Smyth to Colorado?

According to’s free agent alert updates:

6:11pm – Ryan Smyth appears close to inking a deal with the Colorado Avalanche, believed to be a five-year contract worth over $6 million per season.

4 Responses to Smyth to Colorado?

  1. popkumdan says:

    I would hate to see him in anything but Oilers colors this year, but that's K-Lowes fault for not signing him LAST summer. As long as he doesnt end up with Calgary i'll still cheer for him…though admittedly Colorado isnt much better.

  2. flamingsenator says:

    man..i was hoping to not see this guy back in the western division unless it was with the flames……

  3. wingerxxx says:

    If this deal goes through, Avs fans are looking at their next captain, whenever Sakic decides to leave the league.  But we'll see if this actually happens first.  He's be a great fit in Colorado…or anywhere else for that matter.

  4. zane says:

    Overrated Overrated

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