Sens may pursue Murray

According to, the Boston Bruins are going to go ahead and buy out Glen Murray’s contract. This will make Murray and UFA and Bryan Murray will be makeing sure he gets a chance to speak with him, once he has been bought out.  

Bryan Murray has been looking for secondary scoring and with Glen Murray, he may just be the fit for Ottawa for leadership and scoring some goals. Murray will not get a high salary offered to him as he cleared waivers and nobody wanted him for over 4 million dollars. If Bryan Murray could get him under contract for about 1 million dollars, and sign Vermette for about 3.2 and Meszaros for 3.2 Million, that will leave almost 3 million in cap space for the team to make improvments later in the year. The owner of the team Eugene Melnyk wants some room in the cap to make a trade just in case a deal comes for the Sens. He said 2-3 million in cap room would be fine.

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  1. habswinthecup-again says:

     If Murray is looking for secondary scoring then why the hell would he even contemplate trading Vermette? Going after Murray makes no sense whatsoever. Murray is no leader either.

  2. leafy says:

    If he's cheap, why not?

    Mind you don't expect Murray to put up numbers anywhere near what he used to.

  3. jimbob says:

    I would be interested to see how Murray would fair on the top line, he could create some space for Heatley and Spezza, if little else.

  4. oilcountry88 says:

    i bet if Murray heads to Ottawa Vermette will be gone..
    top 3 teams that might get him:
    2.San Jose

  5. sweepa8989 says:

    Glen Murray sucks.  I'd be glad to see Ottawa pick him up because the bruins play them 8 times a year and that would be one player we wouldnt have to worry about.  I realize he used to be good but he is now far from that.

  6. muckies says:

    If Ottawa does sign him, and I doubt they will just because we need a top 4 forward, not a bottom 9 forward, he'll definetly fit into the tough and team oriented approach of the Sens. He could pull a JR and just be a solid vet that fits in well on a line with some of our bangers like Fisher, Bass, Winchester and Ruutu, might be good if he can skate. Not really sure about him because the B's were maybe the most boring team in the East last season to watch, so I don't remember anything about Glenn Murrays game except I think he has really slowed down. 

    The thing is he plays like Heatley in the O-zone in the sense he makes himself invisible in the seems and has a great shot, and we had enough difficulty getting Heatley the puck in the second half on the season, I don't think we need another player that has to passed to to be effective in the O-zone. We need more diggers and grinders along the boards to get free pucks to Heatley, and I'm not sure if Glenn Murray has the game to do that anymore. 
  7. mojo19 says:

    He would be like what Marty Lapointe was for them…. so basically nothing. But I like Murray, maybe as a grinder at this stage though.

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