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This guy has been playing his heart out, scoring, passing, hitting, doing everything he can to help this team win, if every player on this team had the same level of the energy as simon gomache for every shift that they hit the ice, the leafs would undoubtedly be fighting for the first place. I don’t know why, Leafs Players lack passion and enthusiasm that they should have for the game.
being up 3-1 and then losing 6-4 to bunch of 17-1nd 18 year old kids is absolutely unacceptable.

Its ridiculous how the leafs are taking stupid needless penalties and are the most penalized team in the league, the coaching staff needs to implement some sort of rules and restriction, set fines for players that take stupid penalties or sit them the next game. (26th on penalty kill)

The leafs are 29th on the power play and yet they are not trying new lines for the power play. why the coaching staff does not reward a player like simon gomache with time on power play??

If the Toronto marlies and the leafs had to play a seven game series today, defintley the marlies would get the upper hand.

I believe only 10 players from the current active maple leaf club have been playing up to theire capability.( Sundin, blake, antropove, gomache, kaberle, maccabe, tucker, stajan, white and toskala,) add those 10 players to the Toronto marlies and you would have a team competing for the stanley cup.

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  1. leafy says:

    Everyone makes a big issue that the Leafs are taking too many penalties.  But to me, this is beside the point.  The fact is the Leafs are playing garbage right now, even when playing 5 on 5 hockey.  Of course it makes sense to take less penalties, but as soon as the Leafs start playing decent hockey at even strength, then we can bring up the discipline issue as a factor.  Right now, it's like fixing problem No. 27 out of 62 other problems the team is having.

  2. Hoondog2 says:

    Statistically speaking, only 7 of the Leafs 20 players are minuses, and those players are McCabe, Newbury, Battaglia, Devereaux, Kilger, Tucker, and Belak.  So it is mostly our 4th line guys that are killing us 5 on 5.  The problem is penalties.

  3. Hoondog2 says:

    It is penalty trouble that seems to send the Leafs into a tail spin every game.  Whether you want to argue that Toronto's players are being more closely watched by the refs is another argument, and irrelevant.  The fact of the matter is every little infraction we do is being noticed, so the easy solution is don't touch a guy with your stick, and don't put your hands anywhere but your stick, and this will eliminate most of our bad penalties.  I don't know what it takes to drill this concept into the players heads, but it got to happen, and quick.  These "bad" penalties are what is hampering our ability to gain any confidence while protecting a lead. 

  4. KingCanada says:

    Buddy, Tucker and McCabe definatly arent filling up to their potential.  Tucker before being injured seemed invisible and lost his old touch and McCabe is known for scoring and hasnt been all that dangerous for us, hes mainly just dangerous against us in our own end.

    With the Tucker injury look for Gamache to be reinserted into the lineup

  5. BLUE_AND_WHITE says:

    so heres your team:




    i wouldn't expect that team to finish 14th in the east, let alone compete for the cup.

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