Shootout not all it's cracked up to be. NHL FORGOT ABOUT THE OLD FANS.

“The Shootout will save hockey.” Words from so many NHL people around the league have all said the same thing. NHL is featuring the shootout during the end of every pre-season game to get the fans going….

But as I watch it… the truth is… it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Note to NHL: Bring back the hockey we all loved to watch.First of all I have to start by saying I loved the idea of the shootout when it was first brought up. But after watching it a few times… I really kind of don’t like it.

A few things should be done if they are going to keep it around.

First, and most important…… if your taking the tie’s out of hockey that’s fine. But to only have a win lose column is going to drive some fans off the walls.

There should be 3 columns 2 points for a win 0 points for a lose and 1 point if you make it to the shootout and lose. Marked as an Overtime Lose (OTL). A shootout was never a part of hockey. How does it now all of a sudden decide the whole game?

Second, instead of 3 players on each team shooting it should be 5 players shooting. It shouldn’t be 3 goal scorers winning you a game. It should be more of a team thing. And since most teams can find 3 goal scores, and not 5 it would make it more of a all around team win with 5 players shooting.

My reasoning is this. NHL hockey games have never been based on 3 players winning you a game if the game is tied. If you don’t agree just wait till you see fluke wins from teams like Washington over a team like Toronto and Toronto a playoff type team loses 2 points because a rare goalie was on a hot streak or having good luck against 3 players on Toronto, so now Toronto get’s no points?

If your a hockey fan (a real one) and you think 3 players on each team should decide who get’s 2 point and who get’s none when the game is tied… then your a fake. Making it past OT should get you a point like it always had. The Shootout is more fun that way. Players can do more moves and the fans don’t go home due to 3 players deciding the end of the game and there team not even getting a point because of a new rule…… “the Shootout.” Which again.. was never a part of hockey.

Us real fans never asked the NHL to change the game we loved to watch. Bringing in the new fans is fine with me… but how do you forget the old ones? To me.. all the moves to change hockey don’t make me love the game any more then I already did…. if anything I’m sitting back watching the shootouts like…. “bring back the old game I loved….. Now that was hockey.”

(I decided to write this after watching my team, NY Rangers beat Boston in a shootout. So this is not to save my team from losing. This is for the real hockey fan.)