Sleepers Creepers #2

Finally, the top guy on my list has hit the scoreboard last night, and check out more:Sleepers:

I have raved about this young Finn ever since he was drafted, shame on the Lightning for making such a trade. Joni Pitkanen scored his first goal last night with the Philadelphia Flyers. As if it surprised me? He is the future top defenseman for the Flyers, and will make a lot of people stop making the ridiculous comments of 27-year-old Kim Johnsson being in the Nik Lidstrom mold. I say that about Joni Pitkanen, he’ll be that kind of player except with more size. Right now, the Yahoo Leagues have Joni Pitkanen registered in their database, and if you are in the CDM (THN) fantasy hockey you can pick Pitkanen up. The rule, unless I am wrong, is that rookies may be selected but won’t count points until the first week passes by. A week has passed by and you should put him on your team.

Marek Zidlicky is the next sleeper. That’s right, two defensemen top my list for now. I’ve known Zidlicky for a while now since he was a Rangers prospect. He’s definitely an offensive defenseman, though inconsistent, and will put up 10 to 12 goals this season. He’s already got 5 points in 4 games, and tends to get penalties as well. He’s the Andy Delmore for the Predators, and if you like Andy Delmore on your team, but you don’t have him, then Zidlicky is your best bet.

Raffi Torres is the 3rd guy on my list. I had him in the “Keep an eye on” list last time, and I am glad I keep an eye on him now. I don’t think he will score 40 points this season, but a close number to that is what could happen. If you’re in a keepers league Raffi Torres is a slick pick. First, he was a top prospect for the Isles, and top prospects who get traded by the Isle’s usually tend to become very good players. Second, he is playing with Brad Smyth and Ales Hemsky. I say he is good for 18 goals this season IF he stays on that line.

Who could be a sleeper is Patrik Stefan. He shares ice time with Ilya Kovalchuk and appears to be more comfortable. His skills remain in his blood stream, he has a goal and two assists, a +1, and 8 shots on goal with the Thrashers. He is set to have a career high season this year and if you are missing a center on your team, and you can drop a no-name, claim Stefan. *I don’t recommend him for the CDM league though*.

Creepers, Stay Away from:

Vaclcav Varada. He is taken off the line with Bonk and Hossa.

Any Blackhawk player you have must be dumped. The Blackhawks are planning to battle with the Penguins to get 1st overall in the 2004 Entry Draft.

Gary Roberts just doesn’t have it any more. The Leafs are struggling to score and though the scoring will come, Gary Roberts scoring abilitites are quite done.

Devils forwards. Some will give you 20 goals 40 to 50 points, but the Devils offense is ignored as defense is their main concern. Elias is the best trade bait to have on your team. The only one I’d keep is Jeff Friesen.

Geoff Sanderson. I am surprised that some fantasy leaguers have him on their roster, still. He is injury prone, a total killer to your team.

Bruins goaltending. Raycroft showed some great flashy signs, but the Bruins goaltending and defense still remain a problem.

Minnesota Wild forwards don’t score many goals. The only two players worth are Pascal Dupuis and Marian Gaborik. And of course, they are still not wearing their jerseys.

Keep an eye on:

Jan Hlavac (Has played very well the last two games)

Paul Mara (Somehow people forget that he is a 10 goal scorer)

Patrice Bergeron (Four points with the Bruins for now)

Rico Fata (scored a short-handed goal, giving him four points with the Penguins)