Sharks extend Mclaren and sign Dimitrakos

SAN JOSE – San Jose Sharks Executive Vice President and General Manager Doug Wilson announced today that the club has signed defenseman Kyle McLaren to a three-year contract extension.

The club also re-signed Group II restricted free agent right wing Niko Dimitrakos to a two-year contract.

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  1. Pucked says:

    Hopefully McLaren can stay healthy and Niko will bust loose this year. Doug Wilson is making quick work of the restricted free agents. Lets get Marleau and Sturm signed. Viva Los Tiburones!

  2. Kamakaze says:

    Yeah, I pinned them to sign Kariya, but apparently not. Still though, this is a VERY good young team, and while I’m very sad they let go of one of my favorite players in the league (Ricci), I think they are deep, fast, and skilled, and should probably turn out to be much like the Senators of the West, but with more toughness.

    I think they need to add something though, a solid defenseman to replace Rathje would be a start. Hamrlik would be GREAT and ideal I think, because he would give them someone who knows both sides of the defense, and would create a great top 4 with Hannan, Stuart and McLaren. However, I think someone like Slegr, Quintal, Odelein, Wesley or Woolly would all be realistic and reasonable replacements. This would give guys like Davison and Preissing some more time to work on their game, and a veteran who could play a smart, safe game.

    I think a veteran RW would really help them out a lot too. Bondra or even Selanne would be good additions, and would give them a good, fast threat on the right side, a position they haven’t had a real strong player at since Nolan left.

    Otherwise, I think this team has built a great core of young players who are tough, skilled and know both sides of the ice well. This is the kind of team that will learn and become very strong with time, gaining a great reputation (something I think they already have) and be able to attract key players to help bolster their roster and put them over the top. This will easily be one of the top teams in the league in the next 2-5 years.

  3. Pucked says:

    My insiders at the tank said there were rumours of an offer to Kariya, but no luck. Ricci will be deeply missed, what great guy and player who always gave 100%. I say good luck in Phoenix, I hope he flourishes there. Agree on the D-man too. Was hoping that Niedermayer would sign. Not sure Selanne would be welcome back in town though. He was well liked, but when he signed with Colorado, he became a hated man here in the land of Sharks. Bondra would be a great addition. Looking forward to the puck dropping soon!

  4. Kamakaze says:

    Most definitely. I have a feeling Primeau will reprise the role as “Mike Ricci” this year, and take center with Thorton and hopefully Cheechoo. That would be a great line.

    I just worry about their top forward lines. McCauley is a great two way forward, and obviously Sturm and Marleau have proven themselves as top forwards. The rest is a little iffy. I like Ekman, Korolyuk, Dimitrakos and Michalek, but they aren’t the kind of guys I’d all throw together on my top two lines. Also, the latter two are younger, I think having an experienced scoring winger would really help ease the load a bit, a player who could make them all better, and give them advice, that sort of thing. I think that would be a perfect fit for Bondra, or any similar type of player.

    At any rate, they will still be a great team to watch, I just love a good two-way, fast, skilled checking team.

  5. Pucked says: shows San Jose as interested in John LeClair. Not sure where that info came from, but not sure that is a good fit. His experience would be great, but wonder if Wilson would part with the money and the fact that he would not be developing youngsters.. Bondra would be a better fit for the team. Lets hope Dougie works his magic.. Ekman shows spurts of brilliance as has Niko, Michalek is an unproven commodity, but I have high hopes as he did well in camp 2 years ago. McCauley has been a great team player. Still missing the “Reech”. Any word on Damphousse?

  6. Kamakaze says:

    Damphousse would just be eating ice time really… they have 3 good centers with McCauley, Marleau and Primeau, Dampie may be good for the PP, but that would be it. I think a scoring winger would fill out their roster quite nicely. LeClair just wouldn’t help their team. Not really a good fit, although it would kind of be like them signing Graves a while back. Just a waste of money and ice time really, LeClair wold be better off somewhere else.

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