Shanahan negotiations with Boston have ended!!!

According to the Boston Herald ” knowledgeable source, the possibility of free agent winger Brendan Shanahan signing with the B’s is now dead. Reportedly, St. Louis and Detroit are in the running for the 37-year-old’s services.”

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  1. Aetherial says:

    I have been suspecting that Shanahan would end up with the Wings all along.

  2. mtl_prince says:

    yep, shanahan is totally staying with the wings!

  3. patdud says:

    im not too surprised, he was asking for too much money, they should try to leave as much space open as possible for young players and rookies, maybe even kessel could play there if he decides to leave school early

  4. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Shanahan article # 5 in the last 3-7 days.

  5. magnifikko says:

    Shanahan is coming to montreal baby!

  6. Unkknown says:

    EPSN said 3 teams was looking for Shanahan. St.Louis, Boston and Montreal. Boston said they have to keep their money for Bergeron, St.Louis’ GFM just said it doesn’t make sens…so

    Does it means Montreal is the only team still on the Shanahan’s list ?. Detroit are in better position for him i think, but we still can dream…I REALLY wonder what Gainey is doing…really…

  7. MTLien44 says:

    I believe !!! I wanna believe Shanny is coming to Montreal !!!

    He would be a great addition for 2, even 3 years…until 2009, the Habs 100th anniversary !!!

    He would be a great mentor for our young players : Ryder, Higgins, Komisarek…

    He would fit in just fine with Montreal, we need a big, tough snipper until Latendresse is ready to step up to the plate. I would give Shanahan a 3 year 12 million dollars deal. C’mon the guy just scored 40 goals last year…


    Please Bob, make it happen

  8. Unkknown says:

    EXACTLY…he scored 40 goals….EVEN if he scored 25 goals….it’s 25 more than FU**ING Richard Zednik

  9. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    no, he really isn’t…..

  10. magnifikko says:

    Look at us… all excited =), thats what hockey is all about lol

  11. CrazyCanuck says:

    let me guess Shanahan’s going to Toronto….gonna be a maple leaf???

  12. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    Well i heard that lindstrom is getting the C in detroit,maybe that will be an issue for him to leave… Personally, i believe hes gonna stay in Detroit,however being a habs fan i am also a dreamer.

  13. SensDude says:

    Pllllllllleeeeeeeeeaaaaaasssssssssssssssseeeeee Why not bring back from retirement Lanny McDonald to play with the leafs lollll

  14. SensDude says:

    Wonderring what Smuckllers doing, would be a nice addition to the Sens , trade Havlat for a 2nd round pick and there’s your money for Shanny !!

  15. CrazyCanuck says:

    haha…lanny MacDonald… good one… Why not sign Bobby Orr and Bobby Hull too…

  16. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    trade havlat for a second round pick?!!Good thing your not a gm.

  17. SensDude says:

    wasn’t he drafted in the 2nd round ?? That guy only good when there’s a fast paced game not a crunchy one, he ain`t there.

  18. 100_years_of_glory09 says:

    patrice bergeron was drafted in the second round would you trade him for a second round pick?

  19. duffman29 says:

    good. if he wants 5.2 million a year like i heard, then good riddance, boston has better things to spend that kind of money on. shanahans 37!!! and cant play defence , 5.2M a year? go piss up a rope buddy

  20. SensDude says:

    Patrice Bergeron he’s way better than Havlat and he knows how to play rough when time is needed.

  21. Tim_Silver says:

    according to RDS, boston is considering offering Shanahan 9$.8M for 2 yrs, while LA and the HABS have offered between $4-$4.5M for 2 yrs… Detroit is offering $4M for one year, a little less per year for 2 years… goes on to say that he should make his decision sometime early next week…

  22. Tim_Silver says:

    HABS and LA offered $4-4.5/year for 2 years..

  23. BlueLine says:

    There still is some word out of Montreal that Gainey is making a serious pitch for Shanahan.

  24. magnifikko says:

    Omg omg omg !!!

    BOB!! if u sign shanahan i will forget that u have bonk 2,2 m$ !!!


  25. chronicbruin says:

    I just read that a petition is being circulated to convince Bob Gainey not to sign Shanahan solely based on your threat of dancing naked in your livingroom.Shanahan’s agent says it’s news to him but he’d be more than happy to throw in a 10′ high fence encompassing your entire livingroom window.

  26. LeafsLeafsLeafs says:

    Why not take a course on how to crack a joke with out sounding like a moron and actually being funny?

  27. Mainer87 says:

    Supposedly on ESPN in Boston they have reported that the habs are the last serious team in the running for shanny. It also reported that the habs have offered shanny 2 years/ 8.8 million and there is going to be a press conference in a few days on an announcement possibly the signing of shanny. I personnally didn’t c it but i read it on a couple other websites from a couple different guys from boston.

  28. Red_Light says:

    I would not rule out montreal just yet.

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