Sens vs Canucks Game>>>Devils to Deal Rafalski>>>Philly's Old Kids on the Block>

Mantaray jinxed what was supposed to be the best game of the week. Just kidding Manta!

Rafalski to be dealt for a scorer? Mironov almost a New Jersey Devil.

Desjardins and Primeau are the old kids on the block, what’s their worth?

Bruins weaknesses starting to show.Well, Mantaray picked the Senators vs. Canucks game to be the best of the week. Unfortunately, I only got to see the 3rd period and did not fully understand the announcer when he said that the Canucks were 2 for 10. When the Senators got another penalty, the box showed 2 for 11 and at the end of the game, it rediculously was 2 for 14. That is almost five power plays per period, TEN minutes of power play per period. I mean, I saw some good calls, but the others in the first two periods? Also, the Senators are NOT such an undisciplined team. The officials definitely took over this game, what an embarrassment to the league.

The Vancouver Canucks only turned out to be the winners of this game because of the 6-4 win and the two points they got. However, the Canucks almost risked the win when a Senator hit the post, which could have made it 6-5. Also, the Canucks had THAT MUCH power play time and they only outshot the Senators 29 to 27?

Mantaray sure jinxed it!!! I am just kidding with ya. It’s a shame though, there will not be a rematch between these two top teams. One thing the Sens should be proud of is their penalty kill and the fact that they fought till the very end. Senators still remain the best Canadian team overall.

Interesting article on the NYPost today, our favorite source. However, this information is quite exciting and I’ll be glad to share this with all the Devils fans out there and the other fans who disagreed with the Mironov to Rangers trade.

The Devils were very interested in the disgruntled defenseman. They are in need of a scorer, and trading Rafalski could quite be a loss. Rafalski or Tverdovsky? Well, Oleg is injured, but had he been healthy, Rafalski still has more trade value because of his lesser salary. Also, he is a player that most teams would want. Devils need a scorer to prevent losses, and they need someone to finish scoring chances in the playoffs. Getting Mironov on the Devils would have been a good move, actually, since it gives them a big strong defenseman who can move the puck and take the body out.

Now, what would have happened if Mironov had gone to the Devils? A totally different outlook from certain people I’d say, not Mantaray though. He might have liked it, but not be thrilled of it. I didn’t really like for the Rangers acquiring Mironov for a 4th rounder in the 2004 draft, since I did say these next two draft years will be valuable. However, a 4th can always be acquired in another deal, and the Rangers could always recover it during draft day.

Had the Devils gotten Bo-bo, it would have been a lot harder for big size players to drive to the net. Not so much of an upgrade offensively, but not a bad idea to acquire Mironov, and trade Rafalski for a quality scorer. If the Devils get a quality scorer, then Elias and maybe even Gomez would start scoring goals/points, which would make the Devils still a solid team defensively, and much better offensively.

Desjardins and Primeau are on the block….NO??!!! Gettoutta heee…..

The only problem I have with these two guys is their salaries are too high. Desjardins isn’t that bad. I have watched him, and he plays like an aging defenseman. He has his flaws, he commits mistakes, however, this guy might just need a change of scenery. The guy himself might not feel right in a Flyers uniform anymore, and he even took his C off his jersey. Who could use him? A team that will make the playoffs and has a player that they no longer want whose salary almost matches Desjardins’ salary. Joe Schmoe who is 33 years old and has lost his role on Team A, makes….$3.7M and could help the Flyers, then yeah…that deal could happen. But, here is your homework, find a real player’s name to replace Joe and the team he is on.

As for Keith Primeau…well, if he made less money, I’d keep him. He tries every game, he shows effort and he is a solid 3rd line center who will trhow his heavy body around. I wouldn’t mind that at all. But, he is a player who makes too much money. His trade value isn’t worth much at all…mostly because of his salary. I think the Flyers can still work a deal with a team involving Primeau. GM Bobby Clarke is not a stupid GM, and if he wants Primeau out, he will get him out for the right price in return.

The Boston Bruins are more like the Boston Ruins. They need goaltending, and it was better to have kept Dafoe at this point. Irbe on his way to Boston? Maybe Hackett? Doesn’t matter, they need a goalie and now it’s time for GM O’Connell to stop acting like a calm patient guy in no need to trade McLaren. A player that teams are willing to acquire, time to trade him. However, no source has yet figured out what O’Connell is looking for. Probably too much. He is not making sense himself when he says that offers are not making any sense. Overrating and overvaluing McLaren. Do it for the good of the team, trade McLaren. Losing 11 out of 17 games and being outscored 58 to 41 is no ordinary slump. Might be, but the slump still continues to get worse, especially when Thornton is not 100% healthy and the goalies are becoming red light buzzers themselves.

Time to shake this team up, because losing too many points is no way to keep a GM calm.

Thanks, and hope your New Year has been good so far.

Micki Peroni

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  1. nskerr says:

    You should always deal from strength, not weakness. When the Bruins were at the top, thay had a chance to deal McClaren to make the team stronger. Now that they are struggling, no team is going to overpay for a defenseman who is injury prone and hasn’t played in 4 months. If they want a goalie like DiPietro or Irbe or Hackett, they will have to dish out more than just McClaren.

  2. mikster says:

    Definitely, and not only that. Right now, teams will take advantage of the Bruins long slump and be more relaxed than O’Connell.

  3. slipnaughtyboy says:

    nskerr makes a good point. Anyways, the bruins were absolutely retarded for not trading Mclaren. They are WAY over valuing him and shooting themselves in the foot. It makes u wonder really…. if Tampa offered Kubina for Mclaren, why not do it? Your basically trading a player that will never play for u, for a decent top 4… I can see you wanting to wait a bit, find the best possible deal, but enoughs enough. When you have such great trade bait SITTING on the sidelines, its ur duty to use it. Make a deal, spark your team. Your not gonna get picks back, youll get a useful player or 2… so go for it.

    Bruins management screwed up on this. They had plenty of opportunities and Im sure at least a deal or 2 seemed appealing to them. They are now dealing from a weakness, and other gm’s SHOULD take advantage of it.

  4. wingerxx says:

    The Devils do need a quality scorer, and right…it will be a lot harder to deal Rafalski now(or Niedermayer, I’ve heard a few rumors about him being the one dealt for a scorer…but Rafalski makes much less, making him more attractive to other teams) for one, since they couldn’t or wouldn’t get Mironov…guys like Mironov can help a hockey club and I think the Rangers will benefit from the more positive aspects of his game this year…

    I think Boston’s weaknesses (yep, goaltending)have been showing for a while now, and I really wish O’Connell would wake up and deal McLaren. He must have a decent offer on the table by now.

    As for Primeau and Desjardins…Primeau might have just too much salary for a team to be interested in him…I just don’t think Clarke can get fair value in return. Maybe he’ll prove us all wrong. I wish em all well. but Desjardins is another story, salary aside, I still think some teams will call asking about him come deadline time. Even sooner perhaps… seems like all i’ve done is agree with most of this article lol…but its a good article, raises some nice points.

  5. amok says:

    The amount of penalties the Sens received was ridiculous. I missed the first period, but from what I saw of the second and third it looked like the Sens were often a step behind the Canucks and had to take a penalty to not get caught out of position. The Sens 5th/6th defencemen often got beat. Maybe the Sens were tired after flying all the way out west after playing in New York the other day? The Canucks have been well rested and at home.

    One of the Canucks’ penalties was to Crawford for making a late change, so really the amount of player penalties was 14-3 Vancouver. I’m not sure if you were picking up teh same game as I was (Sportsnet Pacific) but the commentators often would predict that the Canucks would get the next powerplay or that surely the Senators wouldn’t get another penalty.

    Despite the closeness of the shots, the second and third were owned by the Canucks. Even when they weren’t on the powerplay they seemed to have control of the game. Ottawa however, did a great job of capitalizing on their chances. Like you I didn’t see some of the game, so I can’t comment on the first period.

    As for Mironov, if the Devils had acquired him I’d still disagree with it.

  6. wayne2 says:

    Nobody should want Mironov,he`s a useless whiner.

    Desjardins-Primeau to Boston for Lapointe-Maclaren.

    Rafalski-Stevenson to phoenix for Shane Doan.

  7. mikster says:

    Well, the Rangers did lose, but they totally crushed them in checks. At least they gave them bruises!

    They were probably tired, and it wasn’t such a great Canucks win. Had i been Crawford or Naslund, i wouldn’t be happy at all about a 6-4 win, which could have been 6-5, having a horrible night on the PP going just 2 for 14, and only outshooting the Sens by two shots. I’d say it was a lucky win, since the Sens were probably already tired from the opening face off and killing many penalties wears you down even more.

    I think Mironov would do his best with some help from Robinson and coached under Burns.

  8. mikster says:

    Every player is starting to whine in the NHL and in every sport, start getting used to it.

    I doubt O’Connell would be that dumb to accept such a deal. And on the Flyers side, i wouldn’t be as pleased to lose a center for a winger.

    And…the Yotes would rather have a quality forward in return than a defenseman and a tough guy. They have enough tough guys, i am sure they would take Rafalski, but i would not even trade Doan for Gomez straight up. Devils might be better off to trade in the East with a team that already has scoring, needs an offensive d-man, and could lose a scorer.

  9. Tradedude says:

    I think Calgary might go after Rafalski, who knows?

    DejarDONE and PRIMEAU should get a life, they both were former captains and both stink up philadelphia. Noone will show much interest in these 2 jokes

  10. pensalltheway says:

    Not sure if this is too lopsided, but send kovy to the devils and possibly a pick, for rafalski and gomez

  11. MantaRay says:

    Didn’t mean to jinx the game of the week. I just thought it was a chance to have everyone watch the current #1 & #2 teams go at it.

    The rumors about the Devils going after Mironov are highly doubtful, only because it doe not follow Lamoriello’s style nor philosophy, nor did we need him. If its a POST source- It was probably made up.

    Incidentally, if the Post rumors are so good why didn’t any of them mention Mironov prior to his acquisition?

    Also, I agree with Mikster that getting him for a 4th round pick was a great deal and he looked really good last night (albeit against a weakened and tired Canes team).

    When is Puriton coming back?

  12. amok says:

    Ah, well if that’s the case then thanks to the Rangers for bruising them.

    The win was by no means great, but it was entertaining. And it gets Crawford in as all star coach.

  13. pop0331 says:

    Yotes get – Gomez, Neidermeyer ( i’d hate to see them both go but jesus something needs to be done- we can’t score for anything) and Danton + 1st round dp

    Devils get- Briere, Doan, Hordichuk and prospect Peter


    anybody see that Chicago kid stone the yotes last night, he looked like Weekes playing the Devils!!!

  14. mikster says:

    Well, you didn’t jinx i, i was just picking on you.

    You know what, the more i look at it, the more i do and do not believe the Devils going after Mironov.

    I believe it in a sense that, like the Malakhov deal back with the Canadiens. It was quite surprising, archives do not show any Malakhov rumors to the Devils either. Also, why would Lou have wanted a Malakhov that caused havoc in Montreal? He still got him in the end and he did get the Cup with them. That is why i think he would have wanted Mironov, and for a very cheap price. Big deal, giving a 4th rounder is not as bad as giving up a 3rd, and usually…4th to 6th rounders are easily reacquired anytime throughout the season when you can trade, especially on draft day you see many swaps.

    I don’t believe it, because i would expect Lou to leave his defense as it is, and expect more of a forwards for forwards type deal. However, i do want to see if i can get any stories on that since it already happened. Post rumors can be good since the truth comes out. Unfortunately, two different Devils sources told me different things about Holik when signing with the Rangers. One story came before he signed with the Rangers, the other one after. Both are definitely true for sure, and somehow they do have some similarities, but the story after he signed with the Rangers makes a lot of sense, and a new character came in the story as well, Billy Guerin.

    I would like to find out anything on the Mironov story.

    Also, many trades have happened when they have not been rumored.

    Mironov looked great last night and i am surprised too. One, he just came in and played right away. Two, he hasn’t played in a while either. I like him and Malakhov together and it actually does make sense to reunite a defensive pair that played together on Team Russia.

    However, you’re right, it was a pretty tired Canes team. But, Rangers just killed them this season, especially physically. On another note, i think Paul Maurice dislikes Irbe. Rangers have a very good record against Irbe, especially since last season, yet Maurice keeps playing him against the Rangers.

    Purinton should be back around the end of January like Nedved and Bure. I do miss the psychotic defenseman, but i sure like how Bouchard is playing too. I guess Lefebvre is the odd man out, maybe a 4th rounder in return…hehe shyeah right!

  15. mikster says:

    Not as lopsided at all. Kovalev would bring a lot of scoring to the Devs, however…..i think his offense will be lessened with the strictly defensive style. Penguins are letting him play his style on the ice, which is a bad habit and could cause problems in Kovalev’s future (i.e spoiling Jagr).

  16. mikster says:

    I think Neidermyer would be too much for the Yotes to handle because of his salary and he would most likely leave the Yotes when his contract expires.

    I think Neidermeyer is THE MOST underrated Canadian defenseman in the league. Brian Leetch skates beautifully…very classy. So does Scotty. You should never trade Scotty….he is a key player to the Devils when he gets hot, and in the playoffs he comes up bigger than Rafalski. Rafalski is mostly about speed, but less finesse. I admire Neidermeyer’s skating abilities. If i were a Devs fan, i’d want Neidermeyer to be a Devil for life. A classy skater is always great to have.

  17. slipnaughtyboy says:

    Not that bad. Ive heard worse, trust me. It’d be kinda good for both teams….. Pens, if knowing they were gonna lose Kovy, would do that deal in a heartbeat.

  18. MantaRay says:

    If you thought my PR were tough on the Rangers check this out:

    CNNSI rankings

    New York Rangers Rank #25:

    The annual gift to season-ticket holders — each will have the opportunity to skate for an hour on the MSG ice — comes around again this Thursday. Glen Sather is sending his scouts.

  19. mikster says:

    Please….you have more knowledge than SI…heck anyone does.

    They do too many errors. I don’t even look at many pr’s anymore Manta. Just yours basically.

    Why are HTR’s PR’ings the best? Because comments are more than welcomed and answered.

    But, i have a question for you Manta, what the heck does this have to do with my article!!!!????

  20. Tradedude says:

    ya nice team for both………if money weren’t a factor.

  21. pop0331 says:

    great point – alright we’ll give only Danton then for Briere, Doan , and the Yotes next 5 1st round draft picks! we’d all love to have “Neidermeyer to be a Devil for life” but every hockey fan knows that is rarely the case anymore – in fact, after Yzerman and a few others retire, you will never see any other great hockey player stay with their original team until the end, it just won’t happen, not with free agency, trades, disgruntled players, and in the Devils case, BIG BAD LOU –

  22. pensalltheway says:

    If kovy goes to arbitration, he should get about 6.5 mill, max. But what does gomez and rafalski make?

  23. MantaRay says:

    It was stupid and had nothing to do with your article. I saw it and just wanted to share what garbage the non-hockey sports entities were writing. Its was stupid, I admit.

  24. allenbo says:

    I disagree with you in all points of Desjardins and Primeau. Primeau is an all star player, has never played on the third line in Philly. What are you saying? Desjardins doesnt want out of Philly, and they will never get rid of him. The Flyers have outstanding young defensemen and want him around for the sole reason of experience for the playoffs and to season these young bucks on their Defense.

  25. allenbo says:

    Well your nuts. Primeau and Desjardins are quality players, and one is still captain. Philly is in first in their division and second in the whole east mostly because Primeau and Desjardins are starting to go on a tear. Read the paper, buddy.

  26. mikster says:

    Hehe, it was stupid and we all go through does moments, it’s ok. But, i hope other people realize that we have great P-R’ings.

  27. mikster says:

    I said i like Primeau as a 3rd line center. He isn’t an all-star anymore, especially because of his point totals in his last two seasons, this one being the 2nd.

    It’s ok if you disagree, and i disagree with your disagreement!

  28. czar5 says:

    NY Post’s Larry Brooks has pyramided rumors upon rumors. Where does he get the idea that Rafalski is on the block? Lamoriello would acquire UFA Mironov, then trade Brian Rafalski for a scorer? Brooks started this nonsense by suggesting that NJ pursue Alexel Kovalev; a puck moving d-man (Niedermayer or Rafalski) could be offered. Now, about 2 weeks or so later, NJ tries hard to get Mironov so then could unload Rafalski, according to Brooks’ “highly placed source?” Nonsense…Rafalski is a very solid d-man, excellent skater and passer, with two more years on his contract after this one; the highest salary he will during this time is about $3M per. NJ needs so offensive punch, but they still are in first in the Atlantic, amazingly enough. Lamoriello has got time and can deal from strength.

  29. allenbo says:

    Point totals dont mean much anymore in this league. Primeau is a true leader of this team, leads by example. The players respect and want him as their leader unlike other Flyers captains. Would be bad for us to trade him. He doesnt care about his “point totals” he just wants to win and is trying to teach Williams how to score like he used to which is more important for the Flyers future.

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