Should The Bruins Trade Savard?

According to many, marc Savard is being shopped by the Bruins. Rumors have included Savard, Wheeler, and the #15 for the #4, Marc Savard for the #3, and Marc Savard for Tomas Kaberle . I, for one, don’t buy into it. I think the Bruins signed Savard to a 7 year contract extension for a reason. Maybe in a few years when Tyler Seguin may be able to fulfill the #1 center role, then it could be considered, but I think this is reporters trying to create something out of nothing. But, let’s look at the upside and downside of trading Savard.

The Bruins unload 4 million off the cap
You leave open a spot for Krejci, Bergeron, or Seguin to shine
You can get a good amount of talent in return for him
(That’s all I can come up with)

You lose an elite playmaker, who is also your best player and passer
You lose your #1 center
If you get an elite sniper, you don’t have a truly great center to feed him
You have no options to replace his point production, internally or externally
Trading him before his new 7 year deal kicks in would kill the team in the future when they look to sign FA’s to long term deals

So, what do you guys think? Should Savard be traded or not? Will he be traded or not? Are these rumors true or are they loads of shit?

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  1. Tachmo says:

    I find it rather nerve racking to hear of such rumours. I get a sick feeling in my stomach with the thought of trading away Savard. Your comments are all bang on with the downsides of trading him.

    I would rather have Savard then Kaberle if I had to choose. The trade for the #4 is outlandish.

    One thing that wasn't mentioned is Savard was aweful in the playoffs outside of scoring the OT goal in game #1. I really hope he can regain his form, but he was not good all year and was injured. It is debatable if he will ever get back into form after that concussion. If the Boston brass knows something us fans don't know in the fact Savard is detiorating as a player then they should deal him. I don't think I am ready to quite go there however, I think he will be back with a bang this year and with a better supporting cast the future looks bright in Boston

  2. nordiques100 says:

    there are downsides to those looking to acquire him.

    With a 7 year contract, that's a long time to be locked into a 32 year old.

    That severe concussion is a major concern. Sure, Bergeron came back ok, but Savard is older, has had previous concussion issues and did not look right whatsoever in the playoffs.

    They will have to move a centre/forward at some point. Seguin needs a spot and best to play him at his natural position up the middle than move him to the wing at the NHL level.

    Bergeron is in need of a new deal. He is going to command a raise for sure. Because of that, i think that is a key reason why Savard's name has come up.

    Seguin needs a spot, krecji is very affordable and good, Bergeron is a glue guy and so key in all situations. Savard is thus expendable.

    And lets not forget Hamill, Colborne are on the way, Horton is too a natural centre.

    And with Thomas and his NMC and 3 years left on a 5 mil per deal, he may be impossible to move, thus Savard being a logical choice for cap considerations.

  3. inurface says:

    obviously peter knows its not guaranted tht savard will come back to being 90 point guy ….old veteran looooooooong contract

    having said tht hes still got a potential to being a point per game guy if he comes to leafs..

    but if boston trades him it will give them bad rep bc hes potentially their nxt captain and he did take a hometown discount

    savard to kaberle is a gamble to both teams ….i say no from tor and bos side.

    eh trading with boston gives me headaches..

    no not the kessel trade,,, i agree with tht trade actually no matter  wht happens

    remember tuuka rask for raycroft…….damn

  4. futurebruin says:

    Horton may be a natural center but he played wing most of the time in Florida and the Bruins plan on playing him at wing.  Hamill is not on the way.  He's stuck in the minors as an impending bust.  Colborne is on the way, but they may let Bergy walk to bring up Colborne.  Seguin is a natural center as well, but he played alot of wing in juniors and was very productive.  Has Savard had a concussion before?  If so, it was a minor one, which is no big deal.  Savard won't be moved for cap considerations.  Their number 1 center making 4.2 per year, that's cap friendly.

  5. Boston_Bruins says:

    I actually get angry when I hear these rumors. I'm sure Chiarelli has fielded calls about him from other GM's but that's part of his job. I would be really angry if they traded him.

    I really like what Chiarelli is doing with the offense. He's getting alot of versatile guys that can play either forward position so Julien can mix and match for chemistry. If Seguin struggles as a winger Bergeron just moves over. They don't need to get rid of a center.

  6. Boston_Bruins says:

    Colborne should actually enter the NHL as a winger, but he's still a year away at least.

    Savard does have concussion history before the Cooke hit but I don't think it was all that bad.

  7. Kramer says:

    If my ACC sources are right, the Leafs are gonna make a big move tomorrow.

  8. Dunski23 says:

    I really hate the Kaberle for Savard trade, mainly because it has the chance of going so much in TO's favor. Savard could very well go to TO regain his form and be the perfect center for Kessel. Having a perfect compliment to an awesome scorer signed for so cheap isn't something you want to give a division rival who just so happens to be in control of a pick Boston owns. Kaberle scares me, as well. He is an awesome player, but there is only one year left on his deal. He seems to be very loyal to TO. I have nightmare's of this deal happening, TO getting their number 1 center for Kessel, and then Kaberle resigning with them after next season. The only way I would do a trade involving Kaberle and Savard is if there is some sort of retainable piece coming back Boston's way (which i don't see happening). I wouldn't mind it if it was Kaberle and Caputi/Stalberg for Savard but that's about it. Caputi/Stalberg would be RFA's after the season which would give Boston a chance of retaining something since i really don't see Kaberle staying for some reason.

    The other two I hate even more. I think trading the B's possibly best forward for a pick that will likely be D-Man doesn't make sense for a low scoring team in opinion

  9. Tachmo says:

    Bergeron already makes 4.75 million. A year ago that was an immovable contract. Now that he has rebounded he is valuable again. Although I don't think he will command a raise from 4.75 million.

  10. frankinboltonleafs says:

    Sorry but I have to laugh…the best thing that could happen for you is a straight up Kaberle/Savard trade. Savard is done a la Lafontaine/Lindros. My poor cursed Leafs have a long history of picking up your offal. (Secord, Kristtich). We've given you two top firsts over two years and a second to boot! We practically rebuilt your franchise. You can't even sell out your own building without coupons and grocery store deals yet having a promising future. Sorry! But I'm just so sick of the Bruins. Your saving grace is Bobby Orr…if it weren't for him you'd be an AHL team

  11. Tachmo says:

    That is a good point. Boston has the 2011 1st round pick from Tor, how could I forget. By no means should Boston help the Leafs. Who knows from there, Savard-Kessel and possibly Kovalchuk on the same team. That could quite possibly be a playoff team and perhaps a team that leads the conference. It's possible with fire power like that.

    There is no reason to move Savard for Kaberle. The defence is quite set now in Boston, all they need is to resign Stuart and they will be fine. I would much rather see Boston trade Thomas and Wideman to free up cap space and a defence position. Then go ahead maybe Gonchar or some other offensive defenceman. This way we don't give up Savard.


    If I were the Bruins I would keep Savard.. I think if they draft Seguin the guy they should deal is Krejci.. I'm just not that sold on him, and maybe they can trade him for a good young dman.. not Kaberle.. There is no need in Boston to shake the team up too much.. last season was a disapointment, but they will rebound fine with Horton, which I think playing with Savard will net 35-40 goals, Lucic will rebound as will Savard.. the Bruins just need to add some offensive to the blueline.. A guy like M. Carle would be good.. now that Flyers have Hamhuis they will be looking to move a dman.
    2010 2nd ROUND PICK(32ND)


  13. Tachmo says:

    3 way deal:

    Tor – Jeff Carter
    Phi – Tim Thomas, 2nd round pick from Bos (tor)
    Bos – Kaberle

    I don't like this that much if I am Philly. I love this if I'm Boston and Toronto.

  14. leafy says:

    Ask yourself, why is Boston suddenly so interested in moving Savard? If you said salary, I don't buy it the least bit. You don't suddenly decide to move a 90 point producer to clear cap space. Savard's contract isn't that big for his talent.

    Pretty obvious, Boston wants to move Savard because they are worried about his concussion. This has red flags all over the place.

    If it's not bad enough we were bamboozled in the Tuuka Rask trade for Andrew Raycoft, and possibly in the Kessel trade (depending on what happens this upcoming season), now we want to make another ill-advised trade with Boston?  Come on Burkie baby!!!

    No more trades with Boston!!!!!!

  15. Dunski23 says:

    WTF is this dip shit talking about. Coupons and Grocery store deals? This isn't Sunrise, FL jackass.


    hes a Leafs fan.. honestly what else did you expect?

  17. cam7777 says:

    Burke already put this to bed.  He said he was annoyed at this rumor and that it was not true at all.  Chiarelli however said that he is shopping Savard and Thomas.  So the rumor came entirely from Boston for once.  They obviously want Kaberle, but they can F right off if they only want to give us a concussed, broken Savard.

  18. cam7777 says:

    I said the same thing yesterday. Maybe the Leafs throw in their 2nd in 2011, and the Bruins add Marchand as well, and then Philly would do it.  Thomas is expensive for an old man, and they need to be compensated.  It's a solid premise for a trade though.

  19. cam7777 says:

    I read a report that said the Cooke hit was his 4th concussion – which makes it pretty serious.  I can understand the nervousness about off-loading him, but it's a bigger risk to hold onto him and have him not regain form.  Sure, 4 million for a top center is a bargain.  4 million for a concussed PP specialist that's a shell of his former self – that's cap liability.

    Chiarelli is so shrewd, he will try and rape someone with Savard.  You'll get a solid return, I just hope it's not from Toronto.

  20. Tachmo says:

    This is like I mentioned earlier, please don't go getting ridiculous with Kaberle's value. If Boston offered up Savard for Kaberle, that would have to be the easiest decision Burke ever makes. He would be tripping to sign that trade offer.

  21. Tachmo says:

    I'm assuming that is a salary dump? That is a pathetic trade offer.
    Boston's 1st pick from last year, another draft pick and Thomas for the inconsistent Carle?

    How about this one:

    Leblanc, 27th pick in 2010, and Plekanec
    Matt Carle

  22. mojo19 says:

    Ya, like I said to Cam's proposal, i think the Flyers would want more. Also this isn't something I see happening at the draft, but could be a possibility in July if Philly misses out on Mason, Turco, and Nabakov.


    take Plekanec out, and replace with Hamrlik.. my reasoning is Thomas is a salary dump, So the trade is really Caron and 2nd for Carle.. I like Thomas but with all the free agent goalies on the market, Boston needs to give up some assests to get rid of him.. Carle is not the next Norris winner, but hes not that bad..

  24. futurebruin says:

    Chiarelli never said he was shopping Savard.  He only said he had taken a few calls on him.

  25. leafmeister says:

    Boston fans….any interest in a deal based around Kaberle for Krejci? Im not sure if the Leafs would go for it, but would you have any interest?

  26. leafy says:

    You are totally missing the point. This has nothing to do with Kaberle.

    I'll give you a hint. Do the names Keith Primeau and Pat Lafontaine ring a bell?

  27. TmLeafan says:

    ironic haha

  28. frankinboltonleafs says:

     I expected a thanks for giving away Rask…kinda like you'd expect the same from …who….the Blues was it? for Halak? LOL!

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