Sent Down

Today it was announced that Forwards John Mitchell, Robbie Earl, Jiri Tlusty, Kris Newbury and Jeremy Williams were sent to the Marlies.

Defensemen Dominic D’Amour, Jaime Sifers and Tyson Marsh were sent to the Marlies while Phil Oreskovic was sent to the Brampton Battalion (OHL).

My main man Justin Pogge went to the Marlies as well (though this is no surprise).

My thoughts on this are simply that I am glad Tlusty went to the Marlies and not to Brampton and that I am sorry to all of those who wanted Williams to crack the line-up. I thought D’Amour and Newbury were pretty good but I did not expect them to make the team or was I so impressed by them that I would list them as one of my first call-ups.

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  1. Alozo07 says:

    im glad these guys will be in reach and I bet most of these guys will atleast get to play a game this year which is good. They are also playing in Toronto so everybody can see how good they are.

  2. 92-93 says:

    the cuts made today in camp were pretty much expected. Tlusty, Pogge, etc.

    but i am truly dumbfounded by the demotion of Jeremy Williams. this kid is ready for the NHL NOW.

    he plays one game, gets 2 pts and he’s cut. makes no sense to me. But then again, as the season progresses, he’ll get called up and make this very early decision to cut him to be a huge mistake. I see him scoring at least 30-40 points and 15-25 goals right now in the NHL. easily.

    all the other cuts make sense. so now how many cuts left?

  3. rollinfatty says:

    Those left include Pohl, Westrum, Battaglia, Suglobov, Ondrus, Belak and Leeb on Forward with 2 spots left. Then all of the young defensemen like Colaiacovo, White, Harrison, Bell, Wozniewski and Kronwall with 2 spots not including injuries.

  4. sydeburnz says:

    As long as they kept Pohl im happy. I think the other Forward should be either Suglobov, Westrum or Battaglia (or Williams if he wasn’t cut) and the D spots should go to White and Wozniewski. And they should Cut Antropov to clear a space for one of these new faster better younger guys.

  5. rollinfatty says:

    I agree with you but you should face the fact that Antropov will be playing for the leafs this season. MAYBE he will be traded later in the season but that is unlikely. I want Battaglia to make it because O’Neill likes playing with him and I want Suglobov to make it.

    I don’t see too much in Pohl. He is a decent Centre but he is 27 and has next to no potential so I would rather see a young guy like Suglobov up there. Space might be made for those players by trading someone else but they would not get much for Antropov.

    Also for the record, I do not mind Antropov too much as he is a decent if not a good defensive forward and can notch about 20 goals. I see more upside in Ponikarovsky but I think Antropov puts up with alot of crap from Toronto fans including myself.

  6. Marky2Fresh says:

    Antropov puts up with alot of slack from the Toronto fans, ever wonder why? Occam’s razor my friend, Antropov gets hasseled because he’s not good.




  7. Aetherial says:

    I believe he is on a one-way contract. I am pretty sure he will be with the team this year.

  8. wingedim says:

    Bell is out 2-3 weeks now according to TSN. He has a bone bruise and laceration in his leg thanks to the two handed slash by Heatley.

    5 D down…but with all going to be evaluated latter in the week

  9. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    Williams went down because he could without clearing waivers. fergie wants to stack his teams depth in case of injuries.

  10. rollinfatty says:

    Antropov is on a one way contract and he is NOT crap. I don’t even like him but I would disagree with the fact that he is garbage. He can play on any line including Sundin’s and was one of four leafs regulars last season to have a positive plus minus. He was second on the team behind Ponikarovsky. To all of the Antropov hopefuls he will most likely not do any better than last season in terms of his stats per game (he might get more points but he was injured last season) as he has pretty much had the same stats for his whole career. You can complain all you want but he as at least a decent player. If you actually watch him closely he gets alot of takeaways and he is good along the boards and he can score about 20 goals. You can complain about him being 6’6 and not using his body but Sundin is similar in height and he checks less than Antropov, keeping in mind though that Antropov has been playing the wing and Sundin at centre. Please note that I do not like Antropov, I just accept the fact that he does not stink.

  11. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    faster yes

    younger no

    better no

    pohl and westrum are antropovs age, Antropov has solid two way skills that guys like suglobov lack

  12. the_word says:

    But who will the media lemmings scapegoat if they can’t pin every issue with the Leafs on Antropov?

  13. wingedim says:

    I agree, however, Sundin does seem to be playing with a little more ‘edge’ to his game so far. Granted I know it’s preseason, but I like the fact he’s playing a little more mean.

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