Shanahan to skate with Drury and Jagr? Kasparaitis back?, through their FanNation section, is reporting that the Boston Globe reports that Brendan Shanahan, now having re-signed with the New York Rangers, will play left wing on a line with Chris Drury at center and Jaromir Jagr at right wing.

Also, Stan Fischler of is reporting that Darius Kasparaitis has lost 20 pounds and looks 10 years younger. He also reports that Glen Sather was surprised how good Kasparaitis looks. Fischler believes that Kasparaitis is determined to make a comeback and has a legitimate chance to win a spot on the Rangers blueline.

This development is contrary to many beliefs that it would be Scott Gomez who would be the center on Jaromir Jagr’s line. It was anticipated by many Rangers fans and other readers of HTR that Gomez would center Straka and Jagr while Drury would center Shanahan and Avery.

The new Rangers lines could look a little something like this:

Shanahan – Drury – Jagr
Straka – Gomez – Avery
Dawes – Dubinsky – Prucha
Hossa – Betts – Callahan


Fischler believes that Kasparaitis can contend for a spot on the Rangers blueline regardless of who the competition is. This could be a bit of a problem as far as their cap situation, as it has been widely thought that he would remain with the AHL Hartford Wolfpack and off of the Rangers cap.

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  1. mikster says:

    How? They haven’t even been on the ice yet practicing. Way too premature to say the line combination.

    As for Kaspar…..if he plays like he did in his good seasons with the Rangers then he would really be another good addition. We shall see in a couple of months.

  2. thegoalie1976 says:

    If those are the lines, look for Gomez to get WAY less points than last year.

    He will be the most OVERPAID player of 07/08.

    The kind of money they paid him, he has to be playing with Jagr to be worth it.

  3. johnrot says:

    I agree with the earlier reply. It is waaaaaay to early to say that the lines are dead set. And if you have watched hockey for more than 1 day, then you would know that line combos are switched up often in pre-season to guage chemistry.

    As far as Kaspar is concerned, I have to see it to believe it. Just because you are in great shape, doesn't mean you will make the roster.

  4. ranger_fan says:

    I think it won't be too long into the season when Renney realizes that he will have too many egos and will need to match line combos based on what works and not salaries. I still truly believe that line one will not change too much and we will see Hossa has the guy who does the dirty work with Straka supporting him and Jagr finding some open ice. Then you would have Drury with Shanahan and most likely Avery. Prucha and Callahan with Gomez centering them could be a great third line, then Betts with any of Dawes Orr Hollweg. Three balanced scoring lines, Energy 4th, and lines 2 3 and 4 will be very responsible defensively.

    If Darius comes to camp and wins a spot – chances are Mara, Malik, or even Darius would be shipped out

    Interesting to see if Staal can handle NHL players too. Chances are he will need to go to Hartford first.

  5. mikster says:

    It sucks he is overpaid but he was going to get that kind of money anyway. Not like that was the first offer given to him, so…may as well get the player you want to help you win instead of letting another team get him. If they can win a Cup with him, then he was worth every single penny.

  6. mikster says:

    Gomez as 3rd line? Straka is on a decline so…i think he is the 3rd line guy. I don’t think the egos are as big as you think.

  7. habsoverserver says:

    all this is speculation, but wouldn't you rather gomez set up prucha than avery?

  8. senators101 says:

    Umm, first of all, he's going to be allowed to play the offensive game he likes to play, something he couldn't do in Jersey.   Therefore, automatically he's going to get more points.
    As for your argument being the most overpaid player and that he has to be playing with Jagr to be worth it – you're overlooking someone by the name of Chris Drury.  He's making big bucks and if Gomez is on the first line and Drury is on the 2nd, then according to your argument, he'll be the most overpaid player of the year. You make it seem like the one who doesn't play with Jagr will be overpaid, which I believe is 100% incorrect.  Shanahan will play with one and Jagr with the other.  Both guys will produce big time.

  9. wingerxxx says:

    Those line combinations are interesting…you never know which players are going to have chemistry though.  One thing that a lot of people forget, is that Jagr is one of those rare players who has the ability to make his linemates better, like he did with Kip Miller and Jan Hrdina in Pittsburgh for a while.  I have no doubt that he can succeed without Michael Nylander centering him, whether it is Drury or Gomez.  Considering how often lines are changed over the course of the season (and in training camp), I do not believe those will be the starting lines for opening night.

    As for Kasper…that is some wild news, but he needs to play with Hartford for a while before he starts playing full time on the big club.  He really flamed out quickly and that was very disappointing.  But if he can get himself back into proper shape and back to the Kasparaitis of old, he'd definitely be a welcome addition to the top 6.  That is a big "if" though. 

  10. wingerxxx says:

    Straka is a lot better on wing than center…and the Rangers didn't sign Gomez to that contract to be a 3rd line center.  He and Drury will regularly be playing with the best forwards the Rangers have.  A 3rd line center needs to be responsible defensively, and Gomez is being paid to put up points, not be a shutdown guy.  I still think that Betts will be filling that role, if Dubinsky isn't up to it. 

  11. NYR says:

    Sure this is all speculation, but in all likelihood it will be Gomez setting up Jagr. Gomez is the Michael Nylander type, he's a play maker who looks to move the puck. Drury will play on the second line centering Shanahan and Prucha. I don't know why anyone would even think of putting Calahan on the 4th line, that would be a complete waste. These, as of now and not taking into account chemistry, are the best possible lines:

    *without Dubinsky you could see Avery center the third line with Dawes at LW.

  12. thegoalie1976 says:

    My point is that they are both getting 1st line $$$. So whoever plays on the 2nd line will be overpaid.

    But in Gomez case, he was largely benefiting from Elias talent. Putting him with no 1st line caliber player will hurt his point potential.

    Both contracts on their own are OK. But the rangers only have 2 1st line quality wingers (Jagr, Shanny.) And 2 centers that need to play with them.

    IMO the lines should be split into 2 dangerous ones…like Gomez/Shanny  and Jagr/Drury

  13. mundus80 says:

    how far away is the pre-season? come on, no one knows what lines will be used. this is almost as bad as a leafs article.
    the part about Kasparaitis is interesting though. because if the rangers end up wanting to keep kasper on the rangers then that changes allot. what the cap numbers ARE changes by 3mil. who will go if he stays? maybe this will light a fire under a few defenseman and they will want to be in better shape and put more time on the ice in the off season so that they don't loose there spot.

  14. SHBP says:

    Shanny and Jagr did not work out well last year with Nylander is Drury or Gomez going to that much of differnce 

    Anyone know what the power play will look like?

  15. goleafsgo1991 says:

    Straka Gomez Jagr – No question about it
    Shanahan – Drury – Prucha (I don't think Prucha'd be able to survive on a grinding/checking line.
    Avery – Betts – Callahan – Callahan played good at the end of last season. Give Avery a chance to be a pest but let him move up if he plays good. Betts is the next best centre and could be due for a bit more playing time.
    Hossa – Hollweg – Orr I don't see why they want Hossa, but the other two played 4th line with Betts last year I do believe.
    Others: Dawes if he gets enough playing time, Immonen, Dubinsky.

    D: Rozsival, Tyutin, Malik, Mara, Hutchinson, Girardi is who I'd see as the top 6 with Pock and Strudwick being extras. Hutchinson has enough of an offensive punch he'll get playing time even if he isn't quite as good as some people he'd get more icetime than. If (and I suggest he very well may, stealing a spot from Hutchinson or Girardi) Staal earns a top 6 spot he'd get in but if not I suspect he'd go down to the AHL as the Rangers have a half decent and not too far away farm team. I doubt Kasparitis well get a spot unless he plays like a top-4 defenseman to earn his salary and in that case I imagine people would be traded, It'd be different for Kasparitis if he was only making 1 mil or so.

  16. ranger_fan says:

    Perhaps you are right, but wouldn't it be great being on the road and seeing 3 lines who are all a big threat to produce? Last season it was all about how we could get Jagr away from Pandalfo, Axelsson and other strong defensive forwards – not to mention the idiots like Brashear. Gomez is yes strongly overpaid especially if he were on the third line.

    I thought of Straka because everyone has him as a LWer on the first line. He plays very well with Jagr and they both know how to find each other. But Jagr really seemed to do much better with a grinder on the far wing either Hossa or Isbister fit that bill, and I see no reason why Marcel shouldn't be there this season. If he puts up great numbers on that line [like what he was paced for when playing there] we could even trade high come the deadline with a potentially deep draft.

    And if Jagr could have anyone replace Nylander it would most likely be Straka. He has the speed, the passing ability, and the occasional scoring touch AND he can't win faceoffs – an exact mold of Nylander! I just can see that line clicking. Remember Marty was hot the first half of last season before shoulder problems.

    And like I said earlier Prucha and Callahan are goal scorers and Gomez could really bring out the best in those two – but hey I'm a casual fan not a coach, nor have I witnessed the play of any new line combos so thats as far as I'm taking this.

    All I know is that Drury Shanahan and Jagr are all goal scorers and putting all of our eggs into one basket [or line] could be a bad idea. Third line is not a slap in the face as I consider all three line combos I came up with to be very capable 2nd lines and no one line should be favored. Just remember Bobby Holik was paid first line center money and he should have been on that third line.

  17. ranger_fan says:

    See above. Honestly there is very little room for Dubinsky. Like the guy too but no sense having him play 6 minutes a game. Wait for an injury or if Marcel is on the first line and puts up great numbers – may be we could get something good for him opening up a roster spot

  18. howiehockey says:

    What every on here seems to be overlooking is that the Rangers started playing well, when Avery came to the Rangers and Marcel Hossa was affixed to Jagr's wing. I don't think that should change.  Hossa started scoring goals and putting up assists when he became a regular part of that line.
    So, I'd have Hossa on the left side, Gomez centering Jagr on the right side.
    Second line Avery, Drury and Shanahan.  Third line: Straka centering for
    Prucha and Callahan. The 4th line depends on training camp, but could end up Dubinsky, Dawes & ?.   And why is every one relegating one of the best point shots to 6th or 7th "D"…..meaning Tomas Pock.

  19. wingerxxx says:

    I've seen very little of Hutchinson, but I don't think he's any better than Pock.  Hutchinson will have to have a very good training camp to start the season in the top 6. 

    The only guy with a real leg up on that last defense spot, in my opinion, is Kasparaitis, and thats assuming he is in proper physical condition.  I'm definitely not sold on Staal being ready yet. 

  20. Sic says:

    Why Does Everyone think that Hossa Sucks and Shouldnt play he was Awesome after the All-star Break he had 8 of his Ten goals in a month After the Break and then he hurt his Knee he has Talent Just look at he Brother and he can Score in the Shootout, he Has a Big body that he Could use more but so Could Malik…. as for kaspar i think He could help out he is Strong in his own end and Bangs Bodys something we could use and he gets under Peoples Skin

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