Should Snow Buy or should he Sell? suggests that the Islanders are only a few players away from being a legitimate cup contender. Although players such as Tkackuk, Guerin and others would be a big help to the team newsday feels that they would be better off waiting until the summer to pick up players rather than selling off the farm for today.

Although it is well known that these players could be available I wonder about waiting. It feels like the Islanders fans have been waiting forever to be back in the hunt and if Snow waits to make changes it is possible that they could miss the playoffs completely.

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6 Responses to Should Snow Buy or should he Sell?

  1. muckies says:

    the Isles are very far from being Cup contenders with Yashin and Satan as their 31 guys, but they should definetly BUY, they have a goalie that can get them in.

    The Isles need to do something after the joke that franchise has been this summer. BUY, make the playoffs and quiet the critics.

  2. mtl_prince says:

    i hope they buy, they've had such a poor team for awhile now that it would be nice to see them contend for something other then the top 10 draft choices

  3. tancred says:

    They're only two points out right now, and part of me would love to see them in the playoffs.  Maybe they should wait until the last two days before the trade deadline, see where they are then, and then decide on which path to take.  Like some one else said, if the Islanders do become buyers, I wouldn't give up too much.  

  4. cecilturtle says:

    Do not sell… Do not buy…  Keep the team as is and this years winner of the Annual Wang Lifetime Contract Award should go to Arron Asham!  


  5. gizzy77 says:

    This guy in newsday (Greg Logan) I think his name is, is an idot along with Larry Brroks who covers the Ragers. The metro area is  great for hockey fans Isles, Devils and Rangers and were stuck with some of the worst hockey writers in the world. The Islanders need to Buy Period………

    1. First reason- were are the Islander fans where one of the biggest suprise  teams of the NHL so far and when I go to games there are four or five thousand empty seats.

    2.second reason- DP can win games single handly ask anyone who watched the leafs game the other night outshot 16-1 in the third, he gives his team a chance to win any given night.

    3.Third reason-  We need offense were a 2 line team right now Kozlov-Satan-Tambaline & Stillinger- Hunter- Hilbert, Blake is lost without Yashin, with a player like Guerin were alot more complete, Yashin-Blake Guerin.

    4.We have some good prospects wating in the wings Nilsson, O'marra and Opuska to name a few ,we can get buy this year without a number one pick.

    5.Ted Nolan is a players coach and if this team makes a good run in the playoffs it won't be hard to convince a guy like Guerin to sign next year.

  6. Uncleben says:

    they should definetley sell. it would give the Leafs more of a chance 🙂 and they need every bit of help they can get

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