Shoulda Coulda Woulda Been: 2004 All-Stars

Well hockey fans time to pull the ratings away from the Super Bowl in February (who likes football really?) with the 20….04 NHL All-Star game. It’s a time when most hockey fans are happy. Usually cause their ‘model’ hockey player is going to show his madskillz. Or disgusted with their favorite teams record. Elated or not there a still some bones to pick with this years break.Mainly its just sort of well, boring, when the “voters” pick the same old boring superstars year end and year out so lets start the complaining with them. REGARDLESS or not if they are not performing at a high expectancy level. Examples? Sure there are plenty. Take for instance 3-time Norris trophy winner Niklas Lidstrom.

Don’t get me wrong he is an elite defenseman with defensive talent, but his offensive production has Sergei Gonchar beating him to the puck this half of the season. So far he only has 6 goals and 25 points, which is way below his usual stats at the break. Yet he is still going.

Another said point is when votes came and Messier was in there for a 15th year. Come on. This guy WAS an All-Star, but now he really isn’t that good at putting up the numbers. No disrespect to him or anything. As Keith Primeau, who has had a shadowed performance so far this year, he really deserving of roster spot either. I say start giving the younger and talented a chance. If not lets be more biased add put Steve Yzerman in since Mark is.

Scott Stevens. Yeah you knew his name was coming due to the fact that I’m ragging on the old guys a little bit. It’s understandable that he’s had injury and probably won’t be able to be there. But lets just say he’s gotten slower and needs to be given some rest during the contest.

Hmmm this guy isn’t old yet, just very well ‘financially’ conflicted. Mike Modano, stars captain, has played poorly this season. Like his sister Sergi Federov he only scores in spurts now, and doesn’t deserve a start in my opinion. No one picked Federov so why him?

Two defenseman are next on the scratch list. Filip Kuba and Mattias Norstrom. Kuba was a large part of why the Wild went to the Western Conference finals last year, but has been lacking a good defensive performance compared to last year when he wasn’t even voted for. Mattias has been good, but his Los Angeles co-D-man Lubomir Visnovsky is more deserving and has the numbers to back it up too.

Well enough with the bad picks, how bout the un-picked? Some names have been thrown around so hey, what they heck why not “study” why they were thrown around. Not too mention some of the unmentioned too.

How about the solid defensman for Nashville, Kimmo Timonen. His offensive output has surprised many this season and has outperformed Lidstrom in that sense. And what about his breakout rookie partner, Marek Zidlicky, who also has been top-notch?

Or what about at least nominating Marc Savard, Slava Kozlov, or Kris Draper. Draper has been a Selke candidate talk lately yet never mentioned as an All-star. O and I can’t forget about the most forgot about possible All-star/Norris Trophy candidate this year, Mathieu Schneider. He has by far been the best Wings defenseman this year. At least in the top three in the Nhl.

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  1. Rampage_Winger says:

    Please, check your work for spelling and grammar errors or I will be forced to become an English teacher.

  2. gr8haluschak says:

    Would some one explain why everyone is harping on Mess being there, let’s see he is leading the Rangers in Goals and is 6th on the team in points, well playing on the FOURTH LINE for god’s sake, how many teams would love to have that type of production on their fourth line.

  3. FLPanthersRock says:

    Newsflash: Kimmo Timonen WAS selected to the All Star Game.

  4. UsedPuckBag says:

    San Jose gets that kind of production from their fourth line almost every night.

  5. GretzNYR99 says:

    “If not lets be more biased add put Steve Yzerman in since Mark is.” – Change that to lets be biased and be stupid. At least if you’re going to be horribly biased, bring up some really good points.

    Lidstrom is one of the most overrated defensemen in the NHL, I’d like to see him hold together a defense corps on a weaker team. Once again bring up some good points if you’re going to be this damn subjective.

    Lubormir Visnovsky is more deserving than Mattias Norstrom? How so? Mattias Norstrom is one of the top 5 defensive defensemen in the NHL. He’s also captain of that team, he holds that defense corps together. If anything, Norstrom is one of the most deserving in the NHL. I think you need to seriously take into mind that it’s not all offense that gets these guys selected.

    Modano’s heated up as of late.

    Draper’s been good, one of your few completely biased picks that I can actually agree with.

    LOL, this cracks me up… “O and I can’t forget about the most forgot about possible All-star/Norris Trophy candidate this year, Mathieu Schneider. He has by far been the best Wings defenseman this year. At least in the top three in the Nhl.” – So by your notion, Rob Blake is a Norris winner being that he’s been Colorado’s best defenseman, and he’s playing on a much weaker defense corps? Chris Pronger actually would win the Norris on that note, being that his defense corps is depleted, and St. Louis is still fighting for great playoff position, and he himself has put up good numbers.

    You seriously need to lose the bias, it’s disgusting. I was waiting for… “WELL DOMINIK HASEK SHOULD BE THE STARTING NETMINDER JUST BECAUSE HE’S A WING!”

  6. Aetherial says:

    I think the question everyone should be asking themselves is *who cares*?

    I mean really, the game is mildly entertaining at best. So mildly, that I am not even sure the last time I watched one. I honestly think it was the one where Nolan scored on Hasek?

    I don’t mind seeing the vets out there. They have out in there time and they have earned it. Let ;em play. The Yzerman’s and Messier’s of the league will not be here much longer, in fact, probably not beyond the lockout so this may be their last chance. There are good young players but I think a lot of people are going to miss some of the older guys also…

  7. Infu says:

    I am no totally sure that all of the players which you listed should be on the All Star Team. C’mon… Matheiu Schneider. He is playing on a far better defensive core than a lot of other players, granted he is high up there in defensive points with like 33, but doesnt it help playing with Lidstrom ( some may say the best defenseman in the NHL ) , Jason Wooley who is far to underrated and Chris Chelios. Enough said, there are much better d-men who should have been selected.

    One of the picks that I dont agree with is the pick that saw Scott Stevens selected. Some may badger me for this one but the guy has not put up All-Star claibre numbers this year. It is well known that his points are low, as they were never really that high, but in place of that, he should have at least a good +/-. Well not really, it is only a +3, subpar of what you would expect from Stevens.

    Wingsfan13, I dont know what you are talking about or even thinking with what you say in regards to Norstrom. That man is a stud. Way to underrated a huge defensive presence on a very young defensive core. These three of Visnovsky, Modro and Norstrom should all be selected for their efforts, but their are only so many spots on the team. He was selected due to the fact that he has the C on his sweater, and he exemplifies what a Captain should be. A leader, a force to be wreckoned with.

    Here is to some people that should be on the All Star Team –

    Firstly not because I am a Leafs fan and I love them to death, but where is Bryan McCabe. C’mon He has only played 43 games (on average 7 games less than leading defenseman) and he still manages to be 6th in defensive points. I watch the guy every night. He hits, he is a leader on the power play, he has a cannon of a shot, but somehow Nick Boynton made the team. Boynton will be an amazing defenseman but I think that he should be in the Young Stars game.

    Another pick that I am still dazed upon is Keith Primeau. Ok he is a great offensive presence as well as on the defensive side of things, but one has to look who he is playing with whome elevate his game to parts unknown. Lets see…. there is Simon Gagne, Sami Kapenen, John LeClair, Mark Recchi, Tony Amonte… that looks like the All Star team about 3 years ago. If he put up his numbers and played the way he did with a team like Pittsburgh, Atlanta ( whom are very good, but are missing a lot ) or any other team that has been depleted by injuries or other, I would have no problem with this pick. Who should be in his place some may ask? I would hate to say it because I am a Leafs fan but either Mike Ribeiro or Ladislav Nagy. Both of them should be given honourable mentions for the efforts they have brought forth this year.

    All in all, the all star game ever fails in delivering fun and excitement to us hockey fans. Lets just watch the events, discuss some more hockey, and chear our teams. Lets congratulate all the players chosen.

  8. eagle29 says:

    I’m not a big fan of Messier but it’s good to see him go.Face it thi probably his last season but we have been saying 2 or 3 years.

  9. dkball7 says:

    Patrik Elias: 4 GWOTG’s, 5 GWG’s overall. Him, Savard, Ribiero, and pretty much the rest of the east deserve a spot over Primeau.

  10. Enigma says:

    well said……especially the *who cares* part.

  11. Spektor says:

    Who are you to complain about bias you piece of crap? You waste everyone’s time blabbering about the WORST team in the league.

  12. Spektor says:

    Shut your mouth you idiot. “Face it thi probably his last season”???? Did you go to a special school for mongloids or something? Stick to Power Rangers pal, your ill attempts are not welcome here. Talk to you later idiot!!!

  13. Spektor says:

    Bryan McCabe…….enough said. If you ask GretzNYR99 what he thinks, I am sure he would disagree and would think that Pushor would be more suitable or that Simon and Barnaby should be in there somewhere as well.

  14. SaskSen says:

    The Flyers team basically follows Primeau, when he is flying and hitting so is the tem. If we talk about Norstrom leading the Kings, then we must include Primeau leading the Flyers.

    As for Messier the NHL should have invited him as a guest to mingle with the big wigs at the game, and help sell the game. As for playing there are several other players more deserving.

    Don’t knock anybody who was voted to start (Stevens, Modano) they were selected by the fans, and afterall it is the fans weekend.

    I agree though where is Ribero? This guy is amazing

  15. habsoverserver says:

    So let me get this straight, the all star game is all about offense but the guy who won the Richard trophy last year and is currently a top five goal scorer was snubbed for the second year in a row?

    I don’t watch the All Star game, it is meaningless. The only way I would watch it is if they forced it to end in a tie and it went to a shootout.

  16. JStatic87 says:

    Listen Buddy. I don’t think he was biased at all. He said Lidstrom probably shouldn’t have been voted for to start. He’s not having his usual great start, but that’s not because he’s overrated. If you honestly think that he’s overrated, you don’t watch hockey.

    When Modano was voted in he had 8 goals and twenty something points. Not allstar numbers at all, let alone starting numbers.

    Yzerman and Messier have similar numbers this year, and Yzerman has been out with a groin pull.



    Yzerman has outproduced Messier again this year, and you’re crying bias? You’re being biased for Messier.

    And Schneider is a norris candidate. That’s all article said. He’s a norris candidate and he’s in the top three. Which he is. He’s been the the Wings’ anchor this year, he’s scoring and he plays with an edge. He’s the same as Rob Blake. Pronger will most likely win the trophy, but Schneider is a candidate. Are you meaning to tell me that Norstrom and Kuba should be on the team before Schneider? Again, if you do then you don’t watch hockey.

    This response is disgusting. You seriously have to grow up kid, no one was going to say Hasek for allstar. Don’t be absurd.

  17. JStatic87 says:

    Schneider is a 2way defenseman. He should be there ahead of Kuba and Norstrom, although I personally love Norstrom. Schneider plays good D, plays great Offense, and plays with an edge.

    McCabe should have made it, and Primeau should not have. Sure he’s a grinder, but 9 goals? Draper has 18, and is a better defensive player and he didn’t make it. I don’t know how Primeau made it, and I’m sure he knows he doesn’t deserve it this year.

  18. UsedandAbused says:

    It doesn’t really matter to me much, but I DO think Primeau is deserving enough to make the All-Star game. The guy is going to be voted the MVP of the team. He has had a remarkable season this far. Though he hasn’t scored alot of points, he basically has done alot of other things. If the ALL-Star game is just about guys who can score alot of points, then I guess he shouldn’t be there. However, if it is about all-star performances, then he SHOULD!

  19. SaskSen says:

    chara should be there before mccabe should.

    i know he is the leafs top dman, but really that doesn’t get you to the all-star game.

    here’s to hoping that quinn is coaching the world cup, so we won’t have to see mccabe get a pity spot on the team. there are much better out there than mccabe.

  20. SaskSen says:

    first off, primeau is a forward, mccabe a dman. secondly stats don’t tell all. the flyers team sinks or swims with primeau. while he doesn’t score or put up the big numbers, he is the leader of the flyers, a top team, and sets the tone night in night out. there is much more to consider than the stats. you seem to have the all-star game confused with the all-offence game.

    but i guess differences in opinion will always be there. you have your views and i have mine.

  21. SaskSen says:

    pardon me, isn’t coaching team canada.

  22. Lanche says:

    maye im biased but Aebischer, Foote, and Hejduk should be in the game. i think maybe Hejduk shoulda been picked over alex tanguay even though hes having a great year but Hejduk was the only 50 goal scorer last year and he was snubbed then too. foote should definitely be there (and kris draper shoulda been selected too even though i hate the wings)

  23. SaskSen says:

    you don’t think it is his last year??? where did you go to school. I also assumed that this was like a ‘pity’ selection to honour him for how much he has done for the game. if anything I expected him to be a commisioner’s pick.

    a legend? sure. a winner? yup. a great player? was. an all-star? not anymore.

    that’s not being biased, it’s being honest

  24. The_Conductor says:

    Until your perfect… kiss off… I am so damn tired of reading people write stupid crap like watch your spelling.

    Like seriously, if you can somehwhat understand what he was remotely saying… then shut up. God! This is a hockey site not a I am gonna be an error proof guy… like Bretzky is.

  25. The_Conductor says:

    I am all about Draper playin. Career year, has I believe 19 goals and just on fire. Mathieu Schneider has been the best Wings D-Man and well should be there too.

    I am still for Fedorov going just because he is the leader of the Ducks. But I am being bias.

    What about the idea of having one person per team representing. And it is all about the leader and the best player on that team. Not no stupid fan choice… cause its retarded. I am pretty sure there are still fans voting Patrick Roy for net.

  26. defenestrate says:

    Actually, it’s “you’re perfect”; “reading people write stupid crap” is a nonsense fragment worthy of “Jabberwocky”, and “somehwhat understand what he was remotely saying” not only misspells “somewhat”, it implies that the original author was speaking “remotely”.

    I’m not even going to mention the final sentence….

  27. defenestrate says:

    If you want to be technical, RW, it’s “grammatical errors”.

    So hold off on that teaching credential, unless it’s for ESL classes.

    Maybe you could teach EBSL classes – “Ebonics as a second language”.

  28. defenestrate says:

    Isn’t “leading the Rangers in goals” like being the “smartest kid on the short bus”?

  29. defenestrate says:

    2,000 points for “absurd”.

  30. defenestrate says:

    1.) Dallas stuffed the ballot box.

    2.) Milan Hejduk, David Aebischer, Adam Foote.

    3.) Brian Boucher, because people named Boucher are genetically superior to mere mortals.

    4.) If I were a goalie, the All-Star game is the last place I would want to be.

  31. neeman77 says:

    hahahaha Agreed.

  32. The_Conductor says:

    See smart-ass remarks. I will write this slow so you can semi-understand… This is a hockey site! Now I wrote that slow, do you comprehend? The question-mark is ment to ask you a question, so I am looking forward to more of your smart-ass remarks!

  33. defenestrate says:

    “See smart-ass remarks” is a sentence fragment; “this” should not be capitalized; “ment” is not a word (in English or “hockey”); “question-mark” is not a hyphenated term.

    Best of all – how slow you “write” (although “type” would be the correct term) has no bearing at all on anyone’s comprehension (except maybe your own, and, given the level of the content, I doubt that as well).

    Welcome to Smart-assville!

  34. habsoverserver says:

    Def, where were the Av’s fans? Shame on you for not stuffing the boxes for your guys.

  35. defenestrate says:

    Stupid us – we actually thought our players would get in on merit alone.

    Or maybe we did stuff them, and fell victim to the “hanging chad” syndrome.

    I thought it would have been funny as hell if at least half of a mediocre team (Buffalo, Carolina, the Rangers – you get the idea) got voted to the All-Star team. Wouldn’t that help give the league the boost they need with the “casual fan?”

  36. Lanche says:

    good call the only reasoning i could c behind it is the long list of canditated from the Avs

  37. JStatic87 says:

    I know McCabe is a dman, I was just talking about people who got snubbed, and one guy who shouldn’t have made it.

    Primeau is a bum. He was a bum in Detroit, he was a bum in Carolina, and he’s still a bum now. I don’t think it’s the all-offense game at all. I just think guys who make it should produce. You should have more than 17 points to make it to the All-Star game. He’s on pace for a 30 point season! That’s not an all-star season at all. That’s a horrible season for a guy who has teammates as talented as he does. He’s not an all-star.

  38. JStatic87 says:

    Why thank you, Guvnah!

  39. LondonK says:

    So what. And last year Tie Domi had the second most points per minutes played in the NHL I believe. He should have been at the all-star game. (End sarcasm)

    Yep, Mess is sure tearing it up with 11 points in two months.

  40. GretzNYR99 says:

    Good ol’ D-strate.

  41. ManillaKilla says:

    You do realize you are talking to a Ranger fan. That is like trying to explain the square root of nine to a tree. Did you see their rationale regarding the jagr trade?

  42. Primis says:

    Lidstrom is one of the most overrated defensemen in the NHL, I’d like to see him hold together a defense corps on a weaker team. Once again bring up some good points if you’re going to be this damn subjective.

    If you were ever around when Lidstrom first broke in you would realize he DID hold together a pretty lousy blueline, even as a rookie. Then again I don’t expect anyone on this site to remember much of anything past last year anymore…

    And Detroit’s mighty blueline? Hatcher’s been out. Chelios has been out. Kronwall’s out now even. Fischer’s been out off and on. Jamie Rivers has had to step up from the minors even. Poor Matheiu Dandenault never knows if he’s playing Wing or Defenseman from game to game (does a damn-good job either way though considering).

    So who’s been there solidly? Schneider. Schneider belongs because he’s been the dominant force instead, even with Lidstrom having an offensively-unproductive year. His goals have been timely and his defense has been great on a team that is basically patching together defensive pairings every night and regularly calling up guys from the AHL to fill holes on the blueline. All you have to do is watch a couple Wings games and realize this. But you probably haven’t done that…

    Schneider belongs there even over Lidstrom, no question.

    — Primis.

  43. gr8haluschak says:

    like I said who is leading his team in goals scored, once again he is on the fourth line, name me another fourth liner in the nhl who is leading his team in goals.

  44. defenestrate says:

    I’m just here to help.

  45. defenestrate says:

    Hello? Yoo hoo? If your 4th line is leading the team in goals, that is NOT a good thing…..

  46. defenestrate says:

    “The square root of nine to a tree”….that is absolutely priceless. My grandma used to say, “that makes as much sense as giving a hen a flag”. I don’t know where she got the imagery, but it’s always stuck in my head.

  47. JStatic87 says:

    Wow, square root of nine to a tree. That is the funniest damn thing I’ve heard in a while.

  48. SaskSen says:

    I can understand your Primeau not being there but to say Mccabe got snubbed????? What?????

    There are at least a couple other dmen I would have put there before him. He is an average player who gets way to much credit because he is seen as the anchor of hockey’s universe Toronto’s blueline. He was definately not snubbed and should for sure not make Team Canada. If he does Im might cheer for the Swiss

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