Well what to do with HUET do we sign him, trade him, or just loose him for nothing
My opinion is sign him or trade him don’t loose him for nothing thats just stupid hockey i don’t see Huet bringing LORD STANLY HOME i even see price bringing the cup here more then huet….

Look if you could sign him for another year do it if not trade him and no matter what anyone says we need a scorer and a 3rd line to shut down teams and a defenseman that could log 20 to 26 minutes a night because with price or huet in nets we’re going to need defense to make them affective especially that price is young and inexperienced…. oww even if we loose in the playoffs with price who cares i rather get something in return for huet then loose in the playoffs with huet and he signs with another team next year…

NOW IN A PERFECT WORLD THESE ARE MY TRADES: Hossa: for ryder, 1st round draft pick, dandenault, subban, milroy

TRADE for B.RICHARDS and C.Gratton, Holmquist: C.Huet, S.koivu, grabrovsky, C.Locke, 2nd round pick, y.danis, tampa saves on money and fill their needs and i still think tampa will win their division

Trade for B.Jackman: F.boullion, J.Halak, M.Lappiere

these guys are perfect we also get to have price and holmquist wich in my books isn’t that bad with goaltending…..
defense komisarek, markov, hamrlik, jackman, obyrn, striet, georges amazing defense ….. now offense kovalev, pleckanec, hossa, richards, kostitsyn, s.kostitsyn, latendress, higgins, begin, gratton, smolinski, kostopolous looks great i think this could be a cup contender for years to come with the future comming in later on defense and offense you just might have to get an upgrade on goaltending as a backup


  1. Canadiens81 says:

    I agree that we need to either sign huet or trade him we don't want to lose him for nothing like we did Souray.  But we could wait till the season is over and do a sign and trade with a team before the draft.  Or we could trade him at the deadline and give Prica and Halak some experience in the playoffs so that next year when we are cup contenders they will be more experienced.  As for your trades you would have to change Subban for one of our blue chip dman prospects(Fischer or Emmelin).  We don't want Richards and anyways Tampa Bay wouldn't trade him to us for your offer.  We also don't need a dman to log 20-26 minutes.  I think we have a pretty good defense. 

  2. Habfan17 says:

    You wouldn't last long as a GM. You are trading way too much for Hossa, and Subban is exactly the type of player MTL needs, a guy who wants to WIN and actually loves MTL. What an attitude he has!!

    Trade Koivu, well there goes the Chemistry. I would say that if Atlanta wouldn't accept Ryder, Grabovski, and a 2nd round pick, Mtl should pass on Hossa. Let someone else overpay for him.Giving both Huet and Danis makes no sense at all! Then you send another goalie, and a very good one at that with two other players. Halak and a 3rd or 4th round should be enough to get Jackman. A strong goaltender is worth more than one d-man and STL does not seem to have a goalie in their system as agood as Halak.

    With all the guys you have traded away, Mtl would probably tank as their chemistry would be altered too much! Mtl has gotten to the point where they play for each other and have grown together. Why ruin that

    Also how does MTL pay big salaries to Hossa and Richards and still have money to pay the guys they've developed?

  3. habsrock99 says:

    The Blues have Marek Schwarz and Hannu Toivonen in their system and both are better options then Halak. Toivonen needs a healthy year so he can gain confidence, which will let him trust his abilities and Schwarz is going to be a classic late bloomer. And with Legace, the Blues are buying time for their goalies to fully develop, so they have no use for Halak.

  4. Habfan17 says:

    Thanks for the info. I have heard recently that they are trying to move Toivonen. Even so, If you send them Halak, they could use him, or another of their goalies to get someone else they want!

  5. percussio says:


    I know it kills team chemistry but trade him. Certain teams are eyeing him so his value is higher. I know, he'll be a UFA but Im sure whoever gives this guy a shot will be very happy. Huet seems to be a very loyal type guy.

    Huet in my opinion is really good but not great. Gets tired quicker than most starters. Gives in 1 lousy goal a game although he does tend to win himself back.

    Get a veteran back up to relieve some pressure off of Price and head into the playoffs with him.

    He isnt staying to play second fiddle to price and Im sure Huet will want near 4 million with his current stats.

    A shutdown center:

    Chipchura is coming next year. Why trade away potential for a guy who is coming up as late as next year ? For playoff depth ? No, we wont win anyway so whats the point of losing good players and/or prospects.


    Do we all agree that we have our Big 3 with Markov, Komisarek and Hamrlik
    Everyone keeps complaining about getting a big, physical D man to log in big minutes.
    Ryan O'Byrne ring a bell ? The guy is 6'5  230lbs. He hits and blocks shots. Remind you of anyone ? Oh yeah, Komisarek. He is developing at a quicker rate than Mike due I think to Hamrlik. Give this guy some experience and again dont waste your money and talent uselessly.

    Gainey looks from within and believes in DEVELOPING his players. Yes, its a risk, its a gamble.

    Remember when you tried getting a job at 16 but no one would hire you cause you had no experience ? Someone eventually did. The organization has picked these players for a reason. Let's not be so quick to dismiss them for a quick fix. This isnt the Maple Leafs, see what happened with bad managing.

    Richards for Koivu …

    – Koivu isnt leaving
    – Richards isnt worth the money
    – Higgins is a center

  6. percussio says:

    Who let Rejean Houle post on this site !!  lol

  7. billypilgrim says:

    What are you on?!? Where is your perfect world? Your trades make 0 sense. Trading 14 players and getting 5 in return!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    What the f***?!

  8. yarfangor says:

    Well I just have one question. Who is your dealer? My friend you are smoking some cheap drugs to even think of those ridiculous 6-for 2 Man trade. Let alone giving up our 1st, and 2nd rounders with Subban and Gratton like they were nothing. I am so glad Gainey isn't on what you are.

  9. all_canadien says:

    Ok, Well this is my first post and after reading this site for 3 years, I think it's time!
    I have been watching the habs for a long time and your proposal is a perfect way to throw away the future for what? B. Richards i like him but he is not the player they need. Hossa would be nice, but only if he re-signed not giving Atlanta good young player for him to leave in the summer.
    Some adjusting is needed but not what you are proposing!!!!
    Try this option, Ryder and Boulion and maybe Locke to :Edmonton for J Pit
    Perhaps a Pick as well (6,7,8 round but take lock of if it's a higher draft pick), now before everyone jumps on me, understand that J. Pit may not sign in EDM so like Huet why let him go for nothing? They get a pretty solid team guy who gives his all and ryder well maybe he will regain his form, EDM can trade him before the Draft if needed, maybe throw in another prospect.
    2nd: Sign Huet to a 2 year + an option to help Price along!
    3rd: Try to see if Pavol Demitra is available for a reasonable price.
    4th: Send a late round Draft pick to Philly for G. Gauthier who is not being used, can still be useful.
    5th Long shot and may not even be worth it, Mike Peca can be had for very little, now you would have depth (even more and if these player leave you haven't wasted prospects to get these guys!
    I am not suggesting that these are the players Gainey will get only as an option to your Bad post! UFA in the summer this club is in the right direction, and I heard/read and I will try to find this post that Robinson may join the Club in the summer as either D. assistant coach or in some other place in the Org,

    These options are much more in line with the way the club is going and these choices address a glaring need for size and strength which is needed right now.

  10. teezer6969 says:

    ya so what if we trade for 14 players and get 5 we’re trading players that wont play in montreal and will be in hamilton for the rest of their lives so you rather keep cheap players then get superstars like hossa and richards good job i dont see how we’regoing to be a cup contenser when kovalev and koivu are probably going to play another 2 years at their age and we have no superstars are we going to be another vancouver just having sedins brothers in the kostitsyns and a goalie and defense real great look how its helping them their batteling for 8th and 9th

  11. teezer6969 says:

    i'm trading players that wont play in montreal and will be in hamilton for the rest of their lives so you rather keep cheap players then get superstars like hossa and richards good job i dont see how we're going to be a cup contender when kovalev and koivu are probably going to play another 2 years at their age and we have no superstars are we going to be another vancouver just having sedins brothers in the kostitsyns and a goalie and defense real great look how its helping them their batteling for 8th and 9th

    and chemistry are you on crack what chemistry the only chemistry is the pleckanec line  and giving danis because he's gone after this year he's a free agent and to afford them is real simple richards is making 7.8 huet and koivu alone make that plus huet would sign for at least 4 million so it would come cheaper and hossa u sign him to a 7.7million deal where ryder and dandenault and boullion is making that plus the cap rises every year soo their's your cap space

  12. teezer6969 says:

    i agree with you but my trade's im getting rid of players that are not in the future plans for the team like danis free agent huet, koivu that might play another 2 years already ppl complain having koivu that we're missing a center imagine when he's gone who are we going to have i rather have richards then nobody every player i traded is leaving eventually so we should get something now then wait untill their not producing at all and i agree we have 3 good def and obyrn but he's still like 2 or 3 years away becoming a komisarek and until then a jackman is a hrad hitter blocker plays great defense he won rookie of the year when was the last defenseman to do that

  13. teezer6969 says:

    buddy if you want superstars do you think your going to get them with your 7th round pick are you on crack plus every player i traded are not in the future of the canadiens do you really think subban will ever make the team we have at least 6 defenseman ahead of him emelin,valentako,obyrn,georges,fischer,dougherthy and there's more plus you only could play 6 defenseman  so wake up idiot the guy will never play and imagine when koivu is gone by next year or the year after what will we have at center  nothing do you want a team like vancouver's just sedins and a goalie and defense wow not me their batteling for 8th and 9th place great job

    we have no superstars in 2 years wow what contenders we'll be we need to trade huet koivus 1st rounders we have depth on prospects the point of building a hockey team is wining the cup and look at this year its wide wide open we're 2 points away from 1st in the east 

  14. teezer6969 says:

    actually theres reports that lecavalier might ask for a trade but tampa want to keep him and trade richards so they want to trade him and we need a good center when koivu and kovalev are gone who are we going to have at center or as superstars the kostitsyns are we going to turn into vancouver come on i dont want to battel for 8th and 9th place evey year

    before you knock out jackman you probably never watched this guy play hockey he's better then hamrlik by a long shot he logs more ice time, hits, blocks, fights  tell me who was the last defensman to win the rookie of the year him and who was it before him not many calder trophy winners and he's 26

  15. teezer6969 says:

    PPL let me make it clear all these trades are for players that would sign in montreal or its not worth it. plus all these players are not in the future plans of montreal… plus most of you are saying i'm giving up to much for these players but thats the asking price is alot for superstars what you want to trade 7th round picks 
     plus already ppl are complaining that we need a center because koivu is not a  1st line center well imagine when he's gone whos going to be our centers only pleckanecs so trade him while he has value and he'll play what another 2 years and kovalev another 2 years i for one dont want to be a vancouver team that has only 2 stars on ther team on offense and they battle for 8th and 9th place every year and subban will never make the team we have at least 6 defenseman or more higher on the depth chart dougherthy,emelin,valentako,obyrn,georges,fischer  and salaries work i check that before making trades

  16. percussio says:

    We have Higgins who is a center to replace Koivu if need be and the Kostitsyns are great players. Maybe not as skilled as Kovalev but they are going to develop into very speedy and skilled forwards.

  17. Canadiens81 says:

    I've probably seen him play more times live then you have.  He played for the Regina Pats and I live there so i've seen him alot.  I'm not saying he is not a good defensemen in fact he is one of my favorite players but I just don't think thats a big problem with our club, I actually think it is one of our strengths.  I would rather move Higgins to center and get Hossa and Erik Cole than get Richards and his league leading minus rating.

  18. percussio says:

    Ok, I agree on Jackman. We need this kind of D man. A gritty, in your face Canadian born player. Him and Komy patrolling the blueline would leave more casualties than Vietnam.

    However we have to consider that this guy needs to be signed at years end. He's a UFA and I never see the point of a rental player, not yet anyway.

    If we sign him long term he'll want a good 4 mill and so will Komy, which brings your total to 19 mill for your top 4 D. Ouch.

    Lets not forget emerging prospects. Hamrlik isnt going anywhere for a couple of years. I think he's proven recently that without him, our D is very vulnerable.

    With McDonaugh, Yemelin, Valentenko, Fischer, Carle, Subban and O'Byrne you have to move guys around. Bouillon has been great lately. Gorges has been playing very well too.

    I think Markov will be a Hab for his entire career as well as Komisarek. I see the same for McDonaugh who is being copared to a Chris Chelios.

    So Jackman at 4 million as of next year ? Or develop O'Byrne who is RFA and making 600 000 with maybe a pay raise reaching 1.5 mill for 3 years ?

    I think Yemelin, Subban and Valentenko will be NHL ready in 2 years, replacing Bouillon and Gorges. The year after McDonaugh and Fischer for sure. Ouch. I dont know what to do.

    As for Richards, I see the same kind of player in Chris Higgins at a MUCH lower cost. Not to mention that I think Higgins struggles more as a winger, position he was forced into to accomodate Koivu.

    Why trade away players for a similar guy with our organization ? Land Hossa as a free agent and we're dying of laughter.

    Personally, when Koivu and Kovalev are gone I see these lines IF we get Hossa.

    Pacioretty/Latendresse – Higgins – Hossa
                     A.Kostitsyn – Plekanec – S.Kostitsyn

    Anyone who denies the brothers are fantastic, especially together, are dreaming. Almost every presence they have had together, they have scored so far, with the exception of last nights game against the Flyers. What a goal by Andrei Kostitsyn.

    We have a very good succession to this team with our present players. All we need is a little more offensive punch and grit. Hossa being the offense and grit on the D and 3/4th lines.

  19. percussio says:

    If you get that article about Robinson joining the off ice staff … LET ME KNOW.

    I remember a few years back I think he was offered a position in montreal but declined. Robinson would be a great addition to Carboneau, Muller, Jarvis and Gainey.

  20. Canadiens81 says:

    Dude what is your obseesion with the Vancouver Canucks.  We are nothing like the Canucks?  Also who was the last goalie to win the Calder Trophy? And where is he know.  Just because you win Rookie of the Year doesn't mean you are going to be a superstar.  you need to look at the talent of rookies for that year.  Look at when Ovechin won it Crosby or Phaneuf would have won it almost any other year.

  21. percussio says:

    1. Higgins is a center and can easily take Koivus place
    2. I dont know what you consider a superstar but we have:

     – Price
     – Markov (one of the best D men in the NHL), Komisarek, McDonaugh
     – Higgins, the Kostitsyns ( they are not the Sedins, do us a favor and dont get a scouting job), Pacioretty, Latendresse.
    Lets not forget we have by far the most impressive D corps including prospects.

    Gainey isnt trying simply to acquire superstars but rather to form an entity, a group. Everyone relies on each other. Its an identity that has been lacking lately all over the league.

  22. Canadiens81 says:

    Couldn't agree with you more percussio.

  23. Habs_pm says:

    How about:

    Montreal gets:

    Dan Boyle

    Tampa Bay gets:


  24. habz2007 says:

    The Tampa Trade would never happen 1st Richards is not the type of player Habs need we need a big tough goal scoring forward 2nd reason Koivu has a no Trade clause no way he will be willing to go to a team that isn't going to make the play-offs and why trade for a goaltender when we have huet til july 1st anyways and Halak would be a decent back up for price if huet leaves

    The Hossa Trade by giving up 2 prospects and a 1st round pick your giving up too much for a UFA

    The Jackman trade agin giving up too much for a UFA

  25. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    Now that's reasonable.

  26. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    The package that needs to be put together is Huet, a first rounder and a top prospect. The three variables, based on the needs of the team your trading with are Streit, Ryder, and Koivu. Even Higgins could get a great return. I'd try and resign Huet before the deadline so his contract goes with him. It makes him more interesting to a team that's rebuilding. The same goes for the other UFAs in this potential deal. A trade could then look like, for example:

    Huet, 1st round pick, Valentenko, Koivu

    For Brad Richards, Gratton

    Lineups could look like this (for example)

    Higgins – Marleau/Richards – Hossa
    A. Kostitsyn – Plekanec – Kovalev
    Latendresse – Gratton – S Kostitsyn 
    Begin – Lapierre – Stortini

    Markov – Komi
    Hamrlik – O'Byrne
    Streit – Bouillon

    Maybe you want to get Marleau by dangling Streit and Halak as a backup for Nabokov. But then you'd want to go after Hossa for sure, but not in exchange for Marleau. You keep Marleau and Hossa.

    What the habs need right now (and I've said it a million times) is a Canadian born 1st line center with a scoring touch and a solid right cross. Richards would do even though he can't fight. Lecavalier is the perfect fit (I know it won't happen). The question is does he exist and can we get him? Then you go for the scoring winger. I'd settle for a european in this case. Hossa anyone? Then you trade for Zack Stortini. My favorite player. And you have your winner. No other formula for the Habs is acceptable and it's time you all admit it and stop posting foolishness. And if you can't spell L-O-R-D S-T-A-N-L-E-Y  you shouldn't post either.

    Stortini's the man. word

  27. nhlmaster says:

    a trade is a two way street. cant believe this article even got posted. The players in your ideal trades are complete baloni. dandenault? milroy? ryder? all players not even in the line up on a daily basis.. this for a superstar!!?? cman now..  And ur other trades: bouillon? locke?  danis? cman man be real… all these players in your trades have no value. If atlanta will trade with us or any of those teams start talking value not players "habs fans would love to lose."  For us to gain we are gonna have to lose and a take a risk. For example, im not saying i would like this but throw in higgins or o'byrne, now teams will listen.
    PS: Pierre mcguire can if he were gm of atlant  he would do : higgins, 1st round and streit. This is minimum starting pace. REWRiTE UR ARTICLE bc its a fictional story at best.

  28. teezer6969 says:

    your an idiot hossa is a superstar but loosses value because 1 he's an ufa 2 he looks to want to test the market and i guess you dont watcg hockey because you saying ryder has no value your an idiot hes a 30 goal scorer just because a player didnt get 30 goals this year doesnt make him worthless idiot and there called prospects for a reason they dont play n the line up and are young …. 1st pick higgins and streit for hossa hahaha your an idiot for a player that might leave rightt your an idiot and i doubt pierre mac would make a trade like that if he would thee's a reason he's not a gm

    dandenault no value haha wow u are an idiot hes won lord stanly and he has no value your an idiot get a life and go eat your meatballs your mom just made you in your basement loosseerrr

  29. teezer6969 says:

    ya but those 2 trades come with signing them right after else no trade of course

  30. bignuts says:

    like people whats with all the koivu bashing. And nice trades u got there why dont u just trade the whole team since u mentoind everyone except the kovalev line

  31. habsoverserver says:

    No one you offer helps the other team.  The Hossa deal gives them a pending UFA (worthless to Atlanta), an overpaid fourth liner (huge negative) , a minor leaguer (useles), an 07 second round pick and a late first round pick for 08.  So that's in essence a first and a prospect for Hossa.  Montreal traded Craig Rivet for a prospect and a first round pick.  So in your mind, Hossa is worth the same as Craig Rivet. 

    Hossa will go for the same as Smyth did last year, namely two former first round picks plus a first round pick for the upcoming season.  He's not going for minor leaguers and fourth liners.

  32. shmitzyhab says:

    WOW!!!I read this site fairly often and have never posted but i couldn't let this nonsense continue. With the exception of a few, you all make me embarrassed to be a Habs fan. Learn something before you yap about it online. Just because you have heard a name before, you all wanna trade everyone to get them. Seriously, Havlat???i shouldn't even have to say anything about that. Gratton? As in Chris Gratton?He's a ZERO, bigtime!!! Ya, trade Koivu. Great idea. Are you nuts. Heart and soul people! HEART AND SOUL!!!Who cares if he doesn't score tons.Never has. Ever watched him in the playoffs tho?? Amazing and y'all know it. Who said Valentenko,Subban,Halak,Danis,Lapierre,and/or Grabovski???Kind of the future dumbies!!!If one goes, fine, but more than that is ridiculous.One of you even suggested Fischer and Yemelin!Of course he spelled it 'Emmelin' proving my point that none of you have a sniff.Clearly none of you know what those kids potential is but thankfully you only get to have your little online circles where you can all sound stupid together and not actually do anything.The Habs are not going to win… yet. They will soon so relax, they already are better than everyone thought, including us die hard fans. So keep posting kiddies, but do us grown-ups a favor and turn down the suck!!!!   

  33. Habfan17 says:

    Enough with the imature remarks and drug references. If you can't discuss things intelligently, then get off this site!

    You are confusing goal production with chemistry! Why is it do you think, that MTl is tied for first, not in 13th spot where most " experts ' predicted they would be, hmmmm!

    How many teams have brought in the Big guns only to find they didn't produce and caused probelms in the dressing room. There is more to trades that strictly looking at goals and assists. Take Jokinen for instance, with all the goals he has scored only one is a game winner and he has no game tying goals. Is that because Florida is not very good, or is it because he shines when his team is ahead. Don't get me wrong, I think he is one of the better players out there! He may be scoring the goals that ge his team going, but that doesn't show up on the stats that we get to see. This was an example of the different things you need to look at.

    Frankly, most of the players are overpaid, especially Richards. Think again to about the snowball effect. You pay a guy like Richards all that coin, then  guy like Plekanec comes up for contract talks and has similar stats. Now what does MTL do? It would also drive up all of the other players who do well in Mtl. That is where GM"S make mistakes. It is why Tamp is having trouble, too much money in 3 guys!

    If Mtl traded that many players at the trade deadline, they probably wouldn't gel in time to make a good play off run this year. They would all have to learn the system and get used to their new team mates. They may never fit in here either.

    Take Briere for intance, he has similar stats to Kovalev but is paid twice as much. Right now, which one would you want? If Briere signed in Mtl, what do you think his salary would do to the attitude of Kovalev, and others, especially if they were more productive than Briere. Those are also things that need to be considered. Gainey understands the need for structured salaries and the downfall of overpaying!

  34. NSkid says:

    Huet and Price are both a big peice of the Haps secess. Why deal um. Whoever you get wont replace hem. Hes never player plat 41 games or more in 1 season. He needs a break and hes getting it from Price and if Price keeps playing the way he did vs. Philly then Huet will be set for the playoffs. and about the trade rumor… why make any? They are best team in the east. Why change ANYTHING?

  35. Vinnypleasecomehome says:

    Koivu is over the hill and if trading him means getting a player like Richards, do it. Gratton would be great on the third or fourth line to add some size and touhgness that is lacking considerably. Before you resort to personal attacks let me remind you that you're the one reading our posts. You seem pretty short sighted in your view and I could tear up your arguments too if I wanted. You should relax. Maybe lay down and stare at the poster of Koivu you have on the ceiling above your bed.  

  36. shmitzyhab says:

    You're the short sighted one my friend. Labelling people over the hill as quick as you must mean you are a young guy who thinks thirty is old. As far as being the one reading your posts, I'm always up for a good laugh. If you think Koivu is getting traded this year, you got another thing comin bro. But judging by your user name, you kind of live in a dream world anyways. It don't matter what you think of his game(thankgod),it only matters what Bob and Guy think and trust me, they'll be lookin to him in the playoffs. And he will give all you armchair critics who prob can't skate the giant s##t burger you all deserve to eat. But, you can apologize then.
    PS- That poster is of your mom.

  37. shmitzyhab says:

    You're the short sighted one my friend. Labelling people over the hill as quick as you must mean you are a young guy who thinks thirty is old. As far as being the one reading your posts, I'm always up for a good laugh. If you think Koivu is getting traded this year, you got another thing comin bro. But judging by your user name, you kind of live in a dream world anyways. It don't matter what you think of his game(thankgod),it only matters what Bob and Guy think and trust me, they'll be lookin to him in the playoffs. And he will give all you armchair critics who prob can't skate the giant s##t burger you all deserve to eat. But, you can apologize then.
    PS- That poster is of your mom.

  38. habsoverserver says:

    a grown-up would probably point out that Koivu has a no trade clause and leave it at that.  a habs fan who did a lot of research would know that and spell it emelin.  koivu produces points at the same rate in the playoffs as he does in the regular season.  the same holds true for Kovalev, to whom montreal will look as well. 

    this site may be fertile breeding ground for morons, but please try to raise the average IQ of the commentors. 

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