Sheldon Souray will become an unrestricted free agent on July 1st the habs do need him to score goals but not re-signing him would save the habs a lot of money to sign other free agents.


  1. Les-Habitants says:

    This answer will burn me, but I'm gonna throw it out there:

    Yes, they should re-sign Souray.

    The goal of every GM is to build a cup contender, and Gainey has set himself the deadline of the Habs centennial.  Now, a contender doesn't equal a cup, but a team that people can see honestly winning (in this case, beyond just the Hab fans).

    Part of that picture is Souray, or at least I think so.  While his 5 on 5 often leaves me cringing, one must look at his overall play.  He plays in every possible scenario, from the PK to PP, logs the most ice time consistently on the team, and is a great veteran presence. 

    Signing not just Souray, but Markov as well, to a long term contract will also send a message to all Habs fans: that we're serious, the a cup is the actual goal.

    While there a few other pieces that need to be added, prospects like Kostitsyn, Latendesse, Pleks, Higgins, Ryder, and Lapierre are helping to fill those holes.  If a first tier forward can be pulled to Montreal, like Smyth, Briere, or Drury, this would help immensely.

    But the first step, before July 1st even arrives, is to sign Souray…right after the ink has dried on Markov's contract.

  2. cristowall39 says:

    the habs  should not keep souray because all he does is score. hes one of the worst defencemen in the league. he may be a leader for the habs but gainey can sign a 35 goal scorer for less than he can sign souray for whose probably gonna ask for around 5.5 mil. I dont think he deserves it because he may score some goals but he also leads the league in turnovers.

    The habs need a real star like smyth, guerin and or briere/drury

  3. habsoverserver says:

    souray is taking the same number of shots as usual this season, but due to random luck, a higher percentage of them are going into the net.  next year, his shooting percentage will revert to the mean.  offsetting this,  if he switches teams to one that draws more penalties, he will get to take more shots. 

    look at the kings – high # of powerplays, low powerplay scoring percentage.  makes a ton of sense for the kings to overpay for souray. 

    on the montreal side of things, no free agents will sign with them, their only chance is to re-sign their existing free agents, so montreal has no choice but to go after souray.  there are no free agent or trade alternatives to him. 

    in the end, montreal will feel forced to resign souray to more than what he is worth, he will score fewer goals for them next season due to a lower shooting percentage and fans will complain that gainey blundered again by overpaying for a one dimensional player. 

    been there. done that.  in my opinion, they should have traded him at the deadline. 

    for those of you who disagree with my thesis that souray's goal scoring is random luck, look at the season by season shooting percentages for any 10 powerplay qb's.  some years they have a 6% shooting percentage, some years it is an 8-9%.   it's just random and evens out over the course of a career. 

  4. TheStryker says:

    I would sign him to a 3 year 12 750 000 contract, 4.25 a year. Nothing more than that. But I would sign Markov first. 4 years 18 million. 4.5 a year. Cause we have to re-sign Komisarek, Higgins, Pleckanec, who will all get raises. We also have to decide what to do with Ryder. We also have to sign Emelin and Valentenko to entry level contracts.

  5. the_purolator_guy says:

    I think we should keep souray, he's the best pp man in the league sure he does have his defensive short comings, but what offensive style dman doesn't?  Without him this season our pp would of been average at  best and we wouldn't even be close to a playoff spot.  As for his plus minus, horid goaltending also played a big part of it.  In today's nhl special teams rule and u can guarantee there are 29 other teams who would love to have this guy.  I believe there have already been talks about re-signing cause i doubt gainey would of traded rivet if there was no chance of signing souray.  Ninnamaa will be let go at the end of the season also, so combine rivet and niinamaa's salary , you just signed souray.  Then with abby and sammy's salary  gone u just signed markov as well.

  6. Hoondog2 says:

    Case in point – Bryan McCabe, these players are virtually the same type of player.  (the only noticeable difference might be that McCabe is quicker and Souray is tougher).  Souray will get close to 6 mill. next year!

  7. Komic-J says:

    Personally, I don't think we should keep him…that's why I wanted Bob Gainey to trade him at the deadline. But he didn't and handcuffed himself in my opinion.

    There's no way he can let him go now, he decided to keep Souray when he could have traded him for a pretty good return (buyers were severly overpaying this season) and now, he has to sign him no matter what, especially if the Habs miss the playoffs. Otherwise, everybody in Montreal, including me, is going to criticize him. Souray knows that, and his agent Don Meehan knows it too. And Meehan's not exactly the most "flexible" agent.

    Souray's having the best year of his career, posting numbers he'll probably won't be able to repeat. He's gonna try to cash it big, and long term. And I just don't think it would be a great decision to sign him under these circumstances. With the salary cap, a move like that can be pretty deadly.

    Unless he manages to sign Souray for less than $4.0 per year, I will always criticize Gainey on that decision. No matter how I put it, Gainey just can't win. If he signs him over that, then he overpaid and I'll be mad at him. If he lets him go, then I'm mad at him for not trading him at the deadline. So in my case, it's a lost cause…I'll be mad no matter what.

    But I know a lot of fans want Souray back, and wouldn't mind giving him the $5.0 he'll ask for. So at this point, I think Gainey should sign him…at least, he'll look good for a majority of fans.

  8. nychabfan says:

    Since he wasn't traded before trading deadline in seller's market for a good return, Souray should be signed for a long term for as low as possible, made available for a trade to a higher bider and consequently be traded for a good prospect and/or  a high draft pick/s,therefore making up to a certain degree what a team did not get for him earlier.  If GM cannot sign him at all or chooses to sign and keep him, that will be another huge mistake, since Souray won't be anywere close to the points total of this season and defensively he is a big liability, so in that case the team will be in another Samsonov's situation, only more expensive one.     

  9. ferron says:

    well now that we didn't trade him at the deadline, we probably will sign him but i would rather see sammy and souray go and try to get KARIYA and TIMONEN or the other MARKOV from detroit instead.

  10. HeardHere1st says:

    They have to be careful …they should not do what the Leafs did when they signed McCabe ($7.15M) or Ottawa when they signed Redden ($6.5M).  Neither of those guys deserve Lidstrom, Pronger, Chara or Niedermayer money.  While Souray has good size and a great shot, he should not get more than $5M or $5.5M per season.  They should be able to fit that under the cap.  If he wants more, trade him fast!  The good news about Souray is, he is only truning 31 this summer and should have a lot of hockey left in him, the bad new is he is not a heck of a lot more than a PP speacialist with his wicked shot (75% of his points on the PP).

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