Is Shane O’Brien on the Trade Block?

Do you think Shane O’Brien is on the trading block?
— Chantal Rouleau, Canada

Chantal – Yeah, I kind of do think so. Now that Tyson Barrie and Stefan Elliott are back up with the team, it seems like they are getting

Given that you’ve missed the past few weeks because of a concussion, Gabe Landeskog, will you consider changing the way you play when you come back? “Absolutely not,” said Landeskog. (Getty Images file)

a foothold on top-six spots. One would have thought O’Brien would have gained a top-six job with the injuries to Erik Johnson and Ryan Wilson, but even then he hasn’t been able to stay in the lineup.

He simply seemed to fall out of favor with Joe Sacco coming out of training camp, and things haven’t changed much since. So, yeah, it makes some sense that he could be possible trade bait.

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