Slats Catches Cheater

Rangers GM Glen Sather catches Islander goalie Garth Snow with illegal equipment. reports:March 21, 2003 — If a player is caught playing with an illegal stick, his team is penalized and plays shorthanded. Yet if a goaltender is caught with illegal equipment, he receives a warning and nothing happens to his team. Which isn’t much of a deterrent at all against cheating when points and a playoff spot are on the line, now is it, Garth Snow?
It turns out that Glen Sather was absolutely correct when he charged the goaltender with using illegal equipment after each of the last two Ranger-Islander contests, the 1-1 Garden tie on March 3 and the Blueshirts’ Garden 1-0 win at the Garden this past Monday. Turns out, too, that the Rangers’ GM and coach did more than talk about it. And you thought the rivalry – which is currently features the race for the final playoff spot – couldn’t get any spicier.

For The Post has learned that Sather not only lodged a formal complaint with the NHL, but submitted evidence to the league in the form of a dozen photographs taken during the March 3 game highlighting what the Rangers believed to be illegal add-ons to Snow’s pads and chest protector. A league investigation and examination conducted Tuesday in Toronto found Snow in violation of Rule 21C (v), which states, “If, when the goalie assumes his normal crouch position, the shoulder and/or shoulder cap protection is pushed above the contour of the shoulder, the chest pad will be considered illegal.”

“It’s not even that he stops shots with those ‘wings’ of his,” Sather said. “When he gets down in that crouch and those things pop up, a player carrying the puck down the wing has no net to shoot at. It’s cheating.”

But though the NHL rulebook states that a violation of Rule 21 carries with it a one-game suspension, the league followed common practice and merely warned Snow and the Islanders during a lengthy conference call that included league officials, the goaltender, equipment manager Joe McMahon and GM Mike Milbury on Wednesday.

“I don’t blame the league,” Sather said. “It’s Snow. He cheats. He’s been cheating his whole career.”

Perhaps there will be some pleasantries exchanged between the coach and goaltender when the teams meet for the final time, a week from Monday at the Coliseum.

My take: This guy does not even get fined or suspended? That’s crap, this guy has been cheating for games and all he was told to do is change equipment???? I see how Campbell is doing such a good job….I say Snow should be suspended for at least 4 games.

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  1. OKFlyer says:

    Did you ever see the shoulder pads he wore when he played for Philly ? they were crazy

  2. RangerSteve says:

    According to Joe Micheletti during the Isles game last night, Snow has been having his pads checked at least 3x already this season before Sather mentioned it to the league. The league then saw Sather’s complaint, sized up Snows pads, and found nothing wrong with them. Yeah to the guy above, those things were ridiculous…and wasn’t Snow the guy who put those pads in his jersey so the puck couldn’t go through? lol

  3. pop0331 says:

    The Rangers still suck big @ss no matter who is cheating!!! even if the Islanders played with no goalie in net for their remaining games, the Rangers would still find a way to not make it in!!!

  4. Lapointefan says:

    Micheletti’s said Snow had his pads checked several times already this season before Sather mentioned it to the league. The league then saw Sather’s complaint, sized up Snows pads, and found nothing wrong with them. Sather’s just po’d his $80m flops are missing the playoffs again.He doesn’t like Snow’s pads?Well the rest of the league doesn’t like watching the rangers buy players, like they did Kovolav.

  5. mikster says:


    And Madonna is a virgin…

  6. JeffBurnz09 says:

    I really don’t like Sather at all, but he does have a point about Snow. I havent seen an Islanders game lately,but wasnt Snow the guy who has/had pads that went almost up to the bottom of his jersey? Guess that explains how a career back up goalie is stopping enough pucks this year to be a starter.

  7. matrix2003 says:

    Does any one wonder why Snow is having a career year??? Gee I wonder?

  8. titans says:

    Ahhh good ole Garth Snow…one of my favorite players in the game ever since he beat the piss outa Marty McSorly after he whacked Brashear a few years ago! GO GET EM” SNOWMAN!!

  9. Bishop7979 says:

    I dont like snow, i never have, hes just a boring slow goalie, but no one ever realizes that hes a big guy, 6-3 and well over the 208 pounds that the league has him penciled in at. His chest pad and shoulder pads are big because he is big. He’s all shoulders, I meant him once after a game in pittsburgh and the man is built like a line backer, and his stance in net doesnt help much, burke is a big goalie but he hunches over, snow is the opposite he arches his back, stands tall makes himself as big a target as he can.

    I agree slats is just frustrated that his boys club of over paid pampered underachiving whiners isnt getting the job done and is looking for excuses even if it makes him look sad and desperate.

    Snow is a starter this season because he is healthy for the first time since he left the flyers, and because hes taken a boring simple game and made it even more boring and simple.

  10. mikster says:

    He’s got illegal pads, that’s all. Don’t care if he is 8 foot tall, he has illegal pads, period.

    WHat do the Rangers have to do with this?

  11. Bishop7979 says:

    I havent found an article that says that they were actually illegal and he was fined, this is what I’ve been able to find

    “Rangers general manager Glen Sather is seemingly doing everything possible to try and beat the Islanders for a playoff spot.

    Earlier this week, Sather filed a complaint to the NHL regarding Islanders goalie Garth Snow’s pads.

    Sather, whose team is chasing the Islanders for a playoff berth in the Eastern Conference, contended after the last two Islanders-Rangers games that Snow’s pads were illegal. In each game, Snow allowed one goal.

    Snow had his equipment checked by the league Feb. 25 in Toronto and it was deemed legal. But Newsday reported Friday that after Sather’s complaint, a person with knowledge of the situation ordered Snow’s chest protector be downsized before Thursday night’s game.

    “I guess when a non-playoff team complains enough, the voices get heard,” Snow said. “I got checked a couple of weeks ago and there was one minor adjustment. I was glad to do it. But this sounds like it’s one person crying like a baby.”

    The Islanders’ other goalie, Rick DiPietro, was also reprimanded by the league this week. According to The Toronto Star, the rookie was fined $1,000 for diving even though he hasn’t been called for the penalty in his eight games.”

    all i got from this article (which was posted today on is that snow modifiied his pads a week after the sather complain most likley to shut people up about it, but i dont see anywere other then the NY post where it says that snow was fined and that the league found his equiptment to be illegal. its not on, its not on espn, its not on sportingnews, or thehockeynews, yes the post here says its from the NY Post, and but i dont take anything the NY post has to say about hockey seriously especially when its written by Brooks unless i can back it up on a site or in a magazine that actually writes about hockey. and I cant, so I’m jsut adding this to the pile of things that I’ve read that were written by Brooks that are total and complete crap.

  12. big_booty says:

    If Garth Snow played for the New York Rangers, it’s a rock-solid lock that Glen Sather would pat him on the back for doing whatever he could to stop the puck and win some games in order to squeek into the playoffs, not whine about how is equipment size is bad for the sport.

    Slats, as he has shown by his very employment with the Blueshirts, is a two-face:

    “Give me the Rangers’ payroll and I’ll never lose a game.”

    This possible scenario is no different.

  13. big_booty says:

    Uh, Glen Sather brought this up.

    The article was written by Larry Brooks, Ranger beatwriter and spin doctor extraordinaire, because Snow is the goalie of the team that the Rangers are trying to catch.

    The Rangers have everything to do with this.

  14. mikster says:

    He had illegal pads and he had to shrink them.

    That’s all there is to it. You are making another story that has no connection to Snow.

  15. mikster says:

    Some of you guys can be such low level fans.

    Point is, he had illegal pads, the League told him to shrink his pads and that’s it.

    Is this article about the Rangers? No. Is this article about Sather? Yes, just the fact that he saw this. He is avoiding making the NHL less of a joke with its rules. However, it’s not about him and his team.

    Tlak about Snow’s pads, talk about NHL rules. Don’t bring in the Rangers bullshit stuff that has nothing to do with this article and all you show is that you’re an anti-Rangers fan. Well big (_____) deal.

    Ok, so i’ll talk about the Flyers if there is an article on the Avs. Yeah, that makes perfect sense….

  16. bruinfan37 says:

    i’m surprised it hasn’t happened earlier!!!! But when Sather said he has been cheating his whole career, thats just not true, and its not something he should have said. I was watching a rockem sockem recently, and his equipment actually looked smaller then most other goalies

  17. flyersruleclarkstillsucks says:

    lame ass post. rangers fans looking for any excuse for why their over paid over hyped loser rangers are going to miss the playoffs for like the 7th year in a row. right, it’s garth snow’s fault! that makes sense! RANGERS SUCK, that’s why they aren’t making the playoffs!

  18. nskerr says:

    Snow had to make a “minor adjustment.” The only reason Sather is crying is that once again he is on the outside looking in. I’m sure losing to Florida a week back was Snow’s fault to. Maybe he should check Lindros’ stick to see what is wrong with that. And as far as Larry Brooks is concerned, the Isles are always in the wrong. He is a MSG paid clown whose credibility is along the same lines as Hans Blix and France.

    But in Ranger land, it is always the refs fault, another player cheating, and injuries that keep the Rangers out of the playoffs. It is never the fact that they have no chemistry or grit. But that must be Snow’s fault as well.

  19. Captain27 says:

    Hey Mikster, if you would’ve thumbed a few pages forward in the Post, you would have seen this article too:

    From Today’s NY POST (3/21/03)

    Sather says Rangers can’t keep up with Big-Morale Teams

    New York City- Rangers general manager Glen Sather filed yet another complaint to the NHL regarding the NHL’s low-payroll, “big-morale” teams such as the Ottawa Senators and the Minnesota Wild.

    Sather, whose team is chasing the Islanders for a playoff berth in the East, has twice contended that that the Isles have been guilty of using unfair tactics to win games such as “heart” and “grit” and even “hustle” and that this has given them an inequitable advantage over his $80 Million “big-market” squad.

    “How much longer does my team have to be martyred by the league, before we get the playoff spot we have rightfully purchased!” pondered the angry GM aloud. “Spirit and determination have no place in this game, exhibit A: Jason Blake! There’s gotta be a reason this guy only makes $900,000 a year.”

    The Isles had their team chemistry checked by the Commissioner’s office after their gutsy 3-3 tie with Toronto and it was deemed very high, but legal.

    Yet, after Sather’s complaint, a person with knowledge of the situation said the league might consider giving the Rangers a 25-point headstart at the beginning of the 2003-04 season. The league official was quoted as saying, “well, we gotta keep it close, ya know…for all teams involved. I mean, its not Sather’s fault his team has 12 franchise players, yet no chemistry.”

  20. mikster says:

    …….. i think you have the wrong site… is what you looked at.

  21. Captain27 says:

    oh stupid me, I came to expecting hockey trade rumors!

    What was I thinking?

    You realize Sather is calling out Snow because he wants to take attention off his $80 Million playoff guarantee, right?

    If the EQUIPMENT of a $40 Million Team’s Backup Goalie is what is keeping the $80 Million Rangers from the LAST playoff spot, then your team has more problems than I could have possibly imagined!

  22. Tradedude says:

    Who cares? like really, Sather ya congratulations on being GM and putting together a play-off team that can’t even make the play-offs, being coach, and somehow finding time to complain about equipment, ooo, my jock strap is too tight. get over it.

  23. Tradedude says:


  24. NYIchooch75 says:

    Personally, I couldn’t care less what Glen Sather has to say, but this is actually pretty funny. I mean, Snow’s pads were checked by the league a few times. Nothing found. And how come NOT ONE other GM or coach has said ANYTHING about it? NOT ONE!!! Does this prick have a God complex or what?

    Now for the good part…here is Snow’s response to Sather from

    “I guess when a non-playoff team complains enough, the voices get heard,” Snow said. “I got checked a couple of weeks ago and there was one minor adjustment. I was glad to do it. But this sounds like it’s one person crying like a baby.”

    Fact of the matter is that Sather is a miserable failure, who had the luck of Gretzky, Messier, Kurri and cast falling into his lap in Edmonton. If he had to build a team there, he would have been a miserable failure then, too.

    Note to mikster: There is no way you can defend this…this is so degrading. If I was a Ranger fan I’d be so ashamed of my GM right now.

  25. BWbullies says:

    Well, the whole point of the story is based on he Rangers not beating the Islanders and sathers just losing it. He needed to put the blame on something other then his team.

  26. Bishop7979 says:

    thanks, at least you get where i was trying to go with this, mikster is a little to close to the tree to see the forest so to speak

  27. Bishop7979 says:

    basically what i’ve been trying to say is that larry brooks is the only person who has claimed the snows equiptment is illegal and that he has been fined for it, and for that reason alone i think its BS. no other site has stated such a claim, the closest thing that could be found from a writer that anyone outside the NY area, or sphere of influence would actually believe was the article that i posted from ESPN, I’m not making anouther story out of it, I’m simply posting one that is more likely true. Snow was not fined, his pads were not found to be illegal by the league, he shrunk his chest protector after Sather bitched and whined to the league, and like i said {I’m sure he did it just to keep people off his back.}

    (the line in the brackets is my opinion, not the creation of anouther story.)

  28. Lint07 says:

    I posted an article about Garth Snow’s equipment 2 month ago that has yet to be posted… 😉

    I’m glad they’ll do something for this.

  29. pop0331 says:

    hey captain, I’ve got to say that has got to be the funniest sh*t I’ve ever seen written here, much, much props to you on that one, although mikster’s reaction to it came in a close second… “” Oh, Mikster, please stop, I laughed so hard my brain went numb and I actually thought the Blueshirts would make the playoffs next year!!! I cannot wait to watch a week from monday when Snow shuts down those bastards once and for all.

  30. isles2112 says:

    How can you be upset by these comments and this article?

    I think it’s great that this is all that Sather and Rangers fans have to talk about at this point!!

    And Sather in general? You gotta love this guy! Never, ever could I have thought that he would lead the Rangers to three more years of missing the playoffs!! And with that payroll?!?! Classic!

    Geez…Neil Smith won them a cup and left them with no future. Sather isn’t going to get them a cup and he’ll leave them with no future either!! Hopefully, they’ll keep him for a good long while though.

    Let’s hope that Snow and his big pads get to mathematically eliminate the Rangers at the Coliseum. On appropriately enough…April Fool’s Day!!

  31. MantaRay says:

    “I guess when a non-playoff team complains enough, the voices get heard,” Snow said. “I got checked a couple of weeks ago and there was one minor adjustment. I was glad to do it. But this sounds like it’s one person crying like a baby.”

    Pretty much says it all, but he should have added an $84 million non-playoff team.

  32. nskerr says:

    I heard Sather and his scouts are still looking for players with the last name of “grit”, “hustle” and “chemistry.” They want to either draft or trade for them but can’t find what team team they play for.

    They have searched high and low, in Canada and the U.S. They have even gone to Europe to find these 3 players. They have taken out ads and even are on the back of milk cartons saying they are missing.

    The 25 point head start is a good idea. Since the Rangers always suck in the first half of the season, the Rangers will be even by the all-star break.

  33. mikster says:

    What the hell are you talking about?

    Snow had illegal pads, what the hell does that have ANYTHING to do with the Rangers? You’re making things up.

  34. Captain27 says:

    Well, being that it was the RANGERS GM who made the claim and that the word RANGERS was written 5 separate times in the article you posted…I think its safe to say that the RANGERS had something to do with this claim.

    But then again, you don’t see any other team in the NHL filing a complaint about Snow’s pads, do you?

  35. Captain27 says:

    Mikster asks: “what do the Rangers have to do with this?”

    Well, being that it was the RANGERS GM who made the claim and that the word RANGERS was written 5 separate times in the Larry Brooks (Ranger Beat Writer) article you posted…I think its safe to say that the RANGERS had something to do with this claim.

    But then again, you don’t see any other team in the NHL filing a complaint about Snow’s pads, do you?

  36. bsfan1914 says:

    first of all brashear got his concussion from slamming his head on the ice when he dove as mcsorly brushed his helmet and second at no point did snow beat the piss out of mcsorley infact there was no punches exchanged between the two of them

  37. DG says:

    “Give me the Rangers’ payroll and I’ll never lose a game.”

    He’s laughing all the way to the bank with that one.


  38. DG says:

    It’s still at least a little conspicuous that only the New York Rangers, who are coincidentally battling Snow’s New York Islanders for the playoffs have anything to say about it and not the other 28 opponents the Islanders have faced.


  39. Malurous says:

    Snow’s pads have been checked and are legal. I

    don’t think goalies should get suspensions if there aren’t regular checks. There aren’t many goalies in the league that use completely legal equipment. Remember when Aebischer’s hot streak ended last year when he had to change his pads?

    Anyway, why not make equipment checks before EVERY game? That would be fair and just, giving everyone the same situation…

    Snow’s a big man and his equipment is supposed to be kinda big. His skeleton shoulder pads when he was with the Flyers are legendary, though. I like his style, too, nice Hextall-like angst and mouth-yapping with guys like Roenick.

  40. Kalgon says:

    ROFL- glen sather is a big loser- he wines and bitches about everything. I dont want to see the rangers in the playoffs and you know it doesnt matter to me if the islanders make the playoffs either. The rangers are the biggest disapointment even if they make it into the playoffs. Snow’s pads were NOT determined to be illegal- where are you guys getting this stuff from. Rangers Blow big time- islanders arent that much better either. As said before NO OTHER TEAM HAS CHALLANGED SNOW’S EQUIPTMENT- WTF IS WRONG WITH SATHER THAT BIG WINING BABY- GET LOST YOU OLD FRUITCAKE- RETIRE THATS THE BEST THING FOR YOU. I GUESS HE STILL HAS BAD MEMORIES WHEN HE LOST IN THE 83 FINALS TO THE ISLANDERS- fucking idoit

  41. Kalgon says:

    damn straight- well said- lets go rangers- wait wait wait- RANGERS SUCK!

  42. Kalgon says:

    WOAH- no offense but um mikstr your rangers completly blow and dont think im an islanders fan becuase im not- dont you get it- HIS PADS ARE LEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!- jesus how can you like those lowly rangers- after being one of the original 6 teams THEY ONLY HAVE 4 CUPS>?>> WTF??????- at least the islanders got 4 straight holy shit

  43. BabyLeaf says:

    I don’t like Sather…but thank God someone finally reported Snow’s equipment!!

  44. RangerSteve says:

    And everyone hates Pat Quin…you’re point? Yeah, his pads are ridiculous and have been for hte longest time. Somebody said since he’s “bigger” his pads are bigger..shoulder pads aren’t suppose to come up like them shits!

  45. Lapointefan says:

    $80m doesn’t buy what it used to?

  46. Lapointefan says:

    15-15-4 is a career yr?

  47. Kalgon says:

    rangers suck period- they think they can buy themselves into the playoffs- and since they will most likely miss the playoffs this year, i will just laugh my ass off for the whole summer and if they lose tonight against the pens- they should just give up hope on the season

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