Should Ottawa be setting their sites for a goaltender???

Many people believe that what the senators need to win the cup is to get a little tougher and, from recent rumours about Bondra, add one more talented forward.

I’ll admit watching Ottawa play is a treat. They have so many players that can burn you and the defense looks solid. (Chara moves so well for a big guy.)
Many of the rumoured players getting traded to Ottawa are those tough forwards or the skilled type, like Bondra. But with the play of Lalime in the past few years and more importantly most recently. Maybe Ottawa really only needs a true solid goalie to win this year.

I am not an Ottawa fan, but I admit they are a top team. But I have always fealt Lalime is their weakness.

Lalime has in his history shown that he can be great for a period of time and then stink it up like no bodies business. Anyone remember his debut in Pittsburgh??

It seems that whenever he is in major pressure situations he collapses. If he ever has to beat the other goalie then my money is on the other guy. Last year he made it to the conference finals because all of the goalies ahead of Brodeur weren’t major players. (Islanders and Philli) Yes he can take them to game seven, but is it really him that takes them to game seven, or the team.

I just write this because it seems that Prusek is playing alot better then him. And when Lalime does come back as the number one, he lets in some major weak ones. (The Islanders game, and the dreadful loss last night to Dallas)

So I think that if Muckler really wanted to win this year, I would look at getting that tough winger. (You already have a crazy power play team and offense throughout the line up). But I would also seriously look at getting a goalie. (just in case) They have enough assets.

Those are my two cents