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Just a sneak preview of a HTRFHL’s article, and this one could be useful for anyone.

Finding systems and strategies that other leguers don’t know is same as a football team with its own special playbook that the opponents don’t know of, or don’t understand.Cycle Down Low

Pretty good hockey term, cycle down low. It’s also a pretty good fantasy league hockey term. Both have different meanings though.

This system is specifically used for Yahoo leagues, or ones similar like it.

Hardly does it ever occur that your team is superb in every position with all-star, or top 15, players in the league.

Usually, a Yahoo league allows you to play two of each position forward, then 4 defensemen, and two utilities.

You should always have at least one slot, either C, RW, LW, or Util, that you can use any way you want to with Free Agent/Waived players. That’s Cycling your team down low with 2nd tier, sometimes 3rd, players.

For example: I just added Vladimir Orszagh (RW) and Martin Erat (LW) from the FA pool. Who did i drop? Kristian Huselius and Randy Robitaille.

Huselius had some kind of streak going, with Bure and Weiss, and Randy Robitaille also was on a hot streak. They started to slow down, I saw Orszagh and Erat starting to get hot and I picked them up.

I keep cycling those two positions with any Free Agents that get hot. Once Erat and Orszagh will cool down, I’ll look for the most recent hottest players availabe, if available.

This helps you gain the most points from players that a lot of your opponents don’t even think of. You keep cycling your one, two (recommended), or three, position slots with the hottest players and you’ll gain a lot of points.


That’s the strategy that links to the Cycling system. Sometimes, and quite frequently too, there is always a team GM that wants one of your waiver/free agent pick-ups. That’s when you want to use your pick-up as trade bait. There’s no chance in hell that your sleeper you picked up will continue the pace and score 50-55-60 points. So, you do good by trading him at his highest stock. You just Recycled a player that you picked up and has a high chance of being released later in the future. Obviously, you must keep an eye on the player you traded, then got released, so when he gets hot again, you pick him up.

Players tend to have those 8-14 point scoring streaks or 8 points in 12 games. Helps your team a lot.

Any questions on this system and this startegies, please post a comment and ask.

Thank you,

Micki Peroni

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  1. Leaf_Expert says:

    Well here is what I’d like to call, the “Expert” strategy.

    Usually I try to get whoever is on a hot playing streak. Then trade them to acquire someone who is more consistent and will not require me having to constantly fix or look for a fix on that situation.

    Ex: Rick Nash,Alex Mogilny, & Paul Mara.

    For Cory Stillman, Jermone Iginla.

    Rick Nash was hot. But hes cooled down. And Almo has really cooled aswell(in the hip). While Iggy’s been contributing and I just sent Stillman(a known name and good point preducer) along with Jagr to acquire Naslund to shore up my LW.

    Then I plan to then pick up who ever is hot on waivers, and make a simple package for Kovalev who may not bring all the points Jagr will. But hes a a pretty darn good replacment.

    Once again, it’ll take an actual hockey Expert to be able to actually do, The “Expert” strategy….

  2. the_expert_44 says:

    These are good strategies for public leagues, although most people probably know about them already.

    Just curious, is Micki male or female?

  3. mikster says:


    That’s the best way to pronounce my name since it’s Italian. It should be Michi for Michele, which is not pronounced Michelle though.

    Still, funny thing is that there is a hockey player from the Flames named Micki Dupont.

  4. PurpleHelmet says:

    I’ve been on wow hockey for a while and I have seen how much they dislike you and now I can see why.

  5. OldNord says:

    I known you’re a man but the way you’re defending your Rangers you look like a mother hen! lol

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