Should The Bruins Trade Savard?

According to many, marc Savard is being shopped by the Bruins. Rumors have included Savard, Wheeler, and the #15 for the #4, Marc Savard for the #3, and Marc Savard for Tomas Kaberle . I, for one, don’t buy into it. I think the Bruins signed Savard to a 7 year contract extension for a reason. Maybe in a few years when Tyler Seguin may be able to fulfill the #1 center role, then it could be considered, but I think this is reporters trying to create something out of nothing. But, let’s look at the upside and downside of trading Savard.

The Bruins unload 4 million off the cap
You leave open a spot for Krejci, Bergeron, or Seguin to shine
You can get a good amount of talent in return for him
(That’s all I can come up with)

You lose an elite playmaker, who is also your best player and passer
You lose your #1 center
If you get an elite sniper, you don’t have a truly great center to feed him
You have no options to replace his point production, internally or externally
Trading him before his new 7 year deal kicks in would kill the team in the future when they look to sign FA’s to long term deals

So, what do you guys think? Should Savard be traded or not? Will he be traded or not? Are these rumors true or are they loads of shit?