Should the Leafs trade Sundin?

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William Houston of the Globe and Mail is suggesting that it may be time for the Leafs to trade Mats Sundin.

Although the first thing that may of you will say is “he has a no trade clause” the reality is that Sundin may be able to fetch a hefty return for the Leafs. According to Bill Watters, it is time for the Leafs to send Sundin packing to a team that is a contender because the Leafs would “fetch a huge package of prospects and draft picks that would help the team to rebuild.”

HTR believes that although it would be devastating to many Leaf fans to see Sundn go on his way, Watters does have a point. At present time the Leafs are in a downward spiral andi some would argue that it would only be fair to Sundin to see him have a chance to win a cup before he retires.

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  1. I-BE-LEAF says:

    Even better – let's examine Kubina compared to all the defence in the NHL:

    Tied for 4th in assists, tied for 6th in points, tied for 10th in +/-, and only 23rd for minutes/game which would indicate that he's not being over-played as some would like to make you believe.

  2. 93213 says:

    Fact is IF they trade Sundin, they won't do it until the deadline to get best value for him. Vancouver would be a great fit, he and Naslund would make a nice combo in the playoffs… this is assuming that Vancouver will be able to turn is up and be strong enough to think they have a cup chance. This is also assuming that the Leafs will tank….

    I don't see that. They get Bell back, they get Wellwood back and I think the Leafs end the season just a game or 3 above .500 so same as last season they think they can make the playoffs in that no. 8 position, maybe 7 depending how close it is. Fact is, they will finnish the season anywhere between 7th and 12th with maybe 4 points, that are decided in the last 3 games, between these teams, choosing who makes it.
    The Leafs are hooped, because they aren't really good enough to win, but not bad enough to tank. It's frustrating.
    Two scenerios to hope for.
    1. Antropov stays healthy and keeps it up (long shot)
     Stajan and Steen play like 2nd liners all season
     Bell steps up and has a 25 goal season.
     McCabe stops being McCabe (move him to the wing, it's not like we don't have D, look at last night's game without him it was 5-2, because we didn't have our highest paid D score on our own net or set up the opposition with perfect passes)
    Blake and Tucker stay healthy and play well.
    In this scenerio Leafs make the playoffs and at best a 2nd round exit.
    2. Antropov goes down
     Sunding is injured for a month
     McCabe keeps it up
     Stajan and Steen have 20 point years
     Wellwood misses the bulk of the season.
    This way Leafs would be in 12 or 23th by trade deadline and be willing to move Sundin.
    Problem is we'd still have McCabe for the next (4yrs?)
    The future honestly begins in 2009 for the Leafs. Before then mediocre play will dominate.
    It's too bad, because McCabe or Kubina's salary = a decent foward….
  3. 93213 says:

    12th or 13th not 23rd!

    Although 23rd over all works too
  4. JuicemaN says:

    Sundin is worth two markov's…or at least one and a half…LOL

  5. jarcpitre says:

    My whole point behind my comment was that Toronto isn't as bad as other teams are right now and there is still lots of time left to turn it around. With them sitting in fourth it was just an example as to how bad other teams are doing. Anyway they won the game last night and sit in 5th, I know they've played the most games and many at home, but .500 is really not that bad considering everyone makes them out to be the worst in the league. I still believe my Leafs will make the playoffs, I also believe your Habs will too. Let the games begin.

  6. jarcpitre says:

    Good prediction, we got that win last night and it was impressive holding Pitts to 22 shots. I am also a believer that they will turn it around. People make them out to be the worst team in the NHL, but hey they still sit .500 and have played most of the games against the predicted contenders, even Atlanta was predicted to finish 3rd or 4th in the East. I hope the same team shows up against NYR, it would be a huge win for confidence.

  7. jarcpitre says:

    Finally someone who seems to know hockey. Well put and the reasons for hardly any critics or comments is because you make sense. The Leafs played an excellent game last night holding the high power Pens to only 22 shots, funny how a tweak here and there can turn a team around. I just hope the Rangers scoring doesn't explode on the Leafs. GO LEAFS GO!!!

  8. wingerxxx says:

    Its still waaaaay too early to be considering this stuff.  A lot of people are already burying the Rangers and we still have 70 games left to play.   Calm down. 

    If Sundin is going to be dealt, it's going to be at the deadline, where he will fetch the biggest return.  IF he is dealt, and its definitely no guarantee, I hope that Leafs fans are appreciative of the service he has given their team.  He is not the reason the Leafs haven't been able to win the Cup.  He's been one of the brightest spots of the Maple Leafs franchise over the years.  Pure class, and an excellent all-around player.  There are a lot of teams that would line up for his services.

  9. the_next_agent says:

    The only reason they would trade is if they were somehow managed to be 12th place or lower a couple days before the deadline.  If not, do not trade him.  If JFJ wants to rebuild at that point then he should.  Look what the Flyers got for injury prone Forsberg.  The Leafs could get elite prospects and a couple first rounders, notice the plurals.  I doubt however they would trade him because he is the heart of this team, but anything could happen, look at Ryan Smyth

  10. mojo19 says:

    No you’re wrong, he’s just as good now as he was 3 years ago, he’s hardly a name player, if you watch him play and see how much he dominates on most nights you never would have written that. Period.

  11. mojo19 says:

    to clarify, he’s hardly “just a name player,” he’s a star.

  12. mojo19 says:

    And Wendel's last year he was without a contract mid season and the Leafs signed him for his third go round with the team, and he got to retire a leaf and played really great in the playoffs that year.

    I love Wendel Clark.

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