Sens Over the Mental Hurdle?

After the Sens thrashing of the leafs, was this the final hurdle the sens needed to get over to become a true contender?

Some would say, it started after signing Hasek after the 04 playoffs, and taking a new mental approch in aspect to their golatending situation. Lalime, as good as he was some games, did not have the confidence of his team, and when it came to pressure situations, he choked!

Firing Martin, this was a huge move, obviosuly. This showed they were serious about a new look and attitude.

Sending Bonk to LA for pucks, was another great move, getting rid of the same old faces that always tripped up in the playoffs, and giving some new life into the lineup.

The biggest move, Hossa and de Vries for Heatley. There were people who questioned this trade, saying the Sens got screwed. Its obvious now, they got the better end of it. Not only is Heatley performing better than Hossa, he is almost 3 million dollars cheaper, and they got rid of de Vries 2.5 million dollar salary as well.

Now, this win over the Leafs, it might be blown out of hand from the Leafs standpoint, and rightfully so…. this was a setback for the Leafs, and they obviosuly have holes they need to fill… But, this win was beyond huge for the Sens. It showed that they can play any type of game. This loss will be in the Leafs head if they play in the playoffs this year, and you should see the new attitude and look of the Sens run through the East, and if they keep playing like they are, should win the cup!

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  1. Neely4Life says:

    Actually, Gerber IS their started, he was injured, and has played less games, soooooooooooooo u lose that one. And who says a rookie goalie, if hes a starter cant take them into the playoffs, and make a run. And the game isnt called like the FLyers/Sens game was everygame. And Gerber was on the bench when the Ducks went to the finals, and thats a lot more expierence than 90% of the goalies in the league have, so ur a moron, and u really have no idea what ur talking about. Glad u can look up stats though, and form opinions based on those, takes a real mind to do that!

  2. Neely4Life says:

    the point is, its not easy to score 10 golas in a game, no matter what the cir*****stances are. And no one in the league can say, they have 3 players who have scored 4 goals in a game, 11 games in!

  3. Neely4Life says:

    They were dominating when the game was close, and im not talking about the damn Domi fight. Its pretty much agreed that Domi should have lost that fight and did, and most people have said it was a huge deal for Domi to try n turn some momentum, and being 36, someone else should have. Belak isnt an inforcer, because, hes playing with a a full visor. He should be sitting, plain and simple. McGratton whhen he threw Lindros to the ice, just turned n stuck his tounge out to the leafs, and no one ever dared to piss the leafs off before. And its not the clutching and grabbing, yeah, they r putting more goals in because of it, but not the fact they have a ligit enforcer now, and a pretty tough 4th line to take care of other things.

  4. rojoke says:

    Steve Penney – not Penny – didn’t fade away. He exploded. He couldn’t stop a puck with 2004 equipment. He still plays alumni games with the Habs though.

  5. SensfanVone says:

    I wonder if Domi needs some plastic surgery to repair his nose maybe then you’d see “domiforpresident”.

    All I can say is my sens look good and I am dmn excited!!!!!!

  6. rojoke says:

    Pepe never won the Conn Smythe as a rookie. He didn’t win it until he got to New Jersey. St. Patrick claimed the playoff MVP both times in 86 and 93.

  7. salemnic says:

    Flat out suck? Let’s be a bit more realistic here.

    I will admit, Detroit has been very good to start, in a weak conference. However, they’ve got several older stars that may or may not hold through the entire season. Given their conference, I think it’s them or Nashville to the SCF…

    However, the East is a much different animal. There are about 10 teams that could make it through, including the Leafs. Going 6-4-2 against a strong conference while missing your captain, best player and leader (yes, I know Stevie Y has not been in, but he’s not Detroit’s best player any more) is not too bad. Other than the embarassment to Ottawa, the games have been pretty close (non-shootout losses to Boston by 1, Ottawa by a stupidly embarassing amount, Philly by 2, Montreaby 1l)

    If you insist on being Rhetorical, you probably deserve what thatleafsguy sends your way. If you can be reasonable, I welcome your opinion.


  8. SensfanVone says:

    Well if last night was any sign id say its the dynamic trio….LOL

  9. hockeyhead says:

    i wasnt sure…..but the point that he had a great playoff his rookie year…that i remember.

    and patrick is another example of rookies doing well in the playoffs.

    overall, danny heatley WILL do well in the playoffs…that i would put money on.

  10. hockeyhead says:

    i tried to find stats on him and couldnt.

    do you remember if he was traded to the jets? maybe for doug soetart or something.

    that is about 20 years ago so……

  11. DomiforPrimeMinister says:

    Right now they are playing like a machine!

    If they don’t win the cup this year they never will!

  12. Neely4Life says:

    I might sound nuts, but i think Grahme is better than Habi!

  13. bernie1parent says:

    wait, gerber has played less games so you just proved my point and also, both of their goalies have suffered set backs this year, not just gerber. Gerber was hurt in the beg. of the year, and then when Ward had pretty much solidified himself as being good enough to play atleast 1/2 the games, he got hurt and had to be benched for a few games, and then he finally came back against the flyers.

    And about Gerber being on the bench for the finals, thats about as much expierence as i have sitting on my couch watching the finals. Its only expierence if you are on the ice, and he wasnt.

    And for my arguement about the penalties in the flyers sens game, there is such a broad range of penalties being called it isnt unusual to see 2 or 3 games a night having about 20 penalties. you would be lucky to see a game under 10. My facts are based on stats that way i know for sure that it is true and im not speculating as you are so go give neely a BJ

  14. thatleafsguy says:

    thats hockey, those are just normal ebbs and flows to games, no one team can play perfect games night in and night out, not the leafs, not the sens, and not the habs. there is no way to stop any team from getting scoring chances it just doesn’t happen thats why games are competitions. to say that the leafs have solely relied on goaltending over the years is absolutely absurd, you pay a goalie to make saves, you pay an elite goalie to make big clutch saves. scoring chances happen to all teams, just look at the habs.

    by your logic the habs are relying on goaltending right now, but theodore is having a very tough start to the season and the habs have been bailing him out. by your logic the habs are getting goals when they need to to compensate for theodores mediocre start to the season. bottom line is both goals and big saves are needed to win games, if it was just about goals and scoring chances they’d play this great game with empty nets.

  15. Neely4Life says:

    lol, i didnt prove ur point, i disproved it, lol. Gerber is the starter in Carolina, they have come out and said it! Ward was playing for an injured Gerber. And yeah, there are a wide varity of penatlies, but the refs cant kill the flow in the game, and that was my point. N e kinda of momentum either team had was killed. It was slow and impossible to watch.

  16. drewblue says:

    uh huh heard this so many times. next.

  17. habs79 says:

    You are still kind of countering your own arguement saying that the rules were made by Shanny for the Wings. They are clearly not the fastest team out there.

  18. habs79 says:

    You are right and I am not denying that goals are needed as much as big saves. However when you hear the term “he stole them the game” who is pretty much always the “he”, it’s the goalie. The Flames, Mighty Ducks, Capitals, Canes, and Sabers, oh wait don’t forget the Panthers. What do these teams have in common? They all pretty much rode a hot goalie all the way to the final. A player can not carry a team on his back, a goalie can. Patrick Roy carried the Habs to the 93 Cup. You can have pretty much anything short of an all star team in front, if you don’t have the goalie on the hot streak, don’t be surprised if their is an upset by a team riding a hot goalie.

    The Leafs did not rely solely on their goaltending, they always manged to score goals right when they needed to. However whenever teams had good scoring chances against them, Joesph/Belfour always seemed to be there to stop the vast majority of them.

    As for Theodore he has not played stellar this year, but he has come up with big saves, and the Habs always seem to score the goals when they need to. However Theodore has had some steady defense, Montreal is currently 4th in the league in shots against/game.

  19. dcz28 says:

    Yea but Tampa won the cup with Lecavalier, St Louis, Richards leading their offence…all you need from the others is to chip in once in a while and play good defense…and injuries are key for any team that wants to go far in the playoffs (Tampa was healthy all that season and playoffs) and thats why i think they need another centre to give them more scoring depth up front

    By the way what year did you think they had a better team? dont tell me it was when they had Yashin, Daigle and Bonk

  20. bernie1parent says:

    i dont know, i watched it with the greatest of ease, but then again, my team was winning. i dont know where it was though, but i know i saw a report saying that ward was the starter and gerber was the backup. maybe if i have time sometime ill look for it so i can prove it to you. At the beg of the season gerber was suppose to be the starter, but he went down, ward proved himself and now ward is the starter.

  21. rojoke says:

    According to the Habs website, he was traded to Winnipeg for Brian Hayward. Digging a little further, Soetaert was actually Hayward’s predecessor in Montreal. He was released in June 1986, and Hayward was acquired in August of that year.

  22. Neely4Life says:

    i dont think we are gonna agree on this. And yeah, im not saying the flyers didnt deserve that game, just no flow, too many whistles, just tough to watch.

  23. dcz28 says:

    I think someone before said Naslund had a 4 goal game last season played and the last game that had 2 four goal scorers was Madden and McKay for New Jersey in 2000 in a 9-0 win over the Penguins

  24. thatleafsguy says:

    03-04 minus the goaltending .

  25. hockeyhead says:

    nope, bruins should of gave him a better chance.

  26. SensfanVone says:


    Good veterans ya.

    But not the clutch and grabbers and all out grinders.

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