Shane Doan deserves better ending to free agency

C’mon, LA, keep your grubby mitts away, won’t you? Isn’t pilfering one athletically gifted, civic-minded Canadian away from Phoenix enough already?

On the heels of Steve Nash’s departure to Los Angeles comes word that nearly a dozen suitors are courting Shane Doan, including the Kings, according to several reports, should the Coyotes captain choose to leave the Valley.


That isn’t the lament of a homer sportswriter. It is the reaction of a journalist who has spent several decades covering the games people play and knows how unique Doan is. Rarely does an athlete come along who spends his entire career with one organization and in the process serves as leader, scorer, mentor, promoter.

Yet his 16-year stay in Arizona is at risk of ending because of an ownership mess that appears to be growing more complicated by the minute. And it’s not just the Kings who appear to have interest in Doan. Eleven teams have inquired about the player, his agent, Terry Bross, said Friday. New York, Detroit and Montreal are among the group, according to various reports.

Doan deserves better.

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  1. nordiques100 says:

    Semin to pens? I thought he had a spat with Crosby?

  2. nordiques100 says:

    I’ve said about doan, Vancouver gives him a great shot to win, plus he’d be a great fit. They could use size up front and leadership.

    Edm would b good to help teach the kids. Philly to replace JJ on the to line wouldn’t be bad either.

    Chicago could use his help too.

    Or how bout Boston in case Horton can’t go?

    Lots of options

    • reinjosh says:

      I’d bet that he wants a cup and that he will only go to a contender. Leaving Phoenix seems to be a last resort type thing and I feel like he’s going to pick a team he will retire with and one with a strong core.

      That likely leaves Edmonton out of the picture, Montreal/Florida (even though he has cousins on those teams – sidepoint, the Doan family is incredibly talented. All world ranchers with some top end bull riders, Catrina Le May Doan is related to them, Price, Ellerby) too and definitely the Leafs.

      Philly/Vancouver seem like good fits.

      • nordiques100 says:

        so you’re thinking at least a 3 year contract? he is 35.

        At least in vancouver he can continue riding his horses and stuff like that. i think tahts one big reason why, besides his family has settled there, that he wants to stay.

        i think its the 15th now the date when the yotes are decided.

        • reinjosh says:

          Hasn’t that date happened like 6 times now? Wasn’t there a December cut-off date? The Yote’s are going to keep doing this and stringing people along. It’s retarded. They are honestly going to ruin Glendale if they stay. Regardless I think its safe to say Doan won’t be a Coyote next year.

          I’m sure thats the only reason he wants to stay. He’s settled his family and made friends. It’s hard to uproot your family. But he can’t tie himself to a team that might move.

          I think it makes more sense to choose your fate than let it lie with the Yotes. He’s talented enough and has enough veteran pull that he could get an NTC no issue. So get one for a contending team and sign a retirement contract. Settle the family there. Vancouver makes sense too, its close to his family in Calgary (I know his Dad haha or knew rather. He’s a cool dude. Owns his own ranch and such).

          I suppose he’s not exactly old at 35. If it’s me though, at 35 with the world going to crap, I’m looking to settle my family in a place that I can feel it has a future in. Plus he has a ton of ties in the West. Played in Kamploops, born in Alberta.

          Phoenix is home but Alberta/BC is the next best thing if Phoenix isn’t an option.

          3 year seems like a good contract. Not to big for the team, still security for Doan.

  3. I would love him on the Rangers.

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