Sens losing money?

Up here in Canada I think the game will be fine although the article I read that said the Sens will lose 10 million this year before the puck is even dropped and that they were at the maximum that they can spend kind of concerns me. I don’t know if its a new way to try to sell more tickets since they would not be able to sign Chara and Redden or have to deal players earlier then expected.

Team president and CEO Roy Mlaker said in an Ottawa Sun article:

“That’s 10 million (Senators owner) Mr. (Eugene) Melnyk will lose before we even drop the puck,” Mlaker said. “The key is we have to find out how we can enhance revenues.”

“People think we have lots of room under the (salary) cap,” he said. “We have absolutely no room.”

When I see that I wonder how Muckler could have asked Hossa, Chara and Redden if they could agree to the same amount for all of them as Muckler was quoted in the Ottawa Sun:

“Earlier in the summer we went to three players — Wade Redden, Zdeno Chara and Marian Hossa — and we proposed that we were going to try to get all three players signed at the same price,” said Muckler. “Two of the players were willing to buy into the plan and third — which was Hossa — was not. After that, we knew we had a problem and that came about the time (Atlanta GM) Don Waddell called (about Dany Heatley). We kept trying to get Hossa signed, but eventually we had to make a decision to move on.”

I don’t really know what to think about that since Roy Mlaker and Muckler seem to both send a different message to the fans unless the Sens budget has change since they acquired Dany Heatley but I find it kind of strange

What do you think?

Sources: Ottawa Sun

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