Signs point to Price in Habs' net

The Canadiens will be counting on Carey Price to pull them even in their best-of-seven Eastern Conference quarter- final series against the Washington Capitals tonight at the Bell Centre (7 p.m., TSN, RDS, CJAD Radio-800).

While Canadiens head coach Jacques Martin said he would wait until this morning to name his starting goaltender, all the signs point to Price over Jaroslav Halak .

The most telling signs came after yesterday’s practice when the goalies addressed the media. Price seemed upbeat and relaxed, while Halak almost seemed resigned to playing a backup role.

“This is not up to me; it’s out of my reach,” Halak said when asked about the starting assignment. “If I don’t play, I’ll understand. If Carey plays, the whole team will be behind him and that includes me.” Halak was the difference in Game 1 of the series last Thursday as he backstopped the Canadiens to a surprising 3-2 overtime win in Washington. But he was part of a general meltdown in Game 2, which ended with a 6-5 overtime loss and was yanked after giving up three goals to start the second period in Game 3 at the Bell Centre Monday night.

“As a team, we had a good first period,” Halak said of Monday’s game. “We came out hard and we had some chances, but we didn’t score. In the second, we had a power play and we gave up a shorthanded goal. It wasn’t the kind of start we wanted in the second period. Then, they had a few chances and they scored.” You can’t put all the blame for the losses on Halak , but the bottom line is that, from the time the Capitals launched their comeback from 4-1 in Game 2 until the time he was lifted in Game 3, he gave up eight goals on 30 shots for a save percentage of .733.

While Price’s regular-season stats lag behind Halak’s , he has a few things going for him if he plays tonight.

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  1. number15 says:

    Thsi could be crucial for the Montreal Habs' plans for next season. Both Goalies are RFA this offseason.

    if Price shines and takes them into the second round and beyond, maybe they trade Halak…. If Price flops, then they re-sign both goalies and the debate continues into next season. though he will lose the faith of the Habs "fans", this time. it will be Halak town

    ** i dont think they will trade Price, no matter how he preforms this playoffs. Too much potential and investment from the Habs already. plsu he has a higher ceiling than Halak

  2. albertateams says:

    I think last night was Prices last game as a Canadian. Its not that he played badly its just you can see he hates the situation he is in. He gets booed by his home town fans hes taking stupid penalties. Previously I thought they would hold on to him, now I think he is gone.

  3. leafy says:

    It's the curse of Patrick Roy! When you alienate and force out the greatest goalie who ever lived, things come back to haunt you.

    He gets booed out of town, then comes back to dominate the playoffs with Colorado in the same year.

    You can still make the case that Montreal has never replaced him.

  4. hockeyhead says:

    the next crease god in montreal is no more. (you know i never ever bought this one)

    signs point to price being dealt in the off season.

    yet another embarrassing moment for price.  actually two.

    shooting the puck into celebrating caps.  and hitting backstrom on the bench.


    ill get back to enjoying my bruins and the real deal tuukka rask.

  5. number15 says:

    Jose Theodore in his peak was a decent replacement, or atleast I would consider…. the guy was dynamite not too long ago.

    also the Habs had him for about the same time as they had Patrick Roy…. only diffenece is, Roy won a cup while Theodore didn't…. then again Theodore won MVP, which Roy didnt

  6. leafy says:

    Whoa there! You can't compare a legend like Roy to a bum like Theodore. Not even close.

    A trophy is meaningless if you can't sustain a high level of play for a prolonged period of time.

    Andrew Raycroft won the Calder. So what?  Then there's Jim Carey, who won the Vezina in his second year. Again, so what? Within 2 years he was selling hot dogs in Rhode Island.

    Nobody in Montreal has even come close to matching Roy's success. One career season doesn't cut it.

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