Should the Leafs trade Sundin?

Bernie Nunez/Icon SMI

William Houston of the Globe and Mail is suggesting that it may be time for the Leafs to trade Mats Sundin.

Although the first thing that may of you will say is “he has a no trade clause” the reality is that Sundin may be able to fetch a hefty return for the Leafs. According to Bill Watters, it is time for the Leafs to send Sundin packing to a team that is a contender because the Leafs would “fetch a huge package of prospects and draft picks that would help the team to rebuild.”

HTR believes that although it would be devastating to many Leaf fans to see Sundn go on his way, Watters does have a point. At present time the Leafs are in a downward spiral andi some would argue that it would only be fair to Sundin to see him have a chance to win a cup before he retires.

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