Sens will be able to deal with depth on defence

Bryan Murray spent a long time in the stands during Sunday’s morning skate speaking with Mike Gillis.

Yes, the Senators left with defenceman Filip Kuba on board.

Whether the Senators GM and his Vancouver counterpart actually talked trade during their chat is only speculation, but it’s well-known the Canucks are looking for defencemen and Ottawa will have extras sooner or later.

But Murray isn’t in any hurry to make deals with his club in the thick of things. The Senators have needs, but as they closed out a three-game Western road swing here there doesn’t appear to be any desire to deal.

The Senators aren’t in a cash crunch since their payroll is nowhere close to the salary cap. Once defenceman Matt Carkner is ready to return from a knee injury, the club will have eight healthy blueliners.

Carkner hasn’t played since February. He’s going to need a conditioning stint in Binghamton as soon as he can play, so it’s likely going to be early December before he plays again for Ottawa.

The Senators have the option of sending defenceman David Rundblad to Binghamton. He’s on a two-way contract, was a healthy scratch again in Vancouver and has had difficulties adjusting to the North American game.

Don’t be surprised if that happens. Erik Karlsson was sent down for a month during his rookie season and it did him a world of good. The Senators wanted him to find out that nothing can be taken for granted at this level.

Moving a defenceman will be an option for Murray, just not at the moment

6 Responses to Sens will be able to deal with depth on defence

  1. JoelLeafs says:

    Columbus blows. Move the franchise to Hamilton already.

    Also, when Quebec gets a team again I really hope they win the cup in their first year. Only seems fair, right? he he.

    Though it wasn't being talked about much, I was hoping the Dallas ownership problem would have dragged out longer. Out of all the shit southern teams, Dallas has the most potential to become a quick contender. They are near the top of the standings (sucking as of late, but an excellent start) and right at the cap floor. Plus, no doubt that the name would have to change, which would be fun.

    Speaking of Texas specific names, I'd love to see the NYR move to that state. Oh, the jokes…

  2. hockey_lover says:


    11 months off. 1st game back.

    4 points.

    Is it too early to say "look out Phil and Claude"  😛

  3. mapleleafsfan says:

    hahaha FFUUUUUU… Of course he has to come steal kessels thunder. 

    Seriously though that was quite the performance. Good to see he's still the best. 
    The first goal was a beauty. Second one shouldn't have gone in but what ever. I was hoping for the hat trick. Gotta feel a little for Nilsson in his first game, wasn't exactly a show stopper. 
  4. reinjosh says:

    Dallas has traditionally been one of the stronger southern markets. When they were winning they were a big reason Bettman pushed down into the sunbelt. They will turn the home attendance numbers around soon enough. 

  5. reinjosh says:

    Perfect team to have him come back against. 

    I honestly think he held off so he could get back to game shape. He had no desire to come back a step behind everyone so he prolonged his return. 
    Over or under 80 points? Personally I take the over.
  6. reinjosh says:

    And pff, Claude better watch out but Kessel's gonna be like "oh no you didn't" finger snaps and all, and put up even better numbers. 

    Watch out NHL, Crosby and American Crosby are going to make things interesting.

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