Shanahan to TO?

I was watching Sportscentre the other morning like I do every morning and Pierre McGuire indicated that the Detroit Red Wings will not resign Brett Hull and although they will probably offer Brendan Shanahan a new contract he’ll probably end up in Toronto.

Toronto would be a great fit for Shanahan, but first the Leafs must worry about the signing of free agents Gary Roberts, Joe Nieuwendyk, and of course their MVP Ed Belfour. The Leafs would have to be crazy not to resign them. With Mikael Renberg headed back to Sweden and Robert Riechel supposedly on his way back to the Czech Republic the Leafs will have plenty of money to spend on Roberts, Nieuwendyk, and Belfour as well as Brendan Shanahan.

If the Leafs are to seriously contend for the Stanley Cup next season (if there is one) what they really need is a coach who has won a Stanley Cup and a good Canadian captain. It is a proven fact that no team has ever won it all with a European for their captain. There is a first time for everything, but I think the “C” would look much better on Gary Roberts, who leads by finishing every check,than it does on Mats Sundin, who the only check he cares about is his paycheck.

As for Chris Pronger, the Leafs don’t need to spend $ 10 million on him. They already have McCabe, Leetch, and some great,future star,up-and-coming defanceman like Carlo Colaiacovo, and Pierre Hedin.

If he Leafs want to have Lord Stanley’s cup in Toronto for more than just the Hall of Fame well first they have to hope there will be a next season. I think that there will be a season and I hope the owners and players can work something out. I have an idea to help hcokey, but thats a whole different story.

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