Should Ottawa be setting their sites for a goaltender???

Many people believe that what the senators need to win the cup is to get a little tougher and, from recent rumours about Bondra, add one more talented forward.

I’ll admit watching Ottawa play is a treat. They have so many players that can burn you and the defense looks solid. (Chara moves so well for a big guy.)
Many of the rumoured players getting traded to Ottawa are those tough forwards or the skilled type, like Bondra. But with the play of Lalime in the past few years and more importantly most recently. Maybe Ottawa really only needs a true solid goalie to win this year.

I am not an Ottawa fan, but I admit they are a top team. But I have always fealt Lalime is their weakness.

Lalime has in his history shown that he can be great for a period of time and then stink it up like no bodies business. Anyone remember his debut in Pittsburgh??

It seems that whenever he is in major pressure situations he collapses. If he ever has to beat the other goalie then my money is on the other guy. Last year he made it to the conference finals because all of the goalies ahead of Brodeur weren’t major players. (Islanders and Philli) Yes he can take them to game seven, but is it really him that takes them to game seven, or the team.

I just write this because it seems that Prusek is playing alot better then him. And when Lalime does come back as the number one, he lets in some major weak ones. (The Islanders game, and the dreadful loss last night to Dallas)

So I think that if Muckler really wanted to win this year, I would look at getting that tough winger. (You already have a crazy power play team and offense throughout the line up). But I would also seriously look at getting a goalie. (just in case) They have enough assets.

Those are my two cents


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  1. nskerr says:

    Lets see, if I remember correctly, both Burke and Kolzig have gone to the Stanley Cup. Usually Lalime lets in a 90 footer somewhere in the playoffs that cause him to lose confidence. Believe me, I hope Ottawa goes with him because they will be out in the Eastern Finals if not before.

  2. thomas2984 says:

    Gimme a break buddy why don’t u watch TSN some more – or is it just a coincidence that Pierre McGuire said the exact same thing last night…whatta joke….get some of your own news!!!

  3. jacosta says:

    This is a decent criticism. The others are too insult laden.

    Actually my comment wasn’t just about the blow outs. And no I did not hear McQuire say that. I was flipping between the Flyers, St. Louis and the Raptor game.

    The comment that made me really think about writing this article was one I heard a while back ago when the sens were just coming out of the funk they were in and that was the point that they had the most amount of one goal losses this year. Something like that.

    That stat tells me that maybe Lalime or Prusek has let in one softy. Not necessarily the game winner but let in that one softy that the team just can;t get over.

    Look at the Islanders game. The Islanders were up four or something. And then the Islanders just imploded to the Sens in the third.

    That game should not have been a close one.

    I look at more the one goal losses and the scores of the Lalime games over the Prusek games to tell me that LAlime is letting in some goals that he should not. Hell every goalie does but he is letting a few too many that is all.

    Also I never in my article wrote that they should trade Lalime.. I did state however maybe like Colorado they should look at an experienced back up for the playoffs.

    And that’s my final answer Regis

  4. jacosta says:

    You know I actually didn’t hear Macquire say that. I wrote this article after hearing something said a while ago by someone else regarding the Sens record in one goal games.

    The debacle last night and the one against the Islanders prompted me to write this.

    And if it gets people to comment then all the better. Better than half the posts listed.


  5. sensandoilersfan says:

    I agree with Sasksen…If anything the Leafs are the biggest bunch of whiners. Every single time a penalty is called against them, Quinn, Roberts, and Tucker whine like little bitches.

  6. SaskSen says:

    ahmen, you said it.

    I doa gree that we need another dman. Rachunek just isn’t cutting it. He would be fine on the third pairing. Phillips and Chara are great together, when the A-train returns put him back with Curtis, that leaves Redden and ????. For now Rachunek. But wow I would have loved to get Sydor off Columbus. The price sounded reasnoable too.

    But whatever. Rachunek is a good player but not when you are asking him to play 20+ minutes a game. As well to against top lines. He doesn’t have the defensive game. I would be in favour of bringing Hnidy in instead but then we lose the offence.

    What D would like to add right now. I would love to get Matvichuck out of Dallas. He was on the block earlier supposedly. It is wishful thinking but whatever.

  7. SaskSen says:

    If I was Ottaw I wouldn’t make this deal. As much as I would love to have Luongo and admit he is an upgrade on Lalime it doesn’t make sense.

    Why give up Havlat, who is going to be our best forward (sorry Hossa) in two or three years.? Not only that but to give Phillips up as well. He is a valuable member of the team, plus really good friends with Redden.

    It would be great to get Luongo but that is a lot of Chemistry your messing with. Plus Huselius doesn’t do it for me. He is like a European Chris Gratton. Just lazy and waste of talent.

  8. OldNord says:

    It doesn’t matter what he said in the locker-room. The game is on the ice and Alfredsson is a model on it. He goes in the corners, scores, stand up for his team-mates. It’s an hard worker, no one can complain about that.

  9. wayne2 says:

    Lalime is not having his best year but lets not forget

    that he is responsible in big part for last year`s

    playoff run(remember when Alfie wasnt himself).

    This said,as suggested by another fan i would

    consider trying to acquire Luongo,he`s one of the

    top 3 goalie in the league(Brodeur and Theodore)

    and his a lot more stable than Lalime.If Lalime gets

    his game back then simply concentrate on getting

    a little tougher for playoffs.As another fan said,he

    isnt pleased with Rachunek`s play,here`s my trade

    proposal:Bonk and Rachunek to Dallas for Arnott and Boucher,we get a little tougher and still an

    offensive defensemen in Boucher and we get tougher and leadership from Arnott.I`d like to this

    come playoff time:

    1-Schaefer/White/Alfredson(work well together)

    2-Vermette/Arnott/Hossa(remember Elias/sykora)

    3-Smolinski/Spezza/Havlat(very threatening)

    4-Varada/Fisher/Neil(gritty tough line)

  10. greatlife15 says:

    I admit that Ottawa’s team is really good, but their captain is the whiniest most stuck up brat i’ve ever seen. THey need someone who will lead them. THe goalie suggestion…. I think it’s good that they should be looking for a goalie. I don’t like the Sens, but their plays are pretty.

  11. TheShack says:

    You’re offering up way to much in Havlat and Phillips. I think that Lalime, Phillips and 1st rounder would be plenty, and I’m not even sure that I’d do that. With a couple of goalies waiting in the wings, it may be a mistake trying to go after a goalie of Luongo’s age, especially with the amount you’re proposing to get him. Clearly there is no easy solution, and unless the Sens can acquire a goalie markedly better than Lalime, why bother?

  12. TheShack says:

    OK, here’s my “vision” of what the Sens should do to ready themselves for

    the playoffs. Let me know if you think that I’m way out to lunch!

    Schatslivy —> Bondra

    3nd round pick

    (Sens don’t resign Bondra and basically give him back to Washington for 3rd

    round pick at the end of the year)

    White —> Smyth


    2nd round pick

    (Oilers aren’t going to make the playoffs and are in “rebuilding” mode –

    they need help at all positions just look at their roster!)

    4th round pick —> Carney

    (Carney is unrestricted at the end of the year and the Ducks aren’t going to

    make the playoffs – sens try to resign him to replace Leschyshyn when he’s

    won the cup)


    Smyth – Smolinski – Alfredsson

    Bondra – Bonk – Hossa

    Schaefer – Spezza – Havlat

    Vermetter – Fisher – Neil

    Van Allen


    Redden – Rachunek

    Chara – Phillips

    Carney – Leschyshyn





    Long term it looks pretty good too, it creates an opening at centre (where

    there is a log jam). We get a gritty LW in Smyth and Bondra’s place taken by

    Varada next year. On D we replace a responsible vet with a slightly younger


  13. SaskSen says:

    Just a couple things….

    No way we get Carney for a 4th rounder. The Ducks have already said he is off the market along with Salei, and some other guy. If we are going to get him it will take a lot more than a 4th rounder.

    The Smyth deal looks okay, only that I don’t know how welll he would do in Ottawa. He is not….um….how shall I say a smart guy. Actually he is dumber than a bag of nails. I just don’t see him fitting in with a bunch of finese players

    Bondra will be more like Schastlivy and a 2nd rounder. I don’t think we need him though. I would like to see a push for O’neill who can play LW, is tough and brings exactly what we need.

  14. TheShack says:

    I agree with O’Neill, he’d be great. I was actually hoping that he continued to slump, so that his value would stay depressed. But what would it take to get him. He’s out of a contract at the end of the year, which is not big deal, but he’s fairly young, proven and the asking price would be quite high. Probably something like Vermette and Rachunek, but then the Sens would be taking on a lot of salary. I like your thinking, but I think that one would be tough to iron out.

  15. Aetherial says:

    Apology? your insult was implied.

    Clean hit. Well, it wasn’t. You can say whatever you want about that. I saw it as a clear boarding call.

    So we will have to agree to disagree.

    The fact remains, Alfredsson blamed losing to Leafs, yet again, on someone because they can’t skate and they purposely gashed their head on the boards. There were two separate quotes from Alfredsson on this.

    THAT is why he is a whiny-ass punk. Captains should not make excuses; especially not ones as stupid as that.

    Then, of course there was the little “mock stick throwing” thing he did a couple weeks ago when Ottawa was pasting the Leafs… who were missing 3 of their top5 forwards and 2 of their top 3 defense mind you.

    That was a classless move, end of story.

  16. Aetherial says:

    Alfredsson is a FANTASTIC hockey player.

    He is a crappy captain. Yes, it does matter what is said off the ice if you are the captain of the team. It matters when you come up with lame-ass excuses why you lost, yet again, to a team you were supposed to be able to beat.

    It matters a great deal because he typifies the attitude of the Senators at the time. Perhaps, they will be different this year.

    Or maybe they need a real captain and just need to let Alfredsson go out and play.

  17. davidhabba says:

    you laffers are notorious for whining about non-calls and baiting refs. Let me educate you. Alfredsson hit tucker from the side along the shoulder. Tucker fell to his right side into his shoulder. That is not checking from behind. I work at one of the sports networks and have seen this play numerous times. You leafs can’t help but whine all the time, you follow the true Leader of the Leafs – Pat “ref-baiter” Quinn.

  18. OldNord says:

    But his purposes was said after an highly emotional game. I see nothing wrong with this. He was frustrated and it’s normal. Anyway that happened when, two or three season ago, I’m pretty sure that he’s a better captain right now with the experience. I don’t think his team-mates have held this situation against him.

  19. OldNord says:

    Luongo would be an upgrade over Lalime and Lalime is an excellent goalie IMO. With Luongo, Ottawa could win three Cups in the next decade, even with Lalime, Hlavat and Phillips and a late 1st round pick in a poor draft gone to Florida. Huselius with Ottawa would do some damages I guess.

  20. MurphyTheWonderDog says:


  21. Slybel says:

    You are right on this!

    I have been syaing this for a while now!

    Alfie is not Captain material! Yeah, he’s a great player… but not a team leader. !!!

    And Lalime needs to start fresh somewhere else… he’s not a preasure man…

  22. Slybel says:

    Hmmm…. no!

    He cannot play up here… (Toronto, Montreal & Ottawa).

    He falls under preasure!!!

  23. sensman99 says:

    For all you who think Alfie isn’t captain material just shut up. Alfie’s a guy the Sens can count on to hustle. Mucks and Martin want the other players to hustle and Alfie hustles, so the other players’ll hustle. Alfie’s a great leader so if anybody says that he’s not, just think about the facts before you say anything unintelligent. And if you’re a whiny ass-punk leaf fan (like they all are) you suck.

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