Simmons: If Burke doesn't care, why does he fight?

Will all the media people — writers, commentators, analysts, hosts — who Brian Burke hasn’t cut off, fought with, tried to bully or intimidate this hockey season, please raise your hands?

The list of Burke’s battles, his latest target being Don Cherry, is ever growing and frankly, it says much more about Burke than it does about the people is squabbling with.

I can count seven national media people of prominence, including Cherry, who have been frozen out, cut off, or had their bosses contacted by Burke over what was said about the Toronto Maple Leafs. The latest battle with Cherry, reported by Joe Warmington in Saturday’s Toronto Sun, is actually nothing new. Just the latest version of an ongoing squabble. A few seasons back, Burke talked to Hockey Night In Canada host Ron MacLean, asking him to get Cherry to tone down his Leafs commentary. Burke asked, Cherry remained doing what Cherry does best.

For a man who claims he doesn’t give a “rat’s ass” what people think, he sure gets in share of verbal scraps. And especially odd that most of this has happened in the past seven months, which have probably been his most successful seven months in charge of the Leafs.