Sens without Depth

The loss of Havlat, Smolinski, Chara, and Hasek will mean a completely different team than the one favoured to win the cup last year will hit the ice.


M. Gerber

R. Emery

A solid duo that should do well, but probably not as well as Hasek did last season.


W. Redden

C. Phillips

A. Meszaros

T. Preissing

J. Corvo

A. Volchenkov

Good top 6, mix of offensive and defensive talent, good Plus Minus stats


P. Schaefer

P. Eaves

C. Schubert

D. Hamel

J. Spezza

M. Fisher

A. Vermette

C. Kelly

D. Heatley

D. Alfredsson

C. Neil

B. McGrattan

Solid, Yes, Offensivey talented, No.

Outside the Alfredson, Spezza, Heatley trio, there aren’t many offensive weapons. And outsde the top 6, the offence drops like a rock.

Overall the team has 12 solid forwards, 6 solid defencemen, and 2 solid Goalies, but not much else. This lack of depth will hurt the team, unless they do a good job staying healthy.

Its unlikely that the organization will make any more moves. They have 16 players under contract for 36.6million, if they resign the rest at the league minimum that puts them at about 40 million, enough room to possibly make a decent trade at the deadline.

This means that there may be a new leader in the Northeast, and if Buffalo survives arbitration, theres a good chance they’ll take it.

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  1. gg_idiot says:

    I think Chara is the largest loss that happened to the Senators this offseason, he changes the entire way you gotta run defence. In my opinion

  2. gg_idiot says:

    I agree on all counts….except that Sakic and Yzerman are classy….

  3. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    #1 look at all other scoring dman in the league they can play defense better than mccabe can. Gill is a human pylon he has to catch up to make a hit

    #2 Raycroft is questionable Aubin got booted from pittsburgh so dont call him even close to average and tellqvist your right has shown AT TIMES he is better than average.

    #3 Sorry worded it wrong they are 2 way forwards yes but Peca as a second line center???????? ummm sorry he is a third line player cause he is a 2 way forward same as kilger. they are there to shut down the teams best line not score. 30-45 points a piece is what u can expect.

    #4 Kilger was on the Pk at times last season and has shown he can be there. Him Poni and Stajan are PK’S Antropov is a basketball player on skates and sundin usually needs a break everynow and then. Peca is a defensive forward not much of a penalty killer

    #5 Antropov also happens to be late 20s am i wrong? it took the leafs organization and antropov himself to realize he cant score he is only 3rd or 4th line player. if you call that depth that he can get 10-15 on the 3rd or 4th line. Patrick Eaves on Ottawa was on the 3rd or 4th line made less and got more.

    #6 Steen can do and thats if hes with sundin.

    #7 Bad season? he either produces 60 or 30 points and he produced 30 points a few times under maurice aswell. Over Hyped

    #8 Balanced? Balance means having proven scorers enough to make 1 line and you dont have that. Antropov just started last year so did Poni Steen Stajan they all came out of the shell now they have to prove they belong out.

  4. 19AVSFANFoLIFE19 says:

    Ok 3 PROVEN Top line scorers. you can only name 2 there. and if you think spezza was a fluke his last 3 seasons his point totals has gone up.

  5. celph9 says:

    peca would have been alright, but for 2.5 million…ottawa just can’t afford that under the cap..we still need to fill out our roster…we’ll probably have to get someone like greg johnson or trade for a veteran we should have done for weight last year..peca is a playoff performer at least with edmonton, but he doesn’t score, which is what we need in teh playoffs…we have no problem outplaying fact we do that easily..we just don’t win..we need someone who can score in teh playoffs..we need spezza and heatley to produce..anyway..just to comment on the broader issue of this post…ottawa definitely still has tons of depth…in terms of their goalies..that is a really solid tandem…gerber is a good goalie…better than raycroft..better than legace..better than anyone else who was available except toskala and luongo…in terms of defencemen..i guess you guys don’t watch the west coast very much but i live in vancouver during the year so i see san jose and la a lot…corvo and preissing are really good and will help out a lot..if anybody actually watched the series with buffalo they will realize that our problem wasn’t that we weren’t physical enough or that we coudlnt’ clear the front of the net but that we had trouble breaking out of our zone and that our defencemen made a ton of poor passes and poor decisions with the puck…turnovers killed us…as good as chara is..preissing and corvo will be better for us in that way…we’ll miss chara’s physical presence in front of hte net for sure, but his loss gives other guys an opportunity to step up and play some big minutes like volchenkov and mezsaros…i think only calgary’s group of defencemen is better…honestly…kubina is overrated and hal gill isn’t much of an improvement on aki berg…kubina is alright but look what he did against ottawa in the first round last year..didn’t even notice him..i think he was like -6 or -7…sorry can’t help talking about the leafs the forwards..everyone seems to think buffalo has more why don’t we actually compare the two teams…buffalo’s top 3…briere, drury, afinogenov..ottawa’s top 3 clearly better…buffalo’s next 4..connolly, kotalik, roy, hecht..ottawa’s? fisher, schaefer, vermette, eaves..i would still take ottawa’s over buffalo’s…ok so buffalo also has..dumont and pominville and vanek except he was benched in the playoffs…kaigorodov, neil, and kelly are a bit worse, but still comparable..(kelly and neil had 30 and 33 points, pominville and dumont had 30 and 40) and who knows..maybe kaigorodov will be amazing..he has been playing with malkin and in the russian elite league during the lockout season..when a lot of nhl players were playing there..he finished second in scoring…buffalo had 12 guys last year with 30 or more points..ottawa had 14…4 of those guys will be gone (pothier, chara, smolinski, arnason) but there is no reason to think that eaves, preissing, and corvo won’t hit 30…but keep saying we have no depth and that they will suck etc., etc., not as much pressure is just what they need…

  6. celph9 says:

    i agree with you about the coach..i really wish we had got bab*****..and murray was our gm..he’s much better at that..look what he did with anaheim…ok so burke signed niedermayer, selanne, and brought in beauchemin..but all those other pieces…lupul used to bring in pronger, getzlaf, perry, mcdonald, salei, giguere, bryzgalov, vishnevski, pahlsson, hedstrom

  7. celph9 says:

    i think it’s better chara is gone because it changes the way we play defence…everyone will have to come back a lot harder and will have to take fewer chances..a lot of times last year we just depended on chara to bail us out..this year we’ll need a stronger commitment to team defence

  8. John_Connor says:

    “Okay, if you knew ANYTJHING about the AHL you would be saying “Yes you’re right”,”

    I know the Albany River Rats finished second-last in the AHL last season, and their leading scorer had 40 points in 65 games (granted he’s a good prospect) – good for 145th overall. If Jersey’s farm team can’t even produce in the AHL, why are they such great call-ups for the NHL? By the way, I love the “If you knew ANYTHING…” line – a wonderful way to discount valid points without actually addressing them. Try backing up your comments.

    “and Jersey turned aroung their season, when Gomez and Gionta woke up, Elais did very little to help, until the last couple weeks of the season when the ENTIRE TEAM looked unbeatable.”

    Let’s look at some numbers:

    Elias’ production, starting Jan. 3 (his first game back): 38 GP, 16 G, 29 A, 45 PTS, +11

    Gomez, BEFORE Elias: 39 GP, 14 G, 19 A, 33 PTS, -8

    Gomez, AFTER Elias: 43 GP, 19 G, 32 A, 51 PTS, +16

    Gionta, BEFORE Elias: 39 GP, 21 G, 18 A, 39 PTS, -2

    Gionta, AFTER Elias: 43 GP, 27 G, 23 A, 50 PTS, +20

    Guess why these guys turned their season around? That’s right – the return of Patrik Elias. All of a sudden, Gomez and Gionta found themselves with a little more room on the ice.

    Another interesting stat: the team record before Elias returned: 15-18-5… after he returned: 30-9-4

    The team was in a tailspin when he showed up, having lost 5 of their previous 6 games. Lo and behold, Elias arrives and they go on a 9-game win streak. You’re telling me this is all a coincidence? Elias’ 8 points in his first four games, or 16 points in his first 10 games back, is doing “very little to help”?

    Get real. Elias is irreplaceable, much less with some “depth” player from the woeful River Rats.

    And even if your case for Gomez and Gionta being the cause of NJ’s sudden turnaround upon Elias’ return were true (and it isn’t), you would then have to admit that either Gomez or Gionta is the key guy upon who’s injury the team would pretty much blow. ‘Cause face it, if one of those guys goes down, there’s nobody on the roster to replace them anyhow. Same as your case for Spezza. Hell, without Elias, NJ was getting roasted by Pittsburgh.

    You have yet to make a case for why NJ somehow has great “depth”. And don’t tell me it’s because they had guys like Mogilny and McGillis on the farm team… that was a result of mismanagement.

  9. celph9 says:

    what happened to raycroft is similar to what happened with theodore..the new equipment is hurting him a lot…especially high…he goes down way too easily and doesn’t have the big blocker or trapper to bail him out…he makes himself’ll be interesting to see if he can adjust..he was kind of alienated in boston maybe he’ll bounce back..but i don’t think he’s an elite goalie…as for the defencemen..yea they are better obviously you can’t get worse than they were last year…but i think they overpaid on kubina who is kind of similar to mccabe actually, who is overrated and very suspect in his own end…and gill is just a little better than berg…i don’t really think colaiacavo is that good…leafs would be better if brendan bell made the team

  10. celph9 says:

    haha not only did he play on teh 4th line..but he consistently had more ice time penalty killing than even strength and still had 21 goals…leafs fans rave about stajan and steen who at points last year played with sundin and still neither had 20…

  11. celph9 says:

    the leafs d-core is much stronger with the puck than ottawa? are you in stand-up? you could have signed chara and you still would not be as strong…the leafs might have 10 forwards capable of scoring 15, but that is all they will score, whereas ottawa has 8 that can score 20-30 and kelly can score rave about wellwood..what he had 11 goals??? kelly had 10..on our fourth line…thanks for coming out though…the sens lost 2 key players…but we got some decent players and if you forgot we were the second youngest team in the league last year…and our good young players are better than the leaf “good” young players

  12. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    #1 if you have ever seen Gill lay a ht you’d think differently, and McCbe isn’t bad defencively, he’s average, but with hell of a shot.

    #2 Aubin had fantastic numbers last season, Pittburgh booted him, cuz they had fleury, and Raycroft will turn out above average (although streaky)

    #3 Sure Peca’s a 3rd line center, but he’ll be the best 3rd line center in the league.

    #4 Kilger isn’t as good on the PK as Antropov and Poni were

    #5 Corvo gets 2.5 or something, and I’d take Antropov over him.

    #6 Steen can get 60 points Centering the Second line with O’neill, and/or Tucker

    #7 O’Neill will get more ice time and morePP opritunity, he was fantastic for the First few months last year.

    #8 Balanced means you’re scoring comes from the ENTIRE TEAM not just the first line. you know nothing, Antropov, into his 6th season, Poni and stajan their 3rd.

    The Team came VERY close to making he playoffs last year. They got much better, and will do better this year. (PS Sundin should have a great year as Maurice says he’ll give him lots of ice time.)

  13. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    you’re right, i was speaking from pre lockout experience.

  14. celph9 says:

    not to mention cody bass, brian elliot (one of the best goalies in the NCAA last year), shawn weller, artuu luutinen, christoph schubert, michael barinka, we still have brian lee coming the year after next…not to mention once the russian agreement goes down, igor mirnov, ilya zubov, kaigorodov, kirill lyamin…but you guys got sugulobov so i’m scared of your depth…

  15. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    It doesn’t mater the team is solid as a whole,


    the answer is no

  16. celph9 says:

    try 5 players around +30…everyone else that is critical was around +20..right where phillips +19 and chara +17…chara struggled last year at times…was not as good as he was in 2004, but was more of a leader..

  17. SensShark says:

    Good post bud…..I especially like the sarcastic lineup and trades… how do the leafs trade Rask for Raycroft and then get him back as a back-up? And Sitler on the 4th line!


  18. dcz28 says:

    #1 Gill like the Avs fan said IS a Pilon…and what was that to compare him to Chara when the only player Gill can rough up is Havlat…what a though player…not

    #2 Leafs goalies are a big question mark and if you can’t see that you need glasses..i’m not saying they can’t do well but i wouldn’t be confident with them going into the season until they prove they can get the job done and not just for 20 games or so like Aubin did last season.

    #3 Never been big on Peca as i think he is way overrated but the Wings could have a better 3rd line centre if they wanted to since Datsyuk, Zetterberg, Lang, Williams, Draper are all players that usually play centre…so i wouldn’t say Peca will be the best 3rd line centre in the league.

    #4 Antropov is a 1st round bust no doubt about it and should only be played on the 3rd or 4th line because he takes so many dumb penalties…Kilger is a way better option for the PK.

    #5 Incase you didn’t know Corvo plays defense so why you are comparing him to Antrobust is beyond me but i would take Corvo over Antropov anyday…even Corvo (2.5 million) over Kubina (5 million) which is a better comparison since they actually play the same position and if you want compare Antropov to Vermette (they make close to the same money)…Vermette hands down no doubt.

    #6 & 7 Steen is good..Tucker played good (even if i hate him the most in the NHL) but O’Neill looks like he is done and won’t get more then 30-50 points at best.

    Balanced means that all the lines contribute on offense and defense which the Leafs do not have nor do most teams in the new NHL…the way things are now is the 1st and 2nd line provide most of the offense while the 3rd and 4th play more of a defensive role and chip in some offense from time to time. You seem to be very high on the Leafs and the changes they made this off-season but they still didn’t get what they really needed this off-season…a dman that can actually play in his own end (Gill and Kubina are not that type…just look at the stats) and wingers to play with Sundin. IMO the Leafs did not address their needs and will have a hard time making the playoffs because some basement teams got better this off-season…i have a feeling a lot of Leafs fans will be screaming for trades by the halfway mark of the season.

  19. dcz28 says:

    Can i ask why you think Sakic and Yzerman are not classy players? or was that just a joke? Because both are very similar as players and both seem to be team first players with some loyalty (something we won’t see much in a cap era) although Sakic did accept that offer from the Rangers a while ago and the Avs had to match.

  20. leafssuck67 says:

    cuz they suck…they havent done anything to earn respect in over 39 years….

  21. celph9 says:

    boston will probably be alright actually…they played well in the second half last year..and if toivenon can stay healthy they’ll be really improved…tampa bay will be fine too…they lost kubina but replaced him with kuba…who is probably better defensively but doesn’t have the same shot…still have a solid core and added denis…he’ll be way better than grahame or burke…i think florida might surprise some ppl..auld isn’t great but he’s not bad…they have a good defence in front of him..salei was a big addition..and if jokinen didn’t want to stay why did he just sign a 4 year deal? they have a lot of good young players too..weiss, van ryn, horton, bouwmeester, allen made huge strides last year…leafs will be better this year for sure but who knows if it’ll be good enough to make the playoffs…

  22. celph9 says:

    the only reason those guys could make the leafs next year is because it is the leafs..half of those players wouldn’t make any other team in the league hahaha

  23. celph9 says:

    eaves, vermette, fisher, schaefer, neil, heatley, spezza, alfie, redden, meszaros, preissing, corvo, and kelly had one more goal than peca and one less than wellwood last year..on the 4th line…give me a break..o’neill is over the hill…kilger??? are you kidding me? antropov is useless…and why are you comparing corvo to antropov..corvo is a defenceman..and he had 14 goals last year…maybe you should compare him to gill since they are making about the same…gill blows…there is no point in comparing these teams yet..the leafs still have some catching up to do

  24. celph9 says:

    one thing that you are also forgetting is defence…ottawa was something like 3rd best in goals allowed last year…it’s great to talk about offence and scoring goals is important…but not only does ottawa have strong depth and offensively talented players, but these guys are also two-way players…can you say that about all of these other teams in the league that supposedly have more depth? no way…one more thing..they actually have 7 good defencemen because schubert is a defenceman..ironic that you call sens fans ignorant…

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