Sens Over the Mental Hurdle?

After the Sens thrashing of the leafs, was this the final hurdle the sens needed to get over to become a true contender?

Some would say, it started after signing Hasek after the 04 playoffs, and taking a new mental approch in aspect to their golatending situation. Lalime, as good as he was some games, did not have the confidence of his team, and when it came to pressure situations, he choked!

Firing Martin, this was a huge move, obviosuly. This showed they were serious about a new look and attitude.

Sending Bonk to LA for pucks, was another great move, getting rid of the same old faces that always tripped up in the playoffs, and giving some new life into the lineup.

The biggest move, Hossa and de Vries for Heatley. There were people who questioned this trade, saying the Sens got screwed. Its obvious now, they got the better end of it. Not only is Heatley performing better than Hossa, he is almost 3 million dollars cheaper, and they got rid of de Vries 2.5 million dollar salary as well.

Now, this win over the Leafs, it might be blown out of hand from the Leafs standpoint, and rightfully so…. this was a setback for the Leafs, and they obviosuly have holes they need to fill… But, this win was beyond huge for the Sens. It showed that they can play any type of game. This loss will be in the Leafs head if they play in the playoffs this year, and you should see the new attitude and look of the Sens run through the East, and if they keep playing like they are, should win the cup!