Sharks Re-Sign Evgeni Nabokov Reports:

Evgeni Nabokov has ended his holdout, agreeing to terms on a two year deal with the San Jose Sharks.

TSN has learned that the deal is worth $7.1 million. Nabokov will earn $3.525 million in the first season, and $3.625 million in the second year of the contract. His pay this year is retro-active to the start of the season.

Nabokov’s agent, Don Meehan, had earlier noted that money wasn’t the biggest hurdle to overcome. Nabokov reportedly wanted a short term deal, while the Sharks were after a five or six year contract.

Nabokov was the NHL’s top rookie in 2001. He made $575,000 in base salary last season, during which he won 37 games.

A restricted free agent, Nabokov was

holding out on the Sharks, leaving them with unproven Miikka Kiprusoff and Vesa Toskala manning the nets. They opened the season with a combined 1-4 record this season.

The Sharks have two other players holding out, defenceman Brad Stuart and forward Alexander Korolyuk.



8 Responses to Sharks Re-Sign Evgeni Nabokov

  1. Tradedude says:

    well! thats good news for the sharks, but will that munny be put to waste? just look at theodore so far in the season. and iginla aint doing much, and dont get me started with cujoke.

  2. amok says:

    Anyone who watched the San Jose goaltenders last night knows this isn’t a second too soon. I’m just glad the NHL schedule makers were kind enough to give the Canucks two games against the Sharks before Nabokov showed up.

    The Shark meltdown last night was brutal, perhaps the worst ten or so minutes of hockey I’ve ever seen by an NHL team. The Canucks probably only didn’t score 10 goals during that time because they were still in shock that San Jose could do so bad. The Sharks seemed to be playing a man short and they had no help in goal to bail them out.

    With Nabokov back they’ll turn it around.

  3. redsunz says:

    Thats great news for SJ… They will be back in the top 5 teams in the west for sure now

    and nice to see nabby back I got him in 4 of my yahoo pools ^^

    anybody know who will be the backup for SJ now? Kiprusoff was awful Toskala was a bit better until last nite’s raping by the canucks ^^

  4. mikster says:

    Toskala should be back up….

    Toskala was taken out of the game? Says on ESPN he only got two goals against and Kiprusoff 3 goals.

  5. Rushing says:

    Dang! He’s back. He could have waited just a little bit longer. LOL

  6. redsunz says:

    Yeah I believe he was yanked last night vs vancity after the first two goals… Kiprusoff didn’t fair much better letting in the next 3…

  7. MyCaptain11 says:

    i think this is great timing in signing nabokov. the team is on a six-game road trip, so he doesn’t have to feel the pressure from the home fans. on top of that, i believe the holdout will not have an effect on nabokov. there is nothing i have read to believe he is not in good physical shape, and there’s zero question where the confidence of the teammates was after their season opener. that shows how much faith they put in him to help out and how there appears to be no resentment that exists.

    and as for who should be backing up…the sharks made the right call in keeping kiprusoff and sending toskala down. sure toskala outplayed kiprusoff in the 5 games, but kiprusoff shouldn’t be punished for not being ready as a starter. he has proven to be a reliable backup in his young nhl career and all he has done prior to this season doesn’t warrant him being demoted all of a sudden.

    toskala will go to the minors where he was expected to be all along, get all the games he needs to get in, then after this season and more likely next season if they want they can clear this whole situation up with a trade

  8. o_harefullerton says:

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