Well what to do with HUET do we sign him, trade him, or just loose him for nothing
My opinion is sign him or trade him don’t loose him for nothing thats just stupid hockey i don’t see Huet bringing LORD STANLY HOME i even see price bringing the cup here more then huet….

Look if you could sign him for another year do it if not trade him and no matter what anyone says we need a scorer and a 3rd line to shut down teams and a defenseman that could log 20 to 26 minutes a night because with price or huet in nets we’re going to need defense to make them affective especially that price is young and inexperienced…. oww even if we loose in the playoffs with price who cares i rather get something in return for huet then loose in the playoffs with huet and he signs with another team next year…

NOW IN A PERFECT WORLD THESE ARE MY TRADES: Hossa: for ryder, 1st round draft pick, dandenault, subban, milroy

TRADE for B.RICHARDS and C.Gratton, Holmquist: C.Huet, S.koivu, grabrovsky, C.Locke, 2nd round pick, y.danis, tampa saves on money and fill their needs and i still think tampa will win their division

Trade for B.Jackman: F.boullion, J.Halak, M.Lappiere

these guys are perfect we also get to have price and holmquist wich in my books isn’t that bad with goaltending…..
defense komisarek, markov, hamrlik, jackman, obyrn, striet, georges amazing defense ….. now offense kovalev, pleckanec, hossa, richards, kostitsyn, s.kostitsyn, latendress, higgins, begin, gratton, smolinski, kostopolous looks great i think this could be a cup contender for years to come with the future comming in later on defense and offense you just might have to get an upgrade on goaltending as a backup