Sens trade rumours

Today, on (slam Sports) there is an article speculating on some potential moves by the Ottawa Senators. Owen Nolan (who seems to be going to just about every team in contention these days) and Bates Bataglia.Now clearly one of these trades is much more substantial than the other. The article does fail to mention who or what Ottawa would give up in exchange for Nolan, but the idea of the gritty Nolan playing in Ottawa is intriguing. The Senators have had a spectacular season so far, but this won’t be the first time, and fans won’t be convinced until they see some real success in the playoffs.

The big question is money, and whether or not ownership is looking short-term or long term. Nolan’s got a big contract as far as Ottawa is concerned, 6.5 million per year. However, the key to Ottawa’s long term success is to do something substantila in the playoffs. Their fans are not like Nashville or Atlanta fans who are just happy to have a team that wins occasionally.

Its an intersting idea, and might bve just the ticket Ottawa needs to push them over that hump. Wait to see what Ottawa fans will think if Toronto picks up Nolan and beats the Senators in the playoffs again. If I owned the team, that is not a prospect I’d be willing to face.