Sens' Kings No More?

Last year you Sens fans dumped on us Leafs fans

for overspending on players, being ignorrant, or

because JFJ is a horrible GM, I will use this article as sort of a revenge post, so here is the article:

This off-season hasn’t exactly been “great” for the

Sens, aside from the aquisitions of Martin Gerber

and Joe Corvo this off-season has been horrible.

The supposed Sens’ GM “mastermind” has made

some horrific moves this year, or simply hasn’t done anything, lets look at what they have done:

They signed a proven regular season in goalie in

Martin Gerber. The key-words in that phrase are

“regular season.” He is by no means a proven playoff goalie, which may result in disaster (if they

even make the playoffs).

After Chara left for Boston There was a gaping hole

in the Sens defense, the players who they brought in to replace him, Joe Corvo and Tom Priessing, not

Jovonaski, Kubina, Salei, or Blake. The Sens will

struggle on defense as they have a proven number

1 d-man in Redden but after that they have about three nubmer-4 d-men and a few sophomores! Not

looking to good.

The Chicago deal was just horrible, the Sens took

4 steps back, why would you include Smolinski in

the deal when you could have gotten so much more

for Havlat, alone, from other teams? A horrible deal

in my opinion!

As of right now after taking 20 steps forwards last

year, the Sens took 30 steps back this off-season!

I smell a shift in the top two in the East, the Canes will be up there, bu the Sens, no way in hell! I don’t

know but if Florida can add one more goaltender

and a forward they can really make something happen down there!

Here is the current roster for the Sens:












Cap Room:8.7 million

Frankly I think that the Sens will be in the same boat as the Leafs were next year, struggling to make the last playoff spot, while the Leafs will be

fighing for the sixth spot, we will just have to wait

and see what happens…

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  1. SensDude says:

    As for Ottawa, they still have the best defenceman Redden, and they still have Volchenkov and added the second best d-man of San Jose Preissing. Added a promissing goaltender in Gerber. and still have the heart and soul of the Sens, Alfie, Heat, Fisher, Spezza and a future all star Vermette.

  2. GoalJudge says:

    Wow, I didn’t think the day would come when Fans of another team became as bad as leafs fans.

    We are on the verge of soccer hooliganism with these fanatical attacks.

    That being said. Toronto has upgraded signifficantly this offseason, and as much as speculation can both entertain and annoy us what goes on on the ice will be the true measure. We will know right away because the battle of Ontario occurs 4 time in the fist 11 games for the leafs.

    It mostly depends on whether you like the players they have acquired or not. I have liked Kubina for a few years now, and as well as Raycroft, as I had them both in my 2004 pool, with their paly grabbing me 1st place. So I am a little bias. Everyone has a bad year, they come out of it.

    The Sens are an improved team this year as they have shored up the goaltending. I admit I am not a Hasek fan, but he gets the job done. When he’s healthy. I was right last year in knowing he would not make the whole season. As for it becoming Emery’s team, tell that to LEGACE. Emery was good, but had perhaps the best reg season team in front of him and still couldn’t hack it. He showed promise because he was able to hold the fort for a while, but thats no reason to bend down and kiss his pucker.

    As for Chara, I have been a fan for a while, and he is a valuable player, but loses value when overpayed, and looked like a pylon in the playoffs.

    I am sorry to say, cause I like the guy, but he was the Sens 2nd biggest problem in the playoffs last year. He is not a breakout passer, and he does not have the ACCELERATION that is needed to play the speedy top line wingers. He is fast, but needs track to get going which in the playoffs you don’t really get. Playing 25+ min a game didn’t help either.

    Losing Havlat is disheartening as he had been my favourite Sen until Heatley arrived. But there was a history of problems with him. He is a very gifted player, but seems like the Jagr type. Will dominate, but wants top dollar to do it. As good as he is, knowing he is a star, he will always chase the buck, and will likely be a Career Journeymany to get it. Hello, Cory Stillman.

    Gerber didn’t play terrible in the playoffs he merely got put into 2nd seat by a HOT goalie. Ward, unlely, could be the victim of the sophmore jinx and flop this year. Gerber played amazing in the end when he stepped in for a game to give Ward a rest.

    The Sens are also more mobile on defence, and Meszaros will get more Ice time giving them them advantage of another great breakout player that has as much defensive ability as he does offence.

    Overall, I still think the Sens will be near a top 4 team.

    Leafs will creep in at a risky 7.

  3. Milohabs says:

    I’ll let you all in on a little secret. The New NHL is very different than the old NHL.

    It is almost impossible to find teams that have superstars at each position. Most teams need to commit big dollars to a few players and add depth and solid players around that at affordable prices. The team to win the cup this year will be the team with no LARGE holes on their roster.

    Carolina isn’t a great team, but they have 6 quality D-men who can all play a solid game. They had 4 lines of quality players (young & old). With the exception of Staal, who’s still in the rookie stages of his career, they had no superstar talent. Goaltending was decent from both. Ward is NOT a superstar, he’s steady and played very well when it was needed in the playoffs.

    Most teams have holes to fill, therefore the teams that do well this year will be well balanced. Carolina, Buffalo, Calgary, San Jose, Anaheim, Montreal, NY Rangers, Devils.

    Teams like Philly, Toronto, Ottawa, Detroit, Vancouver etc etc etc all have question marks in their lineups and may not have the cap space to be able to solve their solutions. It will be VERY interesting to see what rosters look like on opening day and which teams will have successful seasons this year.

  4. SensDude says:

    Sens need to add another centre and I think Greg Johnson or Yannick Perreault could be good to add.



    ( Johnson or Perreault )

    Vermette or Kelly

  5. bpanther83 says:

    Whatever they will give him? AHAHAHA, u underestimate the size of his head. No way will he sign with any team unless they give him what he wants. You’ll all see it, he isn’t a team player. He wants to be the best, he will turn out just like Jagr. All the talent in the world, but will never be able to play with other star players. Thats why team Canada left him off the team.

  6. captainjoefish says:


    look you dont have to comment and say what you think about teams you know nothing about

    clearly you have no idea about the bruins as you are not a bruins fan

    look instead just comment on the teams you know about

    the bruins offense is great and we have a great first line a dangerous second line with murray and savard and a solid 3rd line who can play against any other teams top line

    we have guys like statney and p.j. axelsson and if you saw any of them play both were able to shut down teams top lines statney shadowed alfie for the sens and they did nothing

    p.j. shut down alex ovechin easily

    look what i am saying is you dont know anything about the bruins dont make stupid comments talk about a team you watch and know about

    i feel the bruins will make the playoffs and this could be one of the strongest bruins team we have had in a while

  7. bpanther83 says:

    Ya they will, but they will lose in the playoffs again. Signing Gerber just ensured that.

  8. Pensfan33 says:

    lets all take lessons from the new Jersey devils in the late 90s they built a solid team solemly arround guys that grew up in their farm system kept them together for the most part with very lil changes and they becae a real team together , and were probable one of the greatest teams in hockey you cant buy a team you haft to develope from your farn system and thats what i believe and i give Shero credit for that , because if you happen to loose a guy like crosby you can easily replace him develope the team from the draft and from the farm system then fill in the voids when needed that is how i see it

  9. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    #2 meszaros and corvo are easily ahead of him. learn hockey pal Gill is a pylon aswell will be

  10. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    leafsguy why are you commenting seriously. Leafs have Sundin to score thats it. Steen and Wellwood are to young and are not into form enough yet to take on a serious scoring role. Lol you think sens are in bad shape say that when leafs are fighting for 8th and sens are either 1st – 6th.

  11. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    his -20 proves that doesnt it.

  12. nj814 says:

    Man this is horrible. Nearly all of your points contradict themselves. You say Gerber is a good regular season goalie but insult him because he was sick in the playoffs. After stating that he was good in the regular season you say they wont make the playoffs. I honestly believe that Chara is overrated. No offense to Bruins fans who needed a number 1 Dman to log minutes, which they got in Chara, I just think Wade Redden is the main reason chara was so good since they were a great pairing and i think Wade is underrated. Wade was the speed and transitional player while Chara was the stay at home guy. Also, the Sens had no choice but to let go oh Havlat as many have already stated before me. Both Havlat and Chara wanted money the Sens couldnt give and had no choice. Not to mention the fact Havlat was injured most of the season and im pretty sure the sens did just fine without him.

    I have no idea why the signings of a minus about 17 defenceman for what 5 mil a year who had one great year with a cup winning team and a horrible signing of Hal Gil excite Leaf fans and make them think all of the sudden the Leafs will be so much better and in the hunt for the playoffs. The Sens still have IMO much more talent up front than the leafs do in Alfy Heatly spezza etc Still the best line in hockey according to stats. Yet you think 2 OK defenceman and a mediocre at best goalie will make you jump form no playoffs to 5?? And you think Ottawa will go from first in the conference to no playoffs

    I am not even gunna rag on the Florida finishing in the top 2 spot becuase i have no idea what would drive you to put that

  13. muckies says:

    FYI – Chara never played with Redden, his partner was Phillips for the entire time he was in Ottawa.

  14. ccrashh says:

    Okay…why do you think Havlat was such a loss? They only had him for a handful of games last season. They don’t need him. Besides, who knows how his shoulder will react the next time he gets hammered into the boards.

    Not sure about the order, but I can see the Rangers not even making the playoffs. Boston won’t either.

  15. nj814 says:

    Damn my bad sorry but on PP and PK he did right?

  16. sens44 says:

    Its seems a leaf fan is a little mad after last years embarrsment. the sens have lost a few players but i guess u dont remember that havlat only played around 17 games last year and chara and pothier have been replaced on the point.

    here is ottawa’s lineup



    Vermette/ /

    Scuhbert/ /Mccraton





    and they still have to sign RFA’s





    HEATLEY ALFREDSSON,SPEZZA scored more goals against the leafs than the whole Maple Leafs team scored against ottawa 7-1 8-0 8-1………

  17. sens44 says:

    here are my east standings









    9.Tampa Bay







  18. celph9 says:

    kubina is overrated (-6 and invisible against ottawa in playoffs) and hal gill just sucks..spending 7 million on those 2 guys combined is a joke…by the way..corvo is making just over 2 million and preissing is 600 000…they both can quarterback the powerplay and preissing was a key defenceman for san you even watch western conference teams??? also sens couldn’t afford to sign anybody else under the cap you idiot…besides phillips is good enough to be a #2 defenceman, meszaros will be better, volchenkov will be better…keep dreaming buddy

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