Shanahan in Montreal??

Acording to Renaud Lavoie (from RDS) Brendan Shanahan might be interested to come in MontrealRenaud Lavoie (from RDS) said that the Canadiens are in a very good position and might close a deal with Brendan Shanahan. Many teams are interested in Shanahan, and his agent told Lavoie that he would make a final decision in the next 48 hours…to be continue…

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  1. blarneylad says:

    I’m not sure that this would be a good signing, but I think he could help montreal’s youngsters. I personnaly believe he will score for 50-60 points next season so he is not worth much.

  2. le_sean says:

    I would love this signing. Montreal needed 3 things: 1) Scoring 2) Grit 3) Leadership. Shanny brings all three. He’d probably be replacing Bulis on the 2nd line with Ribeiro and Kovalev. Yes Bulis had 20 goals, but he is far from a finisher and is nowhere to be seen on the PP. Shanny scored 41 goals by using his great shot and crashing the net, something Montreal really lacks.

    But the most important thing about possibly getting a guy of his calibre is like the previous poster said, how he would help the young guys, most notably Ryder and even Latendresse. I think he would really help mold someone like Gui (who is supposed to be a power forward himself) and maybe teach Ryder (a pure scorer) on how to use his frame more.

    I would love the signing, but I would not get my hopes up, because it’s been like this through the whole free agency period for us Habs fans.

  3. dan27 says:

    Yeah we were also in “very good position” to sign Elias according to RDS… I’ll believe it when I see it.. I’m sick of this already

  4. Les-Habitants says:

    I’d love it, no question…but I mean, rumors concerning Shanahan have been playing all over the place. First Boston, and now Montreal are supposedlly in the green. I thought Arnott was a sure thing, even though there wasn’t any direct leak of info the suggested we would be pursuing Arnott.

    Regardless, great if it happens…but my nerves are drawn from all this UFA signing, and I’ll believe it when it happens.

    ps. Danny Markov should be our other aquisition…good all around D-man, with offensive upside and grit PLUS he can play the PP…sounds like a fit, doesn’t it?

  5. Tim_Silver says:

    would love to see shanny come to montreal, however like all other habs fans, ill believe it when it happens…

    ps. according to RDS, D Zdlicky is also unrestricted, could it be? anyhow, picking up markov or Zdlicky would be really nice..

  6. paratonerf says:

    I sincerely think that was true about Elias. Thing is, Lamoriello gave him the maximum he could possibly get… so it was an easy decision for Elias. Why would he leave his only team so far if he can’t possibly get a better deal elsewhere ?

    My guess is Elias never really intended to leave New Jersey… he wanted to test the market and drive his value up… and he did just that.

  7. Habfan1234 says:

    I will believe it when I see the headline on TSN or Sportsnet reporting that Shanny has indeed signed a two-year deal with the Habs. He will certainly assist the younger players on the team and inclucate into them a desire to win and how to go about acheiving this desire to win. He would hopefully help Ryder to reach the potential inherent within him and would also help Latandresse in his development during training camp or the regular season.

  8. jayhabsjay says:

    no one is coming to the habs. when was the last time you saw a major star in mtl? we will be an even worse team than the leafs of last do something bob, we need to improve or you need to leave

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