Sharks Hunting Havlat?

According to the Ottawa Sun the sharks were interested in Martin Havlat a month ago. their have been rumours that Muckler does not like Havlat especially after the kicking incident but he knows that he is a very important part of the club, but Muckler says he will not trade any time soon, atleast not till after christmas. but ever since Havlat was suspended that sharks seemed to be less interested.

Other teams that were also interested in the 24 year old were the Carolina Hurricanes and the New york rangers. Muckler says he will not make any deals before christmas unless someone is interested in taking Vaclav Varada.

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  1. Adam_0486 says:

    Who do the sharks have that interests Ottawa, Havlat makes 2.6M the only guy i could see matching that salary is Marco Strurm at 2M. The two guys have similar stats this season but with the other trade rumours out there Muckler would have to be stupid to pull the trigger on a move like this. The only move i would do if i were Muckler that involved San Jose would be

    To OTT: Johnathan Cheechoo (760K) + Scott Thornton (1.7M)

    To SJ: Martin Havlat (2.6M) + Vaclav Varada (1.2M)

    Probably Need to add more to this but its a good starting block for a blockbuster deal. Thornton gives ottawa the grit they need while cheechoo gives them some offense and grit. In the mean while SJ gets a smooth skating forward to complement Sturm and Marleau and Varada who can give them the grit that they would lose by trading Thornton. Logically this makes sense to me.

    In any event this scenerio would be a last case scenerio, im more interesting in the on going rumours of Erik Cole to ottawa, that would be a great move.

  2. mojo19 says:

    I read that a few weeks ago on the 4th period, I still don’t think they’ll trade Havlatt, or any of their key players since they’re doing so well.

  3. Tweek says:

    I think Havlat is gone after this year but I really dont think he will be traded during the season unless somebody gives Muckler exactly what he wants and no less. If you do look at the sens the depth at foward isnt good enough to deal Havlat right now so until a guy like Vermette develops into a 20 goal scorer then they need a guy like Havlat to carry the offensive load after the first line.

  4. neilios says:

    I think the Canucks should go after Havlat.

    Its about time they brake the Sedin sisters up cause they aint done crap for the Nucks.

    To Ottawa-D.Sedin and Cooke3.7 mill

    To Canucks-Havlat and Varada and a pick4 mill

    What does everyone think of that????that would be a decent move for both clubs right Varada wants out and Havlat would bring much scoring touch to the 2nd line which they need bad to win the Cup this year.

  5. mtl_prince says:

    and a pick? no thanks, havlat is going to be scoring 30 plus goals a year for a long time. vancouver should be giving up the pick

  6. mojo19 says:

    I’d rather Havlatt alone than Cooke and Sedin, nevermind adding Varada and a draft pick.

  7. neilios says:

    Well thats just to even out the payroll and plus the Nucks need a PK after giving Cooke up and Varada aint a bad PK.Just think how deadly the Canucks would be if they can pull a deal like this off.

    LW C RW

    NASLUND Morrison Bertuzzi

    Havlat H.Sedin Carter

    King Kesler Varada

    Goren Linden Ruttu

    not bad lineups if they can pull the trade off and they would have a pretty good 3rd line too once King gets back he should help Kesler put up some points.

  8. mojo19 says:

    Yeah, those lines are really good, if it were to happen.

    But the canucks would have to give up a bit more i think.

  9. neilios says:

    Here is a new rumor I just looked at it at in hockeyhearsay.Its says Dave Nonnis is scouting out Luongo and may work a deal out with Keenan and it will go down like this.

    To Nucks-Luongo and VanRyan or Bauwmeester

    To Panthers-Cloutier and Jovo who they wont be able to sign next year.

    I just seen it and I seen it in TheProvince today too so that would help the Canucks out big time in the pipes but I just wouldnt want to see Jovo go he is my all time fav Canuck Dman and I bet to lots of others too a fan favorite.

  10. zdeno_duchesne says:

    i don’t want one sedin twin.. i don’t want cooke.. havlat is one of the most dynamic players in the game.. varada can go, but i’m not sure where the logic in this trade is for ottawa..

    sound like a canucks fan thinking wishfully to me

  11. mojo19 says:

    I just read a different Canucks rumor involving Bertuzzi, on “spectors hockey”.

  12. dcz28 says:

    Like someone said the Sens will not deal Havlat this season unless they can get a too good to be true deal from another team

    The Sharks don’t have much that would help Ottawa or replace Havlat’s scoring and speed and personally i wouldn’t trade Havlat for anyone on the Sharks not even Marleau even if he is a good player

    From Carolina if i were Muckler i would want Staal (i know Carolina would not trade him)…Cole is big and fast and can score but i think he dives too much like most of the Hurricain team and beside those two they have nothing else that could help the Sens

    From Vancouver as someone mentionned it would take way more then a Sedin and Cooke to get Havlat…even more if you add Varada into the trade…i have never been a fan of the Sedin twins and Cooke is overpaid…the only guy i think that could be of interest for the Sens is Bertuzzi but that is a deal i don’t think can happen since Bertuzzi makes a lot of money

    Unless they can make a deal like the Hossa-Heatley deal Havlat is not going anywhere this season

  13. Gaby says:

    Over the years I have come to think the only problem with Havlat is that he never gets first line ice-time. The guy produces like crazy when playing RW. but he has always played behind Hossa and Alfredsson. Now Heatley is the number one right winger. I say Ottawa should trade him for a quality left winger who could play on the 2nd line. Since anyone could play well with Spezza and Heatley, why not get a decent left winger to play on a line with Alfredsson.

    Here is something which would benefit two teams. I know division rivals rarely trade with one another but It would be a good trade.


    HAVLAT makes 2.6 M vs. SAMSONOV 2.7 M

    Both are somewhat young Havy (24) Sammy (26) and appear to be in their last season of respective contracts. BRUINS could use a RW and Sens would get a good LW. Both are having similar seasons if you consider Havlat missed 5 games with injury.

    Havlat could play with Bergeron or Zhamnov, finally giving him a playmaking centermen. Sammy could play left wing with Fisher and Alfredsson or Smolinski and Alfredsson giving Ottawa two lethal lines.

    Just a thought. change of scenery for two great players who might flourish under different skies.

  14. dcz28 says:

    First off Havlat was suspended for 5 games not injured

    #2 Samsonov is always injured and i think might be a UFA next season and Havalt is a RFA next year

    #3 i would take Havlat over Samsonov anyday (Samsonov is good but Havlat can do the same things as him and more)

    No way i could see that deal go down as i think the Sens would want Bergeron not Samsonov and Boston would not trade him and add the fact they are in the same division and that equals no deal

  15. tacitus says:

    I wouldnt trade Havlat, I cant think of a player the same calibre whos not gonna end up being a UFA or making around 2.6 mil that is just as good. I wouldnt force a trade i would sit back and wait for a clubs to offer exactly what is needed for a cup. To me there is nothin the sens really need in my eyes and im a wings fan.How about trade Havlat after they attempt or do win the cup, then trade him for Kessler to keep the young stars coming

  16. dcz28 says:

    Did you mean to say trade Havlat for Phil Kessel?

    I’m pretty sure thats who you meant since he will be picked #1 overall next year

    Like i said in a post above the Sens wont trade Havlat unless they get a deal too good to refuse since Muckler doesn’t need to do anything because the team is winning and Havlat will still be a RFA next year but i think if he asks for too much money next year he will be gone since they will have to re-sign Chara, Redden and Spezza too

    The Kessel trade would depend on who gets the 1st overall pick and would they be willing to trade the pick for Havlat since i’m pretty sure Washington and Pittsburgh would not trade Ovetchkin and Crosby for Havlat…the team that gets Kessel might not want to trade him (i’m not saying he will be as good as those two since i only saw him play in the junior championships) but right now he is regarded as the U.S.A version of Crosby and Ovetchkin

  17. wizard36 says:

    I’ve been hearing these rumors of Havlat getting traded. Does anyone realize that this is the best team in the league. Most things I’ve heard are him getting traded for lesser talent, which would be very stupid considering the teams success. Muckler may not like Havlat, but if he’s smart enough to put a team this good together, he must be smart enough not to mess with the chemisty he’s created.

  18. tacitus says:

    My bad, American names are hard to spell. Broten, Christian, Mullen, Modano, Weight, Roenick, Tkachuk, Leclair, Amonte, Gomez, Gionta, Cole, Smolinski, Langenbrunner, Drury, Geurin, Legwand, Parrish, York, Rolston, Parise, Berard, Rafalski, Leetch, Schnieder, Mara, Poti, Chelios, Hatcher, Hedican, Leopold, Gill, Carney, Weinrich, Dipietro, Grahme, Esche, Lafontaine, Peake.

  19. icesnipercal says:

    The response should be who cares, this was reported I think like 2 weeks ago, and it’s just getting noticed here? Havlat wasnt available, Sharks didn’t get him, old news………….. next!

  20. wayne2 says:

    If the sens are to move Havlat its only logical they

    get someone with comparable stats since they already have taken care of the grit department


    Phillips) and yet they need to add scoring on other

    lines besides the great Heatley/Spezza/Alfredson.

    If they were to trade with those teams though:

    Carolina:Erik Cole has to be included,maybe add


    San Jose:Jonathan Cheechoo also must be included

    and maybe add Macauley or Thornton.

    New York rangers:Not sure what they could give

    us although they put up good stats i`m not sure it

    will last.

    I hope they find a way to trade Smolinski though

    cause he sure as a hard time adjusting to the speed of the game.

  21. MagnumPI says:

    Keep on dreaming buddy…as if the Sharks would add a MacCauley along with Cheechoo. Havlat is not a sid the kid here or a Heatley. I could very well see Cheechoo one for one or may be if you stretch it a little I could see Cheechoo and a very late rounder draft choice.

    The other trade possiblity that you are suggesting is even more ridiculous. Cole and Vrbata are way too much for a head kicker.

    I think the Sens should stay status quo here as they are the best team in the NHL right now. Trading Smolinsky for a draft pick could prove to be good for the Sens to leave room for Vermette who needs Ice time to develop.

    Wayne you would make a great Mtl fan…they always like to exagerate the value of their players that they themselves no longer want.

  22. wayne2 says:

    I suppose your a genious.Vrbata isnt doing much so

    his value isnt much,since when is Macauley a star,

    he`s a decent player at best and pleeeeeeeeeease

    dont compare my thoughts to hab and leaf fans.Havlat has a lot more potential than any of the

    players mention.

  23. LeafsJaysRapsBillsManU says:

    I assume Muckler would try to throw in Varada in any deal he tries to make.

  24. gg_idiot says:

    What is the deal with Varada? Why does Ottawa want him out?

  25. gg_idiot says:

    The Federov trade proved that big scorers aren’t worth much in trades. If somehow Muckler would manage to pull off a trade for McCauly and Cheecho he would be the best GM in history ever. On the other side of the spectrum, all hockey fans would have to pool resources together to invent a time machine so we could send the San Jose GM back in time to the French Revolution so he could get beheaded! CAUSE THATS WHAT ANYONE WOULD DESERVE ,TO BE BEHEADED, IF THEY MADE THIS TRADE!

  26. Pucked says:

    Sharks are loaded at goalie with Nabokov, Toskala and Schaefer. Shaefer has proven to be a strong goalie, at this point certainly better than Toskala. Maybe not Havlat, but perhaps a team looking for some goaltending would be willing to part with a scorer? Also, can’t see the Sharks unloading Marleau, Cheechoo at this point, but we will see. Sharks definitely could use some help on the scoring though. Perhaps a few more “pelotas” to stand in front of the net? Let’s go Los Tiburones!

  27. dcz28 says:

    lol thats ok i was pretty sure i knew who you meant…you just named team U.S.A pretty much but as i look at those names i think that the U.S team will have a hard time to compete in a couple of years since most of their best players are near the end of their careers and Canada, Russia, Sweden and others keep producing good young players every year

  28. dcz28 says:

    First off Federov is 35 and making 6 million a year with at least another year on his contract…that is why they didn’t get much for him

    Havlat is 24 and making 2.6 million and still a RFA next year and those are the players that have the most value in the new NHL

    If Muckler made the deal for Cheechoo and McCauley i would say he is stupid since McCauley has 5 points in 22 games and is (-5) and Cheechoo (a year older then Havlat) although he is a good player but has only had one good year and only has 14 points in 22 games and is (-9) playing more then Havlat

    Havlat is better then those two and if the San Jose Gm wouldn’t make that trade i would be glad…you just dont like Havlat and are blinded by your hatred of the Sens and him…like i said in another post i would not trade Havlat straight up for anyone on the Sharks not even both McCauley and Cheechoo unless they could flip McCauley to the Leafs for Steen or Wellwood lol or another better player but thats my opinion

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