Sens look to deal at draft, eye Oilers' No. 1 pick

The Senators are ready to deal at the draft.

GM Bryan Murray, assistant Tim Murray and director of player personnel Pierre Dorion are listening to all offers as they head to St. Paul, Minn., this week to prepare for the draft beginning Friday.

Speaking to reporters at Scotiabank Place on Monday, Tim Murray said the club will attempt to trade up from the sixth overall pick — and wouldn’t rule out trying to pry the No. 1 selection away from the Edmonton Oilers.

“The decision on whether we can do it has been made. If the scenario works, we will do it,” said Murray.

“We’re certainly willing to move up to No. 3 (held by the Florida Panthers), to No. 1 and if that doesn’t work and we look at our list and we can move down two spots to get more assets to get the same player we like … we’ve gone through this a hundred times, formally and informally. We’ve shown we can manoeuvre picks. That’s what we like to do.”

With six picks — including at No. 6 and 21 in Round 1 — in the first 66 selections, the Senators are in a position of strength. They’ve got assets to play with, including three picks in the second round that can be used to move up.

Murray hasn’t ruled out dealing roster players, either.

4 Responses to Sens look to deal at draft, eye Oilers' No. 1 pick

  1. hockey_lover says:

    Knowing Murray, he'll trade up to the #1 pick and then choose JT Miller (who is currently ranked at #19)    🙂

  2. Iceman23 says:

    Unfortunately, I don't think there are any players on the Senators that would even appeal to give up that #1 spot. The only ones that were once of that value are getting up there in age and losing value quickly after the last couple of seasons.

  3. hockey_lover says:

    Not only was that not really the point of my post, yours is inaccurate.

    The point of my point was nothing more than a joke about some of Murray's past moves, which have been questionable.

    But also … losing value? While Spezza did miss 20 games with two different injuries, he got 60pts in about 63 games or so. He was on pace for pretty close to an 80pt season on a team that was a) terrible and b) gutted by seasons end. Id say he's a pretty valuable commodity. Sure, his contract may be a bit large, but how many players are ppg guys? If he can stay healthy, he is definitely a #1 center on many teams in the league and could definitely be used as trade bait to move up in the draft. Florida lets say. Weiss is certainly a good player but is he an IDEAL 1st line center? Probably not. 2nd line? For sure, without a doubt. Spezza would be a good fit for them, salary considerations aside.

    Lets not forget about Karlsson. He has had a bumpy road but he came into his own this past season, racking up almost 50pts. Sure his +/- was horrendus but so was the whole teams. This kid definitely has the goods as a trading block.

    The jury is still out but Bobby Butler might become a reliable 20g guy as well. now, expectations should be tempered because he came to the Sens when they were well out of the playoffs and there was no pressure. But, he played well enough to expect SOMEthing from him.

  4. senators_choke says:

    Haha! Murray is horrible at drafting, I agree.

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