Shea Weber tops Canucks’ fantasy trade list

Toronto has to top the early line as betting favourite to trade for Roberto Luongo. They have both need and assets. It’s also a place Luongo is willing to go.

But you can’t be sure how much Luongo’s official list really matters anyway. It’s hard to believe there are many situations less inviting than the one in Vancouver, where, if he were to come back, his playing time may be reduced to something like 30-35 games behind Cory Schneider. Don’t be surprised if Luongo’s real list is a lot longer than five teams.

Other avenues for Canucks change will begin to be explored during the next six weeks, leading up the NHL Entry Draft. Hardcore fans already have their drool buckets ready, counting down the days to June 1, when super prospect Justin Schultz will be a free agent (if, as expected, he hasn’t signed with Anaheim by then).

Likely the best defenceman not playing in the NHL, he wouldn’t be able to sign with a team until July 1 but can negotiate before that. Being from Kelowna, the Canucks may have one of the inside tracks, but there won’t be a team in the NHL unwilling to pursue him.

However, none of the options will induce more drooling and dreaming throughout the Lower Mainland than any opportunity this team may have to trade for Shea Weber.

If the discussion about whether Mattias Ohlund should be in the Ring of Honour underscored anything, it’s just how deprived the Canucks have been of great defencemen. It’s hard to believe, after 40 years, the question of “who is the Canucks’ best blueliner of all time?” is boiled down to Jyrki Lumme vs. Ohlund.

You think this town is desperate for a true No. 1?

Weber is that type of player, the one the Canucks have forever lacked and coveted. But is it even possible?

Well, it just became at least plausible with the Predators disastrous second-round flame out. Ryan Suter is set to leave, and many people believe he will. Those around his situation claim he has a list of teams he wants to play for and Nashville isn’t on it.

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