Shero names Chuck Fletcher as new Assistant GM

On Friday (7/14) the Pittsburgh Penguins named former Ducks’ assistant GM Chuck Fletcher as Ray Shero’s new assistant.

Eddie Johnston, who was the Assistant General Manager under former GM Craig Patrick will move to the position of Senior Advisor/Hockey Operations.

As I mentioned in a prior post on Greg Malone moving to the Coyotes’ staff; the Penguins hockey operations staff will slowly but surely be reshaped to Shero’s content.

Regardless of whether good or bad, right or wrong, I am of the firm belief that both Michel Therrien or Mike Yeo will not be in their present capacities with the Penguins when the first regular-season puck is dropped 2007/2008.


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  1. Bacon077 says:

    not Therrien? Wow.

  2. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Everyone is like, SHero is not filling the holes that the team needs but what people arent understanding is that before you can get the players u need to get the people to 1.scout the players, 2.Develop the players, and 3. Assist Shero on signing the players . He is just making sure the team is intact for the long haul and that starts in the front office come the beggining of August this team will start possibly trading to get players taht dont fit other teams salary cap. This guy has been involved with two organizations that have turned around while he was there… The Senetors and The Predetors. This guy knows what he has to do to win and how to go about building a lasting franchise… plus next years free agent market is supposively 10 times better with more faster, younger forwards so maybe he is just saving some money for next year instead of blowin 10 million over 3 years for someone who is an alirght player like Carter or Samsanov

  3. kamullia says:

    I basically agree with most of what you said, but there is one thing that is far from truth.

    What Shero does with this year’s budget, will not affect one bit next year’s budget. This team will be sold soon, with some rumors saying the sale might be imminent (next week), but nevertheless it will be before the 2007/2008 season. The new owners will dictate next year’s (2007/2008) budget and there will be no rolling of whatever money left from this season, into next season. Therefore saving money is just not a reason not to sign players on and up to the budget he was given for this year.

    Shero not signing players this year, only affects cap space for next season, but nevertheless history says that might be totally irrelevant also. New owners are notorious for coming in and for the first two years (at least) letting their General Managers have anything they want with a very lavish budget. This reinforces and puts at ease the core fan base, and typically stimulates more non-fervent fans to come to the rink, increasing attendance. Therefore, it is highly unlikely that next year’s budget will be even remotely close to the low 30’s that Shero was given to work with (and has not used thus far being well below) this year. Supposing as you might have been suggesting, that Shero is saving cap space, is also futile, because even if Shero did in fact spend up to the max given to him under this year’s budget (~$33M), he will surely have enough cap room and budget to sign any kind of caliber player he wishes, or two. But the likeliness of two superstars who command top salary in the same team is very low.

    And thus Shero will effectively have a big room under the cap and a big healthy budget, regardless of what he does this year. Now you can say if he doesn’t sign anyone else he will have even more room and money, but as a doctor (in mathematics) reminded me in college: “The difference between infinity and infinity plus the biggest number you could write in your lifetime, is too small to be relevant.”

  4. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    cool dude, im sure your right about what ur saying but tell me how if u sign a guy for 3 years how that wont affect the cap next year… becuase i would rather have 3 million next year spent on a guy then this year because the free agents will be better

  5. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    and not only that i disagree with your statement that the likeliness of two superstars who command top salary in the same team is very low. First off, The penguins have that … Crosby, Malkin, and maybe even Stall and Fluery down the wrong run in 3 years both Crosby and Malkin will command the Max Salary for the NHL so yes there will be two players commanding that much salary

  6. kamullia says:

    I covered that in the last two paragraphs of my post, where I talk about the cap.

    Basically for all effective purposes the Penguins cap this year is $33M, which is their budget, even though the league cap is $44M. Next year, the Penguins are almost assured to be spending in the $40M+ range because of what I explained in those paragraphs, and hence there is no need to keep room for the cap. I basically said in other words that even if Shero went for the most prominent player left in the market, he would still have such a huge room left, because as of right this minute they are not even anywhere NEAR spending $30M for this year. In fact, even after the Penguins gave hefty raises to all of their restricted agents (Fleury et al) the Penguins’ look to be near or at the bottom of the NHL’s MINIMUM ($28M). And the difference from $28M to $40M is so big, that it doesn’t really matter if it was instead from $31M to $40M. It’s peanuts. So basically it does not matter who Shero signs in free agency from now on as far as next year. Just one more guy to carry. And all of this is assuming the top side of the cap ($44M) stays right there. If it is increased (which is likely), then even more room to spare for Shero.

    You can re-read the two last paragraphs from my earlier post and perhaps with my above explanation they will make sense now.

    BTW, do not get me wrong, I would rather Shero not sign anyone new, but not because of budgets or caps, just because I do not think anyone left would be of any real use and the Penguins also need to sort out the sleuth of prospect forwards that soon will have to be either re-signed or let go. You need NHL ice time to do that and one more veteran in the roster would take away from that.

  7. kamullia says:

    You are talking about the future, I was talking presently and next year. You are also talking about players who are in the system from the draft and will have to grow and wait into commanding those salaries. I was speaking of acquiring those top salaries via free-agency, but I did not make that clear. It was implied.

    In the future, the situation you talk about, maybe. But presently and not for the next three years the Penguins will not be having two of those players you mention receiving the top salary. And most teams than not, if they end up having two players who command both top salary that came from within, will simply trade one of them for several players who combined will make less.

    In fact, if all of three of Malkin, Fleury, and Crosby (who arguably is well on his way) end up commanding top salaries (I do not believe Staal ever will), you can be sure that at least one of them will end up packing his bags for another destination sooner than later. Two is even manageable with a lot of effort and creativity for a short while. Three is outright impossible, if you really want to win the cup, that is.

    Regardless, I was speaking in the context of your post, where you were talking about signing free-agents this year, versus signing them next year. Hence I was talking about the next two years.

  8. PSU_Penguin says:

    I’ve got to agree, actually. Therrien did an amazing job wiht the baby Pens, and he seems to have a gift for motivating and crafting younger players. But when he came to the NHL it didn’t seem like he was able to control the team as well. Maybe starting the season with the club will help if he comes back this year, I’m not sure. I would prefer he went to the baby pens again, regardless, because he has done such a temendous job in developing our prospects that I would like to see him continue in that role.

  9. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    i know Fluery will probably never make more than 5 million a year but Crosby and Malkin i can definitly see…. i might be crazy but do u sign them both to Alexia Yashin contracts … what is it like 10 years 50 million or something like that would that be outrageous to offer Crosby a 10 year contract they need to lock him up forever

  10. kamullia says:

    Absolutely not! That’s a Milbury SNAFU. Good God, he came close to signing Di Pietro to some unheard of contract and I could not believe he would even admit to it in the press. A contract like that has only two results: You are either the Genius who recognized the future hall of fame goaltender who will break all the records ever dreamed up…or…well, to put it simply, you are Mad Mike Milbury. And the chances of having a sure fire hall of famer are very few and far between.

    In a nutshell: What the very young Fleury has done so far he has done basically on his own and by getting mad at his head coach trashing him in the press. Imagine what he could do if someone gives him his fully devoted attention by being a true mentor and guiding his undeniable natural talents into a consistent performance. Shero has mentioned that goaltending staff is part of his vision, but he has yet to do anything about it. Remember, Fleury is in his infancy as a goaltender, because the vast majority of goaltenders do not reach their prime until they are in the neighborghood of 30 birthdays.

    The Penguins need to take a page from the San Jose Sharks, who time and again find stellar goaltendending prospects or develop others goalies into capable NHL stoppers who otherwise would have been lucky to amount to anything better than journeymen in the AHL or European leagues. And the Sharks’ formula must be the right one, because they are consistent in this area.

    As far as monetary compensation, I think Crosby, Malkin and also Fleury will more than likely command at one point more than $5M. Sadly, if that happens, I expect to see Evgeni packing his bags for whoever offers the best package in return to the Penguins. That is unless the new Arena and the Penguins lease is somehow masterfully planned to substain that kind of payroll. It is possible, it is just much easier said than done.

  11. CrosbyMalkin66 says:

    Well this might sound crazy… but even after one season crosby is on pace to be a suer hall of famer

  12. kamullia says:

    I know, but with his small size, he is always a gamble especially when he gets older and more prone to injury.

    Besides, his agent would shoot him to sign a contract like that when in theory he could sign for the league max every time his contract expires. Good news is that I believe that although he will be expensive, Crosby will be in a Penguins uniform for a long long while, if not his entire carreer.

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