Sens vs Canucks Game>>>Devils to Deal Rafalski>>>Philly's Old Kids on the Block>

Mantaray jinxed what was supposed to be the best game of the week. Just kidding Manta!

Rafalski to be dealt for a scorer? Mironov almost a New Jersey Devil.

Desjardins and Primeau are the old kids on the block, what’s their worth?

Bruins weaknesses starting to show.Well, Mantaray picked the Senators vs. Canucks game to be the best of the week. Unfortunately, I only got to see the 3rd period and did not fully understand the announcer when he said that the Canucks were 2 for 10. When the Senators got another penalty, the box showed 2 for 11 and at the end of the game, it rediculously was 2 for 14. That is almost five power plays per period, TEN minutes of power play per period. I mean, I saw some good calls, but the others in the first two periods? Also, the Senators are NOT such an undisciplined team. The officials definitely took over this game, what an embarrassment to the league.

The Vancouver Canucks only turned out to be the winners of this game because of the 6-4 win and the two points they got. However, the Canucks almost risked the win when a Senator hit the post, which could have made it 6-5. Also, the Canucks had THAT MUCH power play time and they only outshot the Senators 29 to 27?

Mantaray sure jinxed it!!! I am just kidding with ya. It’s a shame though, there will not be a rematch between these two top teams. One thing the Sens should be proud of is their penalty kill and the fact that they fought till the very end. Senators still remain the best Canadian team overall.

Interesting article on the NYPost today, our favorite source. However, this information is quite exciting and I’ll be glad to share this with all the Devils fans out there and the other fans who disagreed with the Mironov to Rangers trade.

The Devils were very interested in the disgruntled defenseman. They are in need of a scorer, and trading Rafalski could quite be a loss. Rafalski or Tverdovsky? Well, Oleg is injured, but had he been healthy, Rafalski still has more trade value because of his lesser salary. Also, he is a player that most teams would want. Devils need a scorer to prevent losses, and they need someone to finish scoring chances in the playoffs. Getting Mironov on the Devils would have been a good move, actually, since it gives them a big strong defenseman who can move the puck and take the body out.

Now, what would have happened if Mironov had gone to the Devils? A totally different outlook from certain people I’d say, not Mantaray though. He might have liked it, but not be thrilled of it. I didn’t really like for the Rangers acquiring Mironov for a 4th rounder in the 2004 draft, since I did say these next two draft years will be valuable. However, a 4th can always be acquired in another deal, and the Rangers could always recover it during draft day.

Had the Devils gotten Bo-bo, it would have been a lot harder for big size players to drive to the net. Not so much of an upgrade offensively, but not a bad idea to acquire Mironov, and trade Rafalski for a quality scorer. If the Devils get a quality scorer, then Elias and maybe even Gomez would start scoring goals/points, which would make the Devils still a solid team defensively, and much better offensively.

Desjardins and Primeau are on the block….NO??!!! Gettoutta heee…..

The only problem I have with these two guys is their salaries are too high. Desjardins isn’t that bad. I have watched him, and he plays like an aging defenseman. He has his flaws, he commits mistakes, however, this guy might just need a change of scenery. The guy himself might not feel right in a Flyers uniform anymore, and he even took his C off his jersey. Who could use him? A team that will make the playoffs and has a player that they no longer want whose salary almost matches Desjardins’ salary. Joe Schmoe who is 33 years old and has lost his role on Team A, makes….$3.7M and could help the Flyers, then yeah…that deal could happen. But, here is your homework, find a real player’s name to replace Joe and the team he is on.

As for Keith Primeau…well, if he made less money, I’d keep him. He tries every game, he shows effort and he is a solid 3rd line center who will trhow his heavy body around. I wouldn’t mind that at all. But, he is a player who makes too much money. His trade value isn’t worth much at all…mostly because of his salary. I think the Flyers can still work a deal with a team involving Primeau. GM Bobby Clarke is not a stupid GM, and if he wants Primeau out, he will get him out for the right price in return.

The Boston Bruins are more like the Boston Ruins. They need goaltending, and it was better to have kept Dafoe at this point. Irbe on his way to Boston? Maybe Hackett? Doesn’t matter, they need a goalie and now it’s time for GM O’Connell to stop acting like a calm patient guy in no need to trade McLaren. A player that teams are willing to acquire, time to trade him. However, no source has yet figured out what O’Connell is looking for. Probably too much. He is not making sense himself when he says that offers are not making any sense. Overrating and overvaluing McLaren. Do it for the good of the team, trade McLaren. Losing 11 out of 17 games and being outscored 58 to 41 is no ordinary slump. Might be, but the slump still continues to get worse, especially when Thornton is not 100% healthy and the goalies are becoming red light buzzers themselves.

Time to shake this team up, because losing too many points is no way to keep a GM calm.

Thanks, and hope your New Year has been good so far.

Micki Peroni