Six teams interested in Comrie

Bruce Garrioch of Sun Media is reporting that as many as six teams are interested in Mike Comrie.

The teams that are interested include Carolina, Los Angeles, Washington, Buffalo, Islanders and Atlanta. It is well known that the Buffalo Sabres are after some offensive help after watching both Drury and Briere walk away this week however HTR believes that the Sabres fans will sure be disappointed if Mike Comrie is brought in to be a replacement for one of the guys that left. Although talented, Comrie is not a Chris Drury or Briere type of player.

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One Response to Six teams interested in Comrie

  1. PointMeAtTheSky says:

    I wouldn't mind him back in Ottawa…but come on, why is Murray trying to get rid of Corvo? We already lost Preissing, we need Corvo's offensive skills! Gerber and Shaefer I can see trying to trade…I know Corvo started out slow, but he caught up.

    I'd like to see Vermette on a second line with Fisher, And Saprykin and Mcammond on the third line, they seeme dto have some good chemistry in the finals, unfortunatly they couldn't beat the ducks defense.

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