Sens' Kings No More?

Last year you Sens fans dumped on us Leafs fans

for overspending on players, being ignorrant, or

because JFJ is a horrible GM, I will use this article as sort of a revenge post, so here is the article:

This off-season hasn’t exactly been “great” for the

Sens, aside from the aquisitions of Martin Gerber

and Joe Corvo this off-season has been horrible.

The supposed Sens’ GM “mastermind” has made

some horrific moves this year, or simply hasn’t done anything, lets look at what they have done:

They signed a proven regular season in goalie in

Martin Gerber. The key-words in that phrase are

“regular season.” He is by no means a proven playoff goalie, which may result in disaster (if they

even make the playoffs).

After Chara left for Boston There was a gaping hole

in the Sens defense, the players who they brought in to replace him, Joe Corvo and Tom Priessing, not

Jovonaski, Kubina, Salei, or Blake. The Sens will

struggle on defense as they have a proven number

1 d-man in Redden but after that they have about three nubmer-4 d-men and a few sophomores! Not

looking to good.

The Chicago deal was just horrible, the Sens took

4 steps back, why would you include Smolinski in

the deal when you could have gotten so much more

for Havlat, alone, from other teams? A horrible deal

in my opinion!

As of right now after taking 20 steps forwards last

year, the Sens took 30 steps back this off-season!

I smell a shift in the top two in the East, the Canes will be up there, bu the Sens, no way in hell! I don’t

know but if Florida can add one more goaltender

and a forward they can really make something happen down there!

Here is the current roster for the Sens:












Cap Room:8.7 million

Frankly I think that the Sens will be in the same boat as the Leafs were next year, struggling to make the last playoff spot, while the Leafs will be

fighing for the sixth spot, we will just have to wait

and see what happens…