Slovakia – A top 5 hockey country

It is an outrage – plain and simple. To qualify for the round of 8 at the Olympics, Slovakia must first qualify by playing some of the weaker nations. Slovakia is 0-2 trying to qualify for the Olympics because the NHL is scamming them. The league wont let teams release their star Slovaks to help their nation qualify for the final round. Yet Mario can play for the Olympics but can sit out as many games as he wants for the Pens. It is total B.S.

Think about it, Slovak players include:

Leading NHL Goal Scorer Marian Gaborik

Peter Bondra

Ziggy Palffy

Joseph Stumpel

Miroslav Satan

Pavel Demitra

Zdeno Chara

Robert Svehla

these guys won the World Championships last year, but will never qualify for the Olympics because the NHL players arent realised to play in the qualifiaction games. If they were, I am sure Slovakia would be one of the top 5 hockey nations in the world. Heck, the even Jan Lasek, the Slovak Goaltender has a job in the Nashville system. My father is Slovak, this country is a great hockey nation and I dont understand why the NHL wont let these players guys help their nation in the Qualifying rounds, yet other players an sit out a few games here or there, as long as they can play in the Games. This is not fair at all – Slovakia should be near the top, instead they are an almost forgotten hockey Nation……

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  1. mikster says:

    Everyone talks about Joe Thornton. To me it’s all just blah blah blah, same shit, same story. The guy has had skilled players all the time in his career.

    Look at Marian Gaborik, now there is my favorite and number one on most talented youngsters. He is amazing. Watching him many games in a row, this guy is 110% pure talent. Imagine if he had other skilled players like Thornton does, or him and Kovalchuk together. Wow….

    Slovaks are becoming really good as of late.

  2. pantherboy says:

    I totally agree. Slokiva is an amazing country for young talent. Why Florida let Shvela go because they wouldn’t pay his joiuner club is beoned me. Now the Leafs will be rewarded with all that great Slovak jouiner talent.

    BTW Micki, Thorton is the best young player in an all-round game. Gabirok is the best scorer in my opion. Thats why he is #2. I think he is better than Kolvochuck, just because he can play defense. Plus I like Thorton because I live very close to where he was born and played. A little biased, but I don’t care.

  3. SabresFanB says:

    Well that jerk John Rigas let Miro Satan use his private jet to fly out for the pre-lims for last year’s Olympics. And didn’t Bondra get to play in the pre-lims last year too?

  4. slipnaughtyboy says:

    You missed one of the hottest players in the NHL…


  5. cunucks_for_the_cup says:

    Lol, u are right, as I was sitting on the can I remembered Hossa – I knew I forgot someone, lol. Most of the guys only got to play 1 out of the 3 qualifying games due to the NHL schedule… if the League lets other guys out to play for Canada, USA, etc, why can’t they stop all the NHL games for 4 extra days – thats the only fair why

    BTW – Jan Lasek just got called up to the Preds!

  6. cwhockey says:

    I know that Lubos Bartecko is not one of the most talented Slovaks, and I know that at Olympic time the Thrashers were far out of it. But Atlanta GM Don Waddell let him go as soon as he could to play all of Slovakia’s games.

    I know the circumstances were different for other teams with Slovakian players and to some extent it’s understandable that particular teams wanted to keep those players. But the Olympics are special to players if they have the chance. It’s a shame a different type of schedule couldn’t have been worked out. It’s also a shame these players didn’t get the chance to represent their country to the best of their abilities. We can only hope in the future that will change.

  7. TaajAr says:

    Are you sure Gaborik is Slovak? I checked two sites that both said he was Czech…and another site had an article where they called him Czechoslovakia’s next big hockey superstar.

  8. cunucks_for_the_cup says:

    According to Gaborik is Slovak, here is his profile page

  9. Habfan1234 says:

    Wheres Richard Zednick???

  10. mikster says:

    Gab is a Slovak and it’s a correct term to use when saying Czechoslovakian since he was born during that time.

  11. burky says:

    The Slovaks will get their chance to shine at the upcoming world cup, the tournament has been expanded so that Germany and Slovakia can play. The Slvaks do have a great team, but their gauranteed not to qualify considering theyre in a group with Canada, USA and Russia.

  12. BWbullies says:

    I could be wrong but I thought I read somewhere that they were not going to let nhl players play in the next Olympics. It is to far away.

    The US and Canada teams weren’t allowed to use nhl players for pre qual either. Or did they not have to compete in the prequal?

  13. cunucks_for_the_cup says:







    dont have to qualify – teams such as Slovakia, Germany and Belarus have to qualify….

    I think the Slovaks have a legit chance to Qualify, they have better goal scorers than the US, and the Americans dont have any great goalies,… it should be interesting

  14. Stanajax says:

    Slovakia is a top 7 hockey country. Not more, not less.

    There are 7 big hockey countries in the world : Canada, USA, Finland, Sweden, Russia, Czech Rep. and Slovakia.

    It’s hard to classify them, and all of them should have avoided the pre-lims. With another one to be fair. And adding 2 teams to the 2nd round to make it with 2 groups of 5 teams, with one which will not qualify for yhe quarter finals. That also will make this round robin useful……

    However, I recently tried to grade these 7 teams by giving points for their performances in WC and OG since 94 (when Slovakia was back in the A group). I gave 3 points for a gold medal in WC or in Lillehammer, 2 points for a silver one and 1 for a bronze one. For Nagano and Salt Lake City, where NHL players were there, I made it 6/4/2.

    So, first, I give the numbers of points won in the WC, then, in the OG and I make the sum. Then, I put the number of medals won on a possibility of 12 :

    1- Rép. Tchèque : 14+6=20, 7/12

    2- Canada : 9+8=17, 6/12

    3- Finlande : 12+3=15, 8/12

    4- Suède : 11+3=14, 8/12

    5- Russie : 2+6=8, 3/12

    6- Slovaquie : 5+0=5, 2/12

    6- USA : 1+4=5, 2/12

    So, the best players don’t ever mean the best results…… Finland is the most regular team in the lase decade with the less impressive forwards (almost nothing besides Koivu, Lehtinen, Selanne and Kapanen).

    PS : I have to admit that Slovakia has one of the most scary group of forwards with Gaborik, Demitra, Palffy, Hossa, Bondra, Satan, Stumpel, Zednik, Handzus and Nagy….. Defense isn’ as good behind Chara, Stumpel and Sekeras…

  15. Stanajax says:

    I’m sorry for the French names, I forgot to translate 😉

    So, for the ones who really can’t read French, it’s :

    1- Czech Republic

    2- Canada

    3- Finland

    4- Sweden

    5- Russia

    6- Slovakia

    6- USA

  16. aaron says:

    Damn, thanks, b/c I never would have guessed that Finlande was Finland. :p

  17. rojoke says:

    I believe he’s Czech, as he was born in Trencin, which is in the Czech Republic. Correct?

  18. Stanajax says:

    Yeah, I know it’ easy to understand, but some people here can’t bear French……..

  19. meetak says:

    Slovakia will be a force at the next World Cup (not world championships,as too many Slovaks are on playoff teams), and if NHL players are involved in the next Olympics, the Slovaks will not get shafted again.

  20. rojoke says:

    Any decision will be made once the new CBA is ironed out. And the way Bettman-Goodenow relations are these days, that could be sometime after the 2006 Games.

  21. rojoke says:

    Why didn’t you consider the World Junior Championships? Taken alone, they are a great indicator of how younger players are developing. If you included it with the other information, it would probably bump Russia up to third or fourth, and should put Slovakia ahead of the US, as they haven’t had a lot of success recently at the WJC.

  22. rojoke says:

    Slovakia won the World Championships last year. The only real offensive guys they had there were Satan, Bondra and Palffy. And Palffy only played three games.

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