Should the habs consider trading huet?

With the way the goaltending has been in the recent month or so, i’m starting to think if maybe gainey should kick some tires and see if there is any interest in huet. Abby has been much better of late and huet would fetch much more in return considering he still has another year in his contract. Abby has made it known that he wants to stay in montreal but as a starter, he is also 3 years younger and with halak, danis and price on the way, it won’t be long before there is a changing of the guard. So i would at least check for interest while he still has value

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  1. the_purolator_guy says:

    i forgot to add that i would only trade huet if they got a capable backup in return such as belfour out of floida or joseph out of phoenix, i am also aware that abby is a ufa this year but i'm sure if he knows he is gonna be the starter he would not risk looking somewhere else for a new contract.  Huet would be a nice fit for a team looking for goaltending and would bring a nice return, i realize that huet did alot for the organization since last january but this is a business and goaltending is the one part of the organization that we can afford to make a trade with to bring in am impact player

  2. Labrosse says:

    this is a stupid idea, should we have traded aebischer when huet played better in the first half of the season? if we had done it, now we would be forced to play huet even if he is underachieving and aebischer has not been that great yesterday against the sens

  3. alex_nrv says:

    True that. Entirely agreed.
    People wanted to trade Abby cause we didn't needed him with Huet playing good and we could get something decent in return. Abby was a OK playing goaler then. Now Huet looks bad, people want to trade him… Abby is the same goalie he was before christmas. But people do rely on him!

    The only reason and goalier I would trade is Abby because of of his UFA status, and we are assured to have decent backups from the farm club anytime soon!
    Have you seen Halak's stats? He's leading the AHL! (He was 2 weeks ago… but he's probably still in the best!)

    And it's true that yesterday against Ottawa, 2 goals against Abby we're silly ones. Not supposed to go in! So we can't trade any of them. One goes bad, we have a good backup!

    Let's finish the season first!
    Anyways, we have Halak/Danis coming in next year.

    And like I read on another board… most of the lately cup winning teams had 2 great goalers to count on! Gerber busted up against montreal, even if he had a nice season! Ward did the replacement and won the cup.
    You need 2 good capable-goalies to run far in the playoffs!!

    Keeps those 2, you already have fair salary/goalie average!

  4. mikey64 says:

    They should atleast keep both for now until the end of the season Abby is doing better then Huet now but wat happens if abby goes into a slump then we have huet which is just as good as Abby he just needs to get his game back

  5. Stubbs25ca says:

    Thats not the smartes thing i ever heard .. Abby .. what did abby do for the habs sence he got here .. i have my doubt if his GAA is under 3 and if his SV% is above .900 .. just because your number one goes on a little bad stretch does not mean trade him .. if you looked at the habs stats its not the GA thats the problem its the GF Higgins Koivu Ryder Samsonov Kovaleve are all on big time slumps  just wait . now the habs are getting Begin back and with the deadline approaching we should be able to pick up a second line center that we desperately need .. dont jump on the back of the Goaltender that single handedly got us in the playoffs in the first place .. and if Halak is on his way up wouldt it be better to have an older goaltender to teach him along the way .. Aebischer is a good goaltender but for god sake dont trade away our bread and butter over a slump i agree with what the other guy said in the fact we should keep them both .. montreal is a very hard city to play in and to post 7 shoutouts in 20 games is not small feat .. Huet did it last year down the stretch and i have faith he will again . and imo i think the reason why the habs are playing Aebischer more now is for two reasons . and again this is my opinion . A.  to give Huet a rest and not to embarass him because of the recent slump the team is in and B. cause they want Aebischer to look good when the trade deadline comes to see what they can get for him in return . and again this is my opinion

  6. mikey64 says:

    I cant wait for Halak to start playing for montreal and yes we realyy do need some offence alot of it if we wanna make it to the playoffs and i still like both goalies and abby will be put out as trade bate so we could get a good foward

  7. hesaplayer says:

    Price is still a couple years away ; if they are to bring him along properly. Huet, do you really think that he is of any value NOW? Let's in too many soft goals at the worst of times and he simply cannot steal a game for you. Stick with Abby and bring Price along slowly next year or two, as a 20 game/season player. What they REALLY need right now is a player like Bill Guerin. Some grit, muscle, experience, and leadership. He offers it all!

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