sens? His parents put jerseys on him and told him who to cheer for, he probably didn't have the slightest clue about what was going on with this game, he was 3 years old.

  8. Antero says:

    he shall forever be remembered as Elgin Fraser?
    thats probably a good thing seeing as how his name was Elgin Fraser.

    you're using propaganda against the ducks now.
    cause if they win they're gonna look like jackasses.
    how many kids to do you think die every day ?
    but this kid dies and he is supposed to be the reason the sens deserve to win ?

    its a sad story.
    but has nothing to do with hockey besides the fact that fischer and phillips are good guys.
    if this kid were born in edmonton it would be his OILERS.
    or his FLAMES.

    i don't know why people insist on bringing this sad story into the limelight of the stanley cup.
    if anything you're just exploiting his death for some self-righteous crusade for the sens; like not winning the cup would be a disrespect to this dead kid.

    spare me.

  9. Glucker says:

    he was just really insensitive to Elgin's condition

    but hes been an idiot for too long, hopefully this is the straw that breaks the camel's back

  10. thatleafsguy says:

    ok let's break out the violin some more. everyone is going to die one day deal with it, you people all seem to think that your life is your own when clearly it is not. your life is handed to you by a higher being and taken when that being chooses to. whether its 3 years 30 year or 93 years it doesn't matter what is better is ahead and it's not here on earth.

  11. flamingsenator says:


    just calm down man…its no big deal…its just a story….no where did it say "cheer for the sens or ull disrespect the death of this cute kid"

    some people havent seen the story yet…i for one only saw the last 20 seconds…

    it was acually on tv…so dont blame the guy for posting it here….blame the media if anyone

    ur assuming far too much

  12. Glucker says:

    true, but you gotta admit, the players themselves, fish especially, were really into this, i dont think they did it as a publicity stunt, thats too low, its a good story, but yea, i think it has been used as propaganda,

  13. flamingsenator says:

    guys wow….before u start saying insensitive crap….just keep in mind that this is a dam story…..not ment to do anything…….take it how u wanna take it…but its not ment for offense by ANY! means… just keep ur harsh comments to urslef…..and find out why ur mama didnt love you

  14. Antero says:

    oh i'm sorry. was i supposed to run my post by you before i publish it ?

    its not just a story.
    its used as propaganda.
    when you watch that story you want the sens to win because they are good, and you hate the ducks because they are stopping the good guys.

    he didn't just post the video for anyone who missed it on tv.
    its used to elicit an emotional response.
    hence his little foreword about elgin.

  15. Neely4Life says:

    This story got to everyone who has a heart, but i dont think it belongs on page like this.  You are either gonna have a moron who makes fun, and has a totally insensitive view on this, and makes it clear, and then there is the other side where sens fans might use this to gain support for their team which is not right either.  Its a good story to be told, not to comment on, because people in general are not mature enough or have the actual inteligence to know when to poke fun, insult, or comment on something.

  16. JuicemaN says:

    So when your relative dies you can just shrug it off when you miss days of work and your boss says "let's break out the violins some more"…

    Try to be a little sensitive, it doesn't make you any less cool.

    Be a man and not a piece of trash.

  17. thatleafsguy says:

    This story should not have been in the media in the first place. Plenty of kids die for all different types of reasons on a daily basis. What made this one more special? Because the kid was a Sens fan and fact that the Sens organization tried to use the situation to garner support for their team? Completely ridiculous. I feel bad for the parents who had to be used like a pawn in a terrible game of chess.

  18. Antero says:

    so you're saying we shouldn't make fun of a dead little boy ?
    just wanna make sure..

  19. thatleafsguy says:


  20. thatleafsguy says:

    You know what you're right! Let me go see if any of my relatives are Sens fans and dying so I can call the media and have them come do a story about how my dying relative wants to see the Sens come back from a 2-0 deficit in the series and win the cup in 7 games. Apparently being a fan of a team in a cup final makes your death more meaningful than others.

  21. Antero says:

    first a little boy dies, and now you want someone to break a camel's back ?

  22. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The kid was just lucky he never had to live with that name. Come on, Elgin???

  23. Neely4Life says:

    I dont think this story should be on this page, but why no ton TV or in the papers.  I guess murders, wars, sexual predators should be the only thing we read about or see on TV.  For once there is a good story about some athletes and taking their own time, to make a kids life a little better???  The story shouldnt be used as propaganda, but why shouldnt it be told?  Doesnt matter what team, sport, country, i would want to hear about something like this to put things in perspective.  Derek Fisher's story is a great one too, but i guess it shouldnt be told either eh?? Child has brain sugery, stays to make sure everything is alright.  Turns out it is, fly's across the country to play a ball game, and hits the winning shot in OT, ya, wouldnt wanna hear about good things instead of the negative all the time.

  24. flamingsenator says:

    who ever is in charge of this…..please just take it off……people cant stop from making insensitive jerks of themselves..

    please just take this whole story off…….the story isnt that sad compared to some peoples response it

  25. flamingsenator says:

    if it was for an emotional responce…it didnt really work

    im a sens fan……but im not cheering for them in the final…..too many favorate players on the ducks to cheer against them

    this story in no way swayed my "vote"

    this isnt an election…its jus a sport

    bemore sesitive to the kid……put down the forum for allowing the story to go through
    put down the media for making it….

    but making fun of the kid(god rest)…..cuz someone made an article about him….

    give me a BREAK

  26. Antero says:

    lol. you must be a real fan then. ..this is embarassing.

    so please enlighten me as to where i made fun of elgin fraser ?
    quote me.

  27. flamingsenator says:

    nah im a flames fan through in through….but my eastern confrence team has always been the sens

    not really sad actually….im diehard flames…not sens……and i dont go over board like alot of people on this site do

    im not gonna target u directly…im just saying….why make a big deal out of it….its just a story….proaganda thats not even working….wat do u care……..everyone on this site has their mind made up on who their cheering for anyway

    just say its a touching story and just get back to business is wat i say

    someone ones already said this "its not something thats ment to be commented on"

    it wouldnt have been adedo nto this forum

    alot of people….maybe not u…are far too insensitive and just take it over board

  28. Archion113 says:

    I love kids, but i'm insensitive when it comes to stuff like this.  I feel bad for the family and i'm empathetic for what they're going through, i too lost  a child 2 years ago.  He didn't get any recognization as the worlds best flyers fan.  Was just another dead child.

    Kids don't deserve to die, but leave them off the message boards.  We all don't need reminders of how much life sucks.

  29. HabsRUs says:

    This site is making me sick. First, they post useless articles by that Leafy Leaf guy (or whatever his name is) and others.

    Now they're allowing this, a bunch of idiots making fun of a young boy's death. Remove the damn thread for ***** sakes!!!! Honestly…. are you guys enjoying this? Is this what you wanted when you allowed this article to be posted? Its sickening…. really. Bunch of younsters around here, I dont even know why I bother to come here anymore.

    There should be a pop-up before entering this site:
    Warning: You must be 14 or under to access this site

    I have loss total respect for this site right now, and will never come back again (although Im sure most of you dont care) This use to be a great site where I could come and have a sensible hockey conversation. What happened? I think most of the "adults" have moved to and the little boys are still running around here. Im sure Eklund and Co wouldnt have any of these comments on their webpage. The people would be banned, and rightfully so!

    And by the way: People are talking about this story not being related to hockey. This hockey team personally knew the little boy. Fisher and Phillips even visited him at times. The team is diffinately emotional of his death and will have him on their minds. Its not just on TSN because he's a Sens fan. The guys actually knew him.

    All this being said, I hate the Sens and hope they get swept in the final. As for me, this will be my last post here, and the last time I ever visit this site. If any real hockey fans wanna chat, you'll find me on Same nickname, and usually found under the Eric Engels Montreal threads.

    Come on now little boys…. respond back and bash me…. Im sure some 12 year old girl will read it and think you're tough…. but I wont be reading it, i'll never be back here again.. And for the mature guys here who can sensibly talk hockey, its been good chatting with you.

    So long……

    GO DUCKS GO!!!!!!

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