Simon back with isles

Garth Snow told the New York newsday ( that “Chris Simon will be back in an islanders uniform very soon.”

ESPN Insider ( also reports the Islanders have picked up Simon once again.

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  1. johnrot says:

    Simon is a goon and after last year's incident with Ryan Hollweg, he is lucky to even be in the NHL.

  2. gizzy77 says:

    Simon did a bonehead thing last year and he paid the price with a 25 game suspension, with that sad he is still a good leader and a soild fourth liner who can give you 10 goals an will drop the gloves with anyone.

    Looking foward to his first game back  MSG.

  3. johnrot says:

    Something stupid? An inch lower and he could have seriously hurt Hollweg. He may have been a solid fourth liner and all, but if that had happened anywhere but on the ice, he would have been in jail. The NHL doesn't need players like him.

  4. Girardi46 says:

    Simon's a bum. He doesn't deserve to be in the NHL. He's lucky his aim is poor, otherwise he'd likely be in jail for murder, because a shot that hard to the throat could kill someone. I can't wait to boo him out of the Garden. He isn't worthy enough to step a single foot in the Garden. Agh I hate Simon, an act like that should be a banishment from the NHL. And what angers me, is that he will be praised by some Islanders fans.

  5. Girardi46 says:

    I don't think a 25 game suspension is paying the price, if something like this happened outside of the sport it would be considered attempted murder, seeing as how careless he was swinging his stick to a near miss of the throat. How can you say he is a good leader? Is he supposed to lead by example? With neck shots? He'll drop his gloves, yeah, when they're blood-soaked with NHL careers.

  6. NYILES39 says:

    I really whish they would have signed Hill for one more year rather then Simon but i understand with the chance of Asham not being back next year they needed a big man. I just hope he doesnt do a blockhead move like he did last year again. That replay still gets me sick.

  7. Canadiangold316 says:

    After reading this garbage of "simon shouldn't be in the nhl" I have to write my two cents…. what the guy did was wrong no doubt but jebus, lets just eliminate bodychecking while we are at it too perhaps?? mabey lets just eliminate fighting so some of you christians out there can sleep at night after watching a physical game between teams, hell lets just eliminate the intensity playoffs games develop when the score gets out of hand as well just by automatic forfeit to discourage this type of nonsense….. seriousley some of you folks should really start to grow the hell up or find another sport to your liking….. Im not saying what he did was right, but to say he shouldnt be in the nhl is a joke and the fella who said he's just a goon ??
    forget it.. I have better things to do then stir the internet pot where people themselves grow 7'0 and can shoot fireballz out they're behinds so I wont even add fuel to your moronic fires

    Curling should be starting in a few months.. perhaps you should consider a subscription there fella's

  8. Girardi46 says:

    Whoa guy, easy, no one here said anything about fighting and bodychecking… that's hockey.  A baseball swing to the neck is NOT hockey… perhaps u should consider a subscription to some backyard wrestling if thats what u wanna see.

  9. papichulo71 says:

    It's too bad that the Isles got gutted because those 8 regular season games in New York could be what the NHL really needs.

    If those 8 games were between two teams battling to win the division, on top of some brawl filled games, the NHL could draw some serious media attention.

    With the Yankees out of the playoffs now is the time for the NHL's largest market to succeed.

  10. johnrot says:

    Garbage? So I guess it's ok for that to be included in the NHL, while we're at it why don't we allow late hits. That makes Hockey a manly sport. Right? I enjoy hockey for the skill and grit players, not the goons. It's players like Simon that damage the sports reputation. The only time that everyone in mainstream media gives attention to the game on a regular basis is when someone like Simon draws attention to the potential negativity of the game and not the great action and the skill that it takes to play hockey. The Islanders can have him since no one else wants to play there. I thought this years playoffs were great and just think, no stick swinging incidents had to happen.

    If you don't want to stir the pot, don't make comments that can't be backed up.

    SIMON is a GOON and is lucky to be allowed back in the league.

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