Sens May Have To Trade For Lalime?

When I read this article I just laughed over and over and then thought about how funny it would be if this actually happened! How would Sens fans feel if this happened? Still feel confident about winning the Cup? How confident are you about beating the Leafs even? (In the Playoffs)…Well since I am still laughing it is hard to type so I will let you all write whatever you wish about this subject/story. Paragraph below is the Article and the Link if you wish to read a bit more about it and also some other NHL material.

They may need backup plan
By the end of the week, Dominik Hasek, with yet another groin-related injury, was headed back from Turin to Ottawa to confer with Senators doctors. Before the Olympic break, speculation had the Senators making a deadline play for Olli Jokinen, Florida’s top scorer. But if Hasek is shelved, or even questionable, they will have to deal for a backstop; Ray Emery clearly is not ready for A-list work. How ironic if the Senators have to call the Blues to swing a deal for Patrick Lalime, whom Ottawa dealt to St. Louis in June 2004. Lalime, in four failed playoff seasons with the Blues, went a very mediocre 21-20, but did squeeze out a minuscule 1.77 goals-against mark in those 41 appearances.

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    ur a quife

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    marchant was picked up on the waivers u dum ass. My guess is mike morrison.

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    lol nice

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