Should the Sens trade Alfredsson?

I am really wondering why this still hasn’t been talked about alot, given the conversation over a Sundin departure.

Alfredsson has proven he’s not an amazing captain, and TSN got a clip of him once, and he said to his ROOKIE goalie Ray Emery “Jesus Christ, you’re playing like shit… that guy couldn’t stop a beachball”. That’s not an EXACT quote, but it’s pretty damn close.

I say, trade him, he’s an amazingly talented player, so he’d bring in alot of return, but I don’t see him in that leadership role. Trade him for a slightly younger talented guy, and to fill in the leadership up front, sign Brendan Shanahan, and get a new guy.

Maybe Gagne? Naslund? Both the Canucks and Flyers are bound to make some big changes. Could be good trading partners.