Slovakia – A top 5 hockey country

It is an outrage – plain and simple. To qualify for the round of 8 at the Olympics, Slovakia must first qualify by playing some of the weaker nations. Slovakia is 0-2 trying to qualify for the Olympics because the NHL is scamming them. The league wont let teams release their star Slovaks to help their nation qualify for the final round. Yet Mario can play for the Olympics but can sit out as many games as he wants for the Pens. It is total B.S.

Think about it, Slovak players include:

Leading NHL Goal Scorer Marian Gaborik

Peter Bondra

Ziggy Palffy

Joseph Stumpel

Miroslav Satan

Pavel Demitra

Zdeno Chara

Robert Svehla

these guys won the World Championships last year, but will never qualify for the Olympics because the NHL players arent realised to play in the qualifiaction games. If they were, I am sure Slovakia would be one of the top 5 hockey nations in the world. Heck, the even Jan Lasek, the Slovak Goaltender has a job in the Nashville system. My father is Slovak, this country is a great hockey nation and I dont understand why the NHL wont let these players guys help their nation in the Qualifying rounds, yet other players an sit out a few games here or there, as long as they can play in the Games. This is not fair at all – Slovakia should be near the top, instead they are an almost forgotten hockey Nation……