Shanahan Article #8: The Finale is reporting that Brendan Shanahan has decided to sign with the New York Rangers. The deal is said to be for 1 year at around the 4 million dollar mark. Apparantly Shanahan turned down bigger offers from both the Red Wings and the Canadiens. Reportedly Shanahan called Gainey on Saturday to tell him he was going to reject his offer. So finally we are able to end all speculation from Boston to Detroit to Montreal in the biggest media capital of the world, New York, New York.

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  1. Doctor says:

    Brendon Shnacha

  2. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    The thing that annoys me, is when Habs fans make fun of the Leafs for not making the playoffs, when this is the first time in a decade the Habs have been better then the Leafs, and then the Leafs fans say that they’re always better then the Habs, even though they have twice as many cups.

    They both suck! Stop the pissing war!

  3. navajo says:

    This reminds me of the end of Rocky IV…If I can change, and you can change…maybe we all can change. But no, never will happen. It’s in a Leafs fan’s blood, as it’s in a Habbie’s blood. But yeah, it does turn into quite the pissing war. Nicely put maggie.

  4. wheresthesoda says:

    it doesnt matter how much the guy is making, rangers got shanahan …hahahah

  5. wheresthesoda says:

    who wouldnt want to play in broadway

  6. wheresthesoda says:

    i dont think jagr is going to play with shanny, it was a big concern last year with not a lot of secondary scoring, maybe we’ll have secondary scoring now

  7. nyrhockey25 says:

    wow this was out of no where…Shanahan signing is good stuff now we got a one two punch with jagr on the 1st line and i guess prucha and shanahan on the 2nd…hes also a great fit on our powerplay..but whats going to happen to sykora and rucinsky now?

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Honestly, I think that the Rangers can do without either one. The first line will be the same, with Straka-Nylander-Jagr leading the way, and the second will probably be Shanahan-Cullen/Immonen-Prucha. The checking lines will be made up of a combination of Betts-Ward and Moore-Ortmeyer and a revolving cast of left wingers…Hossa will probably be in that mix, Colton Orr as well. A few of the Hartford players will probably get a look.

    Rucinsky supposedly wants a deal longer than one year, which I wouldn’t give him, he’s become too injury prone. Regardless, I think the team is well set for next season.

  9. big_booty says:

    I am left questioning Shanahan’s logic here.

    If anything, free agency serves two major purposes for player movement:

    1) Get paid, or

    2) Go to a better team.

    Which do you think Shanahan opted for? He got paid, but did not go to the better team.

    Conventional wisdom (which, I realize, most people on this site are severely lacking) would dictate that, given those two factors, if the money is the same then the better team would get the player. I have a hard time comprehending why Shanahan would turn down more money in Montreal AND the same money in Detroit, choosing instead to play second fiddle to Jaromir Jagr.

    I don’t think the Rangers are a vastly improved team. I’ll wait and see, but their record and standing will likely be the same – no better.

  10. ranger_fan says:

    How anyone can stay loyal to the Leafs is beyond me. Their drought will surpass that of the Chicago Cubs which is still getting bigger each year.

    Leaf fans, don’t start with Habs fans about who the Habs didn’t sign. The Habs are not even close to what the Leafs haven’t done in the past. Elias and Shanny both got the best offers from Montreal, however chose to be closer to home. I mean do we need to start a list in years past of who both teams were going to sign and who they didn’t. Elias and Shanny is less of a stretch than Pronger Peca Chara not to mention every single goalie that was on the block. I mean Andy Raycroft? This guy is a #1 on like 5 of the 30 teams. He is a mix between an average starter and a great backup.

  11. TrueBlue0917 says:

    Sweet! I hope this sends the stiff “I want a 2-yr deal” Martin Rucinsky a message, that the Rangers don’t really need him. I admit he’s a good player, but he’s always holding out trying to get more $$ from the Rangers. Same thing he did when he, Bure and lindros were the best line in the league. Put him in a diff. uniform and he just sucks..

  12. ranger_fan says:

    … And its funny… these Europeans got 100 points this season. In fact Finland Czechs and Swedes kicked Canada’s a*s in the olympics You ethnocentric douchebags

  13. wheresthesoda says:

    they got a much better power play now, which in turn can make the team better, also more secondary scoring, hopefully jagr wont have to produce 60 percent of the teams offense

  14. wingerxxx says:

    They’re a better team right now, than they were at the end of last season, no question. No more Tom Poti, two key players from the Canes Stanley Cup run…going in the right direction.

    The fact that he will no doubt be the go-to guy in the locker room probably played a part in his decision. Could also be, maybe he just wanted to play in New York.

  15. passionch says:

    I’m kinda disappointed he decided to go with the Rangers instead of the Canadiens. Anyway, Shanny will do great alongside with Jagr.

  16. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Who made any comment about ethnic superiority? We’re simply commenting on the spelling of a man’s name and the fact that there are several Czech players on the Rangers. If anybody is an “ethnocentric douchbag”, it’s you for introducing national superiority into the discussion.

  17. RangerSteve says:

    I have to disagree. I think Straka-Nylander-Jagr is a staple for the Rangers this season. I would love to see Shanny with Prucha and Cullen/Immonen.

  18. Potvinstillsucks says:

    The rangers definately improved they have a stronger d and more secondary scoring to give jagr a break, and hopefully some young talent for the wolfpack like nigel dawes and jarkko immonen will see some ice time figuring if the rangers dont resign sykora and rucinsky

  19. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    Because I disagree with what you’ve written, will I now generalize and paint all Habs fans with the same brush? Do I think that all Montreal fans are ignorant, petty and suffering from some kind of inferiority complex when it comes to Toronto? Instead of making sweeping generalizations and grouping all Canadiens supporters and Montrealers into one massive monolithic group just as you have done with Leafs fan, I choose to not stereotype and leave that for those who want to participate in a puerile and ceaseless pissing contest that is going nowhere. All of you, grow up.

  20. dcz28 says:

    I like Shanahan but at 4 million the Rangers can have him since it is way too much for what he can bring to a team and the Wings can spend that money somewhere else.

    Most people seem to forget guys like Federov who’s season production has taken a hard hit since leaving the Wings, Brett Hull who retired because he couldn’t get the job done without Datsyuk creating room and then feeding him the puck for easy goals. Shanahan’s numbers were good last year mostly because (like Hull) of Datsyuk and without a centre like him on the Rangers his production will surely drop. I don’t see Shanny scoring more then 25 goals next season if that although his leadership will be a plus for the Czech team (Rangers) but his grit has dramatically dropped over the years and he doesn’t play with the edge he use to.

    As a Wings fan i thank him for the years and cups he helped Detroit win but i have a feeling he is in for a hard time without Datsyuk creating for him just like last season and playoffs when Datsyuk was injured and not 100%. Best of luck Shanny but that 4 million will be better spent elsewhere for the Wings.

  21. Farva says:

    You guys seriuosly need to calm down. I have seen both cities and let me tell you that there are beautiful and scary areas of both. You are both from Canada, be proud of that , not your particular area code.

    Besides lets keep this on hockey and away from personal attacks….*****es

  22. intothevoid001 says:

    and i suppose it was ok that alfredsson rammed him head first into the boards, because who gives a shit, its only tucker

  23. Freeze says:

    Shanahan spent a lot of time in New York fascilitating meetings between the NHLPA and the owners during the lockout. He also held other meetings at his expense to try to find a resolution to the lengthy lockout. I get the feeling that Shanahan liked New York and that this move has Shanny looking well beyond his hockey playing days into the front office of the NHL. Some have gone so far as to suggest that Shanahan could eventually be NHL Commissioner material. Maybe New York makes sense.

    You’re right. From a hockey player’s standpoint, Shanny’s decision otherwise makes no sense.

  24. wingerxxx says:

    If you listen to Shanahan’s comments on the NYR official site, from his press conference, it’s pretty apparent that he wants to play on a younger team that is headed up. He was very direct in that assessment, and being the he is aging, and was a part of one team for so long, I’m inclined to believe him. I think that being “the” guy in the locker room is very appealing to him.

  25. CaptainDrizzunk says:

    Ranger fans, oh ranger fans, After 8 years of abysmal hockey, you get a good season and blow the last 20 games. . . now you go back to your old ways and pick up some aging vets, and guys who you would’ve never looked ot had they not won a cup this year…(what are the odds ward and cullen will be holding up the cup again nextyear?)

    Not to mention Jagr’s shoulder will be exposed all year long.


  26. Sands says:

    for one year? 4 million well worth it… plus we need a vet the team was too young. Amazing deal for the rangers. Bottom line Shanahan wanted to be a Ranger and anyone who says we overpayed is mad cause they didn’t get him. boohooo… he’s with us now.

  27. NHLman says:

    This is clearly the best move of the off-season for the Rangers and perhaps the entire league. First of all, Shanahan joined the Rangers because he wanted to play for them, he took less money, not because they offered the most– that alone is enough to like the deal. In addition, it is only a one year deal at a reasonable $4 million. Given the cap space the Rangers still have this move is agreeable, then take into account it is only for one year (meaning if Shanahan’s performance is not what was expected he can be signed for less or not at all) and the move seems even better. Now, imagine if Shanahan brings to the Rangers what is expected… the team is greatly improved.





    *I fully expect him to resign, and I saw somewhere that if he returns will play the third line so I’m just taking that to be true at the moment.


    There are a lot of options, however, I feel this is a very promising lineup.

    Plus the D is now shored up

    Malik-Roszival (he will be back)


    Ward-TBD (??Staal/Pock??)

    Biggest addition to blueline is the subtraction of Poti and Ozolinsh.

    A promising team, let’s see how it plays out.

  28. wingerxxx says:

    Rachunek and Ozolinsh (whatever his situation is)will be the defensemen in the mix for the last defense spot. Pock will be next in line. I’d be very surprised if Staal opened the season on the big club.

    Rucinsky might be back, but he’s not exactly a necessary signing. If he wants a multi-year deal, he can walk. He is getting to be more and more injury-prone, although he’s been solid in a Rangers uniform. The Rodent has some good analysis. He loves Prucha lol.

  29. garyroberts07 says:

    Good punctuation!!!!

  30. garyroberts07 says:

    Who is the center of the hockey universe then??? Nashville???? O ye, I forgot it’s Les Jealouse

  31. mikster says:

    Well, i am not surprised you support this move, just as you never support any Rangers move…even if it would be the one to give them a Cup.

    But i partly agree with you. To me it doesn’t ake much sense, otherwise it’s not so meaningfull other than a gap filler and someone different and positive to have on the team.

    The Rangers are somewhat improved for next season, depends on injuries too…. so, we shall see.

  32. habsoverserver says:

    Anyone who sat in MSG for the first Rangers playoff game in recent memory knows that the Rangers could not get motivated for a big game.

    They were a complete disaster, showing no interest in winning. I’ve seen more intensity in pre season games.

    Of the remainging free agents, only Shanahan and Peca bring the intensity that the Rangers’ lack. Of the two, I would have chosen the cheaper. Preferably I would have traded for Gary Roberts, but that seems unlikely.

    Shanahan is a good citizen, noted for his charitable works. I think Blueshirts fans will root for him the way they did Adam Graves. While Shanahan instantly improves the popwerplay, his worth will only be proven in the post-season.

  33. LeafyMcLeaf says:

    If this was Leafs-Sens 2004, or Wings-Avs 2002, it would mean something, but the Leafs and Habs both suck!!

  34. ccrashh says:

    Not to continue the ethno-bashing, but were these the same 100 pt Europeans who disappeared in the playoffs? You know, the ones that went out with a whimper?

  35. ccrashh says:

    The Caps? The Pens? Shanahan is walking into a division infinitely faster than the weak, lumbering one he left. Ovechkin and Crosby will skate rings around him. Shanahan will be lucky to get half the points he got last year.

  36. wingerxxx says:

    If I had to choose between Shanahan and Peca for the Rangers, I’ll take Shanahan every time. He fills a pretty big need the Rangers have, which is the ability to score garbage goals, a good right handed shot, and especially being a good locker room presence…as well as filling a spot on left wing. Shanahan adjusted extremely well to the new NHL last season, in a time where the league was not kind to the power forwards.

    The Rangers have Betts, Ward, Moore and Ortmeyer, who are all good penalty killers. I just don’t trust Peca to score many goals during the regular season, which is something the Rangers need. To me, Peca is also an iffy locker room leader.

  37. Potvinstillsucks says:

    dude one player doesn’t make a great team the pens can have crosby and malkin for that matter and the caps can have ovechkin ,but im sure the rangers will pwn them this season and when crosby takes a whinny penalty, shanny will score one off the left boards on the pp

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