Short-term risk in Johnny Boychuk trade

Fluto Shinzawa of the Boston Globe writes … Short-term risk in Johnny Boychuk trade

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  1. leafy says:

    Big decisions today. Maybe a trade will happen too?

  2. LN91 says:

    Anything less then a playoff berth is a disappointment for the Isles…

    This is a very talented squad.

  3. doorman says:

    If this turns out to be a lottery pick and anywhere from 1-3 this will end up crippling the Iles more then people think. this team has the talent but can they put it together. Halak was traded away from a much better Blues team for not getting the job done. The Iles while talented are not the Blues and the aren’t veteran heavy to deal with collapses.

    • LN91 says:

      No offence to the Blues, but Miller was not the upgrade they expected.

      Halak has played well everywhere he went…From Montreal to St. Louis to Washington (Although their for 12 games), so NYI will be no different.

      Upfront, they have a better forward group then most of the league already…And some players have not even come full circle.

      Defensively, although still a weak point (Although, I would take Boychuk and Hamonic on the Leafs any day of the week)…It’s 10x better then it has been in a long time and they have some great prospects coming up.

      If they get to a slow start, Capuano should be fired….This team has too much talent.

      • mojo19 says:

        If nothing else, picking up Boychuk and Leddy should be able to eat some minutes. This takes a ton of heat off of young guns like Hamonic and DeHaan, who otherwise would’ve been thrown to the wolves.

        Great move by the NYI. I’m sure Lubo Visnovsky is relieved that he won’t have to have as much responsibility as well at his age.

  4. leafs_wallace93 says:

    Snow is the new JFJ though stealing Brennan and flipping exposes Nonuts again.

    NYI will be under a ton of pressure, they still need a stud defenseman, if we tank and they’re on the bubble that Phaneuf for Strome pipe dream could easily become a reality.

  5. Gambo says:

    I actually like the forward lines going in.
    Looks like it’s going to be:


    It’s nice to see Carlyle reward a player for their strong training camp(Kozun), but I’m not sure how long it will last. If Kozun struggles and finds himself out of the lineup I think putting Frattin on the 2nd line and Ashton on the 4th with Holland would be just as good or better.

    Really love the 3rd line. If you ignore Clarkson’s contract he should look really good on a 3rd line with a given role and getting 2nd PP time. Will love to see him and Komarov annoy the shit out of the oppositions best and Santorelli is a great 3rd line cetner.

    Can’t wait for the season opener!

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