Sharks Fire Lombardi

Sharks fire Lombardi
TFP Staff Writer
Tuesday, March 18, 2003
The Fourth Period –

It was only a matter of time for San Jose general manager Dean Lombardi. The Sharks struggled all season and a team many picked to reach the Stanley Cup final will not even make the playoffs. Coach Daryl Sutter was fired by Lombardi two months into the season in hopes that the Sharks could turn things around and make the postseason.

San Jose continued to struggle and today Lombardi paid the price with his job. Lombardi’s last few weeks as GM were busy, as he dealt captain Owen Nolan and veteran Bryan Marchment, and was involved in very active talks regarding Vincent Damphousse and Teemu Selanne.

Lombardi may not be out of work for long if TFP’s sources are accurate. There are reports that Lombardi will be hired as the new GM in Chicago and current GM Mike Smith will be dismissed. Lombardi is the son-in-law of Hawks Senior VP Bob Pulford.

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  1. mikster says:

    I find this unfair.

    The guy built a team, and it did not make the playoffs this season. Give him the chance to rebuild for crying out loud.

    Good for the Hawks if they hire him. Neil $mithers going to San Jose?

  2. GoSharks says:

    As much as I agree that the players and the coach are ultimately responsible for the team’s performance, it is the job of the GM to make sure that the players on the roster are the right players to win the cup. As much as the signs were pointing in the right direction at the beginning of the season, it was starting to become apparent even at the end of last season that things needed to change. There was something not quite right, take the loss in the second round to Colorado as an example. Lombardi should have jumped at a chance in the off season to make some needed changes and balked, badly I might add, not bringing anyone in. This, coupled with the fact that he is notorious for having his holdouts last longer than they should, is enough for me to say to Dean Lombardi…

    buh bye, and don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

  3. Leftcoast says:

    True Lombardi built he team, but then panicked at a bad stretch (though arguably a long stretch), and flushed key members of the team. Although I don’t think Lombardi was the ultimate problem, this is another sign to fans that the Sharks want to make some more positive changes. I hope Dean lands on his feet in Chi-Town

  4. Tradedude says:

    It wasn’t lombardi’s fault for not dealing selanne or damphousse, or dealing nolan, marchment for very little in return, i thought it was his big fault in firing gary sutter or one of the sutters dudes, and hiring old man wilson (who cant even take a stacked capital team or a shark former ful-filled superstars to a playoff.

    Wilson = gotta go

    Lombardi = get outta here, if you can get sutter back, then we’ll hire you back and give you a raise.

  5. wayne2 says:

    Personaly i think he did a good job over the years making the team a contender.This year was simply an off year.The Nolan trade was a mistake however.We`ll see what happens next year but i think with Nolan gone,little chance at the playoffs unless they make a few good deals.

  6. scrub says:

    Although Lombardi did help create this team he was also primarly responsible for the sharks missing the playoffs. As the G.M. Lombardi chose to lets his number 1 goalie, 2 top 4 d-men (Brad Stuart because of contract and Gary Suter because of retirement) to miss the start of the season without finding a replacement. What did he think was going to happen? And by the time he got the contracts settled 20 games had passed by and the team never did recover. I think it was unfair to fire Coach Suter, under the circumstances, and the G.M. should have taken the blame and been fired in his place.

  7. Flyers_01 says:

    The new sharks management is pretty much a bunch of accountants who dictated what Lombardi did this year. Let’s not be to hard on the guy. He did very well under an owner that wanted to win and not so well under a group concerned more with payroll than anything else.

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