Shoulda Coulda Woulda Been: 2004 All-Stars

Well hockey fans time to pull the ratings away from the Super Bowl in February (who likes football really?) with the 20….04 NHL All-Star game. It’s a time when most hockey fans are happy. Usually cause their ‘model’ hockey player is going to show his madskillz. Or disgusted with their favorite teams record. Elated or not there a still some bones to pick with this years break.Mainly its just sort of well, boring, when the “voters” pick the same old boring superstars year end and year out so lets start the complaining with them. REGARDLESS or not if they are not performing at a high expectancy level. Examples? Sure there are plenty. Take for instance 3-time Norris trophy winner Niklas Lidstrom.

Don’t get me wrong he is an elite defenseman with defensive talent, but his offensive production has Sergei Gonchar beating him to the puck this half of the season. So far he only has 6 goals and 25 points, which is way below his usual stats at the break. Yet he is still going.

Another said point is when votes came and Messier was in there for a 15th year. Come on. This guy WAS an All-Star, but now he really isn’t that good at putting up the numbers. No disrespect to him or anything. As Keith Primeau, who has had a shadowed performance so far this year, he really deserving of roster spot either. I say start giving the younger and talented a chance. If not lets be more biased add put Steve Yzerman in since Mark is.

Scott Stevens. Yeah you knew his name was coming due to the fact that I’m ragging on the old guys a little bit. It’s understandable that he’s had injury and probably won’t be able to be there. But lets just say he’s gotten slower and needs to be given some rest during the contest.

Hmmm this guy isn’t old yet, just very well ‘financially’ conflicted. Mike Modano, stars captain, has played poorly this season. Like his sister Sergi Federov he only scores in spurts now, and doesn’t deserve a start in my opinion. No one picked Federov so why him?

Two defenseman are next on the scratch list. Filip Kuba and Mattias Norstrom. Kuba was a large part of why the Wild went to the Western Conference finals last year, but has been lacking a good defensive performance compared to last year when he wasn’t even voted for. Mattias has been good, but his Los Angeles co-D-man Lubomir Visnovsky is more deserving and has the numbers to back it up too.

Well enough with the bad picks, how bout the un-picked? Some names have been thrown around so hey, what they heck why not “study” why they were thrown around. Not too mention some of the unmentioned too.

How about the solid defensman for Nashville, Kimmo Timonen. His offensive output has surprised many this season and has outperformed Lidstrom in that sense. And what about his breakout rookie partner, Marek Zidlicky, who also has been top-notch?

Or what about at least nominating Marc Savard, Slava Kozlov, or Kris Draper. Draper has been a Selke candidate talk lately yet never mentioned as an All-star. O and I can’t forget about the most forgot about possible All-star/Norris Trophy candidate this year, Mathieu Schneider. He has by far been the best Wings defenseman this year. At least in the top three in the Nhl.

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