Sens GM John Muckler aquires some much needed grit.

The Toronto Globe and Mail is reporting that last night Sens GM John Muckler aquired defensemen Todd simpson from the Anaheim Mighty Ducks in exchange for winger Petr Schastlivy.Simpson, 30, has 4 goals, 3 assists and 105 penalty minutes in 46 games with Anaheim this season. Schastlivy, 24, has 2 goals and 4 assists in 43 games with Ottawa this season.

Also TSN reports that Muckler has contacted former tough guy Rob Ray about returning to the NHL to play for the sens. He played 5 games for the sens last year before being injured, he then retired in the summer and has been working as a sports personality in buffalo since.

My personal opinion on Ray is that he should not come back as he has missed to much of the season and would just be a defense liability to the Sens coming back having not been working out.

The Sens do however need to get tough as the leafs proved saturday night and it will be interesting to see what comes out of all this.

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  1. Badf1sh says:

    Beautiful trade… Solid D-Man who isn’t afraid to get in the mix.

    Wouldn’t be surprised to see Rachunek go to Washington now for Bondra. How’s that for sweetening the pot

  2. Aetherial says:

    They need toughness and grit on the forward lines.

    This is an OK pickup, it is not earth-shattering.

    If the Senators can play *bigger*, they will win the cup.

  3. wayne2 says:

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much for what we dont

    need,another scoring winger.

  4. SaskSen says:

    I really like this trade. As one above mentioned it gives them the ability to trade a dman if they need to. More importantly if they want to keep all their D they now have a lot of depth.

    Next i would love to see Muckler go after Smyth in Edmonton. If he really is available do anything to get him. He si exactly what we need. A big, strong, LW, not scared to mix it up, and can skate and score.

    Give them Rachunek, a pick, and Vermette. If we can get away without giving up Vermette all the better, but at any cost go get Smyth.

  5. The_Conductor says:

    I am sorry but what was Anaheim thinking? Seriously. Who does that leave for grit and toughness on that team? Fedorov? Like this was I think a dumb trade. So they get some youth… with Schastlivy but common… I am not liking this one bit.

  6. SaskSen says:

    From anaheim’s saide Schastlivy could turn out to be a good player. Ottawa has had to dump players that never worked in their system, Demitra and Straka are two big ones. Once they left Ottawa they excelled in their new system. Same could happen to Schastlivy, he was justa bust in Ottawa, the kid has good skills though.

  7. nocuphere says:

    I don’t pretend to be a gm, but this seems like a bad trade for both, maybe worse for the sens.

    The Sens problem is lack of all around toughness, one guy isn’t going to make any difference. The problem with the sens is that their forwards aren’t tough. The Hossa’s, Havlats, and the Bonks. These guys aren’t physical at all. The leafs, flyers, and the devils all have star players that hit, and get involved in the rough stuff.

    I laughed my ass off when I heard Marian Hossa on tsn saying we have to finish our checks. hahaha. Chris Neil must have gotten a kick out of that one as Hossa has never finished off a check in his career.

    And Rob Ray, whatta joke. This guy will come in and play about 2 minutes a game, and like last year won’t dress for the playoffs, so thats kind of a waste of time.

    The sens are without a doubt one of the most talented teams in the league as long as they play on the outside, as soon as someone gets them off their game plan they aren’t very effective. If they end up playing any of the above mentioned teams, they will get pushed around, and probably a first round exit.

  8. The_Conductor says:

    I just hate the gambles on “they could be” good players. I want are good players and are going to help the team not they might be. Bull Shit.

    As much as people like prospects i dont. Cause its just a big gamble.

  9. SaskSen says:

    Obviously you don’t watch many Sens games. You would know that Hossa can get physical sometimes, while he doesn’t throw big hits, he can finish is checks and let you know hes there. He is strong on his feet, almost impossible to move when he has the puck.

    This trade just adds another dimension to the blueline. We can now throw out 4 legitamate hitters on the point and two guys that can handle themselves. Chara, Phillips, Simpson, Volchenkov can all hit, while Redden and Lescycshyn won’t back down from many.

    My feelings are though that this is paving the way out of town for Rachunek who is out of place on the first line.

    As for Ray, he will do what’s needed play his 5 minutes and fight when called upon. Simple, nothing wrong with that.

    Funny thing though is that if the Sens and Leafs met in the playoffs those outside of Toronto knows who would win. As for toughness the Sens have the mental toughness something the Leafs lack. Toronto is so caught up in being physically tough they don’t realize there is more than that to the game.

    Tonight should be a good test, ohh wait it is another no win for Ottawa. If we beat the Leafs it’s becasue Belfour was out, if we lose you beat us with your back-up. Belfour…what a pussy.

    don’t expect a rough game either, the Leafs aren’t so tough on the road as they are at home.

    Hoping we knock Sundin out for the season,

    A Sens Fan

    PS- Keep complaining about the highsticking epidemic, way to break a teammates nose in practice with a high-stick. Talk about dirty teams, disgusting.

  10. SaskSen says:

    What has Anaheim got to lose though??? They give up a player who clearly won’t come back next season for a chance at a good player. It’s not like Simpson would have put them in the playoffs this year.

    For Anaheim was a good move, ottawa gets what they need now for a payer who had no future in their plans. Good trade for both.

  11. nocuphere says:

    Everybody outside Toronto knows who would win? Anyway dude you just blew any credibility you had. Everybody outside Toronto might take a guess at who’s gonna win, but unless you can predict the future i’d tune in and watch the games anyway. Even though you apparently already know the outcome of the series.

    And being from Nova Scotia I guess I didn’t get the news that the sens will win.

    As far as not watching the sens, sorry bro I live in the east and thats all I see is the sens. THEY ARE NOT A TOUGH TEAM. the only reason they got by philly last year was because the beating they took at the hands of the leafs in the first round last year, had the flyers played anyone else the flyers would have won the cup.

    As far as your classless comments on Belfour, well if thats your thought process then so be it. And your injuring comments about Sundin are laughable, really brings out the agony you have of being beaten by the leafs in the playoffs EVERY TIME YOU HAVE MET THEM.

    So you keep yucking it up bro, and while your sleeping in your Sens dreamland, i’ll be here in the real world praying for a 1st round match up with your sens bro.

    Yeah Hossa, he hits allright, he hit the boards pretty hard.

    And your boys are real angels with their sticks. Bryan Berard. Are you proud of that?

    Go sens Go!!

  12. BarryMelrosesMullet says:

    This guy is just going to get run over. Look for the Blue and White Locomotive, chooo, chooo!!

  13. The_Conductor says:

    When you put it that way I agree with you alot more. But I also look at it that the Ducks dont have someone who can really play physical where Simpson gave that to them. I think the Ducks should pick up another goal scorer. I keep saying J.S Giggure for Comrie?

    But the need some physical and some more goal-scorer. Its not likely they are in the playoffs this season. So rebuild for the next season. As for Ottawa, they just gotta keep making themselves better… so they can go farther into the playoffs this season.

  14. TC_4 says:

    More grit on the back end never hurt any team. Simpson is one the toughest guys in this league, and Shastlivy wasn’t going anywhere. I think if this team needs anything, they need one more impact d-man, with expierence, and a third line guy with expierence and both guys have to be gritty as hell. Who can you get? If you want that d-man you could put a pretty good package together(Rachunek and Vermette???) and get Jay Mckee? I don’t know. Then why not sign a guy like Claude Lemieux??? That sounds like a good fit to me. Claude(and I don’t like him, but it’s true)is tough, and we all know he can stir the pot, and he’s not affraid to drop the mits. Oh yeah, and I heard his teams win a few games too. Wait, did say games, I meant Cups.

  15. MantaRay says:

    What a great trade for the Sens! Simpson is solid.

    This could mean Hnidy is available to Caps as part of Bondra deal.

    This also means they don’t need Ray.

  16. wayne2 says:

    Stop mentionning Vermette for Bondra,Vermette is

    too talented and young to go for a player who might

    not be there for long plus we dont need anymore

    scoring,we need talented grit.

  17. TC_4 says:

    The Ducks gained a player. They picked up Simpson in the waiver draft, and in the end get a player who yes isn’t gritty at all, but his talent was going to waste in Ottawa’s system. I think some of these hot prospects like Shastlivy, Rita, guys like that should become free agents if they haven’t played 50 NHL games by age 22. One of the many problems with the NHL is so much talent is being wasted in the minors because teams don’t have room for them on there team, but are scared to watch them flourish with another, so they let them rot in the minors.

  18. TC_4 says:

    How would a deal for Taylor Pyatt sound?

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