Site problems?

Is something wrong with the site? I have to click on “Read the rest of this comment” to read any posts, and half the time I don’t even get the actual post, just a blank page with “post a comment” at the top. A number of the links won’t work, including “HTR Staff”, so I have no idea how to get in touch with anyone that can do anything, other than submitting it as news. I’ve noticed there’s been a couple other changes on the site, so I don’t know if this is a new format that isn’t responding well to my computer, but if you could at least post something saying what’s going on, or send me a PM about it, it would be greatly appreciated.
Answer – HTR’s sever has gone through a major overhaul in the past week and it will take some time to get everything back to normal. Please bear with us as I am trying to restore normal HTR action.

Also all of the coding at HTR has been updated and kinks are being worked out. This is part of the normal bug process. If other things are array please let me know here in this message.

Please also note that I do have a new little girl, oh yeah I forgot to mention that, in my house. Asa result it may take a little longer than usual to restore all services to the site. And yes, she is beautiful, 13 weeks to be exact.

Trade Man

5 Responses to Site problems?

  1. kamullia says:

    Congratulations!! Being a father surprisingly has turned out to be one of the most rewarding things that ever happened to me.

    I am not sure if this is your first, but make sure you enjoy it all, even the not so good moments. They will be worth to you more than you can imagine in a few years.

    PS We’ll live with the server at any stage. No worries.

  2. nonhl2005 says:

    Congrats, I concur, being a father ( of 2 little girls myself ) is the scariest and most rewarding thing in this world. Enjoy the time!

  3. Kraftster says:

    Congrats TMan.

  4. iginla012 says:

    congrats, i hope to be a father someday.

    is it fun?

  5. trademan says:

    yes… tons of fun … I love it and i love my little daughter.

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